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Guys c*m has loads of calories?

is it true that a guys c*m has loads of calories?

2 Answers

Swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy?

I want to know if my wife swallow my cum then what will be happen to her.
is this good ,harmfull or nothing.
some one told me that by swallowing this , her chances of pregnancy will be double, is this true?

7 Answers

How is swallowing cum good for you?

Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way???

A Girl Who Is Curious.

34 Answers

What happen if one swallow cum.

dear, I want to know that if my wife swallow my cum, then what will be happen to her?
is this good or harmfull or nothing?

5 Answers

Does it have sperm that can get you pregnant

Ok when your giving a hand job and wet stuff comes outbid thatnlike ore cum? Like does it
Have sperm that can get you pregnant?

7 Answers

How healthy is it to swallow after giving oral to my guy?

I always swallow after giving my boyfriend oral, I just want to know if it is healthy or shoud I stop?

4 Answers

What is the different between semen and sperm?

There is no details about the reason for ask that question.
It is just a question.
What is the different between semen and sperm?
I want to know it soon.
Thatnk you

7 Answers

What is better spit or swallow ?

a lot of My Friends Spit When There boyfriend Cums In There Mouth But tHere Are A Few That Swallow Which Is Better ???

5 Answers

Can cum cause pregnancy?

I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*

11 Answers

Can i get pregnant by giving my boyfriend a blowjob?

In giving my boyfriend a blow job for his birthday. :] but I don't know if I could get pregnant. My friends said I could. Is this true??

12 Answers

You swallow it could you have a baby?

Cumms inside your mouth and you swallow it could you have a baby

5 Answers

Is it true that air kills sperm?

Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?

8 Answers

Will premature sperm die?

Will premature sperm die??

Ok will it stayliving

4 Answers

Do females have sperm?

Do girls have sperm? Is there two types of sperm man/woman sperm? How come we can't become pregnant with our own (if we have any that is)?

When females become 'wet', is that sperm?

6 Answers

What can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?

9 Answers

What if a guy cums more than once..?

If a guy cums more than once while you are having sex does that mean more eggs are fertilized and there is a possibilty to have multiple children? Or will it just fertilize that one egg?

4 Answers

What does semen taste like?

I have a question! Me and my boyfriend have been talking about me giving him a blowjob and well he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and if I would swallow or spit! Well what I wanted to know is what does it taste like??? Is it good or bad???

16 Answers

Can you swallow

Can you swallow Ejaculate ?

7 Answers

How does having an std prevent woman from ovulating?

does having an std prevent woman from ovulating? my friend is trying to conceive but she says after she has sex the sperm comes back out.

2 Answers

Should i tell my girlfriend to swallow my cum?

My girlfriend offerend to give me a blowjob, and I dont know if I should tell her to swallow it. Some advice would be great.

3 Answers

How does a person's body be allergic to sperm?

Like how is the possible? I was watching this show last night. I missed half of it cause i fell asleep lol. But anyway,these people get married and have sex and apperently like the woman was allergic to her hubby's sperm! 0_o ....How is that possible?

14 Answers

Swallowing is killing?

If you swallow s*men are you technically killing or eating your child? Are you killing a life? Or is it not considered eating your child? Confused as to when it is considered an actual lifeform.

10 Answers

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

can you become pregnent when you swollow sperm ???

9 Answers

What happens if i masterbate almost everyday?

Will it causes you not to have kids? Such as low sperm count. Will it cause you to become sterile?

4 Answers

What do we do with cum?

Ok so when my boyfriend tells me he is cuming but I am bj'ing btw. Like what are some things I can do mkay thnx so much

4 Answers

My girlfriend won't swallow... girl and I have been out for almost ten months...the thing is, we're sexually active, but she wouldn't swallow my can I suggest her to do that?

7 Answers

Is it healthy to swallow cum?

I'm NOT planning on ever giving head, but I'm just wondering is it healthy to swallow? And I heard that it takes like whatever the guy last ate? Is this true?

13 Answers

How much semen does it take for a women to get pregnant?

11 Answers

Can you break out if you swallow?

I been giving oral to my boyfriend ... and I have realized I have begin breakin out now that I swallow he's cum .. what do you guys think?

