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Starve parent knowing

Do your parents have to know if you have an abortion?

do your parents have to know if you get an abortion

262 views · Parents & Family

Birth control without my parents knowing?

How can I get birth Control without my parents knowing?

86 views · Parents & Family

How to have sex without my parents knowing

How can I have sex when my brothers are always home and my parents are always home

216 views · Sex NSFW

How to get my tongue pierced without my parents knowing?

how can I get my tongue peirced without my parents knowing???

333 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

How to make a ghost to leave without letting your parents know.?

25 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Does god know me?

5 views NSFW

How do you wear makeup without your parents knowing?

taking it to school/ taking it off after school?

186 views · Parents & Family

Does any body know the xbox 360 parental control bypass code

Does any body know the xbox 360 parental control bypass code

65 views · Gaming & Games

What's a good way to let my parents know I'm pregnant?

Hypothetically I'm pregnant. What's a good way to let the parents know?

40 views · Parents & Family NSFW

do you think a child is ever better off not knowing there parents?

In what circumstances would it be best for a child to not know there parents, if any/

8 views · Kids

Make money without parents knowing?

What r ways to make money w/o my parents knowing besides selling drugs?

266 views · Jobs & Money

How do I know if his parents like me?

I just got a new boyfriend on Saturday...I just met his parents and I am afraid that they don't like do I know if they like me and how can I change their mind about me?

169 views · Parents & Family

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