4 Answers

Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

Okay I had my period on the 10 and on the 21 I was fooling around with my boyfriend he fingerd me with sperm on his finger what are the chances of getting pregnant was I ovulating?

16 Answers

How does a woman become pregnant?

do you get pregnant if the p*nis isn't inserted on the v*gina but it produced some sort of liqiud outside it..? but the v*gina didn't? and how actually does a woman become pregnant?? pls answer//

4 Answers

How to help your hair grow faster?

Is there anything to help your hair to grow faster?

11 Answers

What happens to the sperm when a guy gets a vasectomy?

I was wondering, when a guy gets a vasectomy what happens to the sperm? Sperm has matter to it and it takes up space even though it's microscopic. Or is the space that the sperm cells take up too small? Do you have to go back to the doctors to get the sperm cells removed? Am I even right about what a vasectomy really is?

So if anyone can help me, I would gladly appreciate it, thanks :)

2 Answers

R you suppose to swallow cum?

are you suppose to swallow cum if he cums and your mouth after givin him head?

8 Answers

Is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?

is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad? thanks

5 Answers

Can sperm travel through clothes?

I really want to no if sperms can travel through clothes and if a girl can fall pregnant

5 Answers

Sperm in urine in women

Is it possible to get sperm in female urine and what are those conditions?

2 Answers

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?

okay ..
I gave my boyfriend head tonight..and im freakin scared out of my mind..
can you get pregnant from swallowing cum..
I knew all the precutions but this...
and I wasnt thinking..
it was in the heat of the moment..
I think im ovulating..[sp]
and I need to know if I can get pregnant.!
because I have to do the morning after pilll if so..
som please. help me.!

10 Answers

A virgin woman being pregnant

Why can no other woman have a baby and be a virgin like mary did in the bible?

4 Answers

Is this true, ladies?

I've heard that women can ejaculate kinda where a cum without sperm is released..
Is that true?
If so whats it like?

2 Answers

Can i get pregnant using a dildo and my boyfriend's sperm?

hey I was wondering if it was possible for me to become pregnant by using my boyyfriends sperm and a dildo instead of ingaging in actual sex.I would like to become but have issues with actual sex.

5 Answers

Is it possible to get pregnant without having sex?

I recently had oral sex with this guy. I performed oral sex on him first. ( it was my first time and can I say didnt like it) well he came and I didnt swallow so it was everywhere. Then put his boxers back on and I still had on my underwear I got up and sat on top. Do think its possible that I could get pregnant cause I was sitting on top and his seman was everywhere? ( I know it sounds gross) just need some kind of answers

4 Answers

Can a girl gt pregnant if you put sperm on her backhole?

hey cn I girl gt pregnant if you put sperm on her back hole??

2 Answers

What other "accidentally" ways can you get pregnant without having intercourse?

10 Answers

How many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?

my 27 yr. old sister and her husband are trying to start a family and she asked me "how many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?"

4 Answers

When a female have a sex change?

if a female have a sex change to a male would she be able to get another female pregnant

2 Answers

Can this happen

Can you get prego my precum
I say no but my friends said that you can
So I need to know can you or not

6 Answers

How does one become infutile for a brief time?

Okay I had to say INFUTILE because it kept saying to reword the question, and then the rewording would give me (already asked question) which did NOT answer my question. im not asking how long semen can live within the female body, or how long it can survive after ejaculation. I was told by someone that after ejaculation, the sperm reproduced for the next 72 hours is infertile, however, I am skeptical to believe this person and whether to believe that any semen reproduced shortly after ejaculation is infertile. Does anyone have any insight to this?

2 Answers

Sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant

if you have sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant/

3 Answers

How much sperm could swim to the vaginal opening?

She and her boyfriend were fooling around. The guy masturbated in front of her then semen spurted out. The guy wiped it off. The girlfriend did a blowjob then a few minutes later the guy rubbed his penis near the vagina.

Could preganancy be possible? How much sperm should be able to get near the vagina? Enough semen like really color white? Wiping off could kill sperm?

If semen has been wiped off could sperms be present there on, and still penetrate? I read in a book that it takes a many sperms to produce enzymes to penetrate the barrier in the vagina. Was that number of sperms enough? It was near to invisble?

6 Answers