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Slender shaper

Has anyone tried the slender shaper belt?

Have anyone try the slender shaper belt??? Does it works??

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Where can I buy a body shaper?

What stores can you buy a body shaper from?

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Do guys like slender girls?

Or girls as flat as a board?

Why do guys prefer vulouptous girls over thin ones?

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Slender Wrap.

Okay, Yes I am sick of dieting all the time and I have had friends with results from slender wrap. They look great. But what age would you think would be best to do this or what is the age limit?

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slender for school

I wanna loose atleast 30 or 40 lbs by september 3. im willing to do ANYTHING!!! I know it may be unhealthy to loose al that weight but I have to. HELP

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Want to build more muscle but am having trouble

My body is slender and tall. I want to build more muscle but am having trouble doing so. Any help?

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Who, of you, eats only one meal a day and maybe a few snacks?

Does eating one meal a day and a few little snacks keep you slender and healthy? I'd love to hear from people who eat one meal a day. What are your food choices and how do you feel?

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How much should I weigh, I'm 46 years 5'7 140lbs?

I'm 46 years old 5'7 and weight 140 lbs, I have always had a slender build but I want to be a healthy weight. How much should I weigh?

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Riddle..What am I?

My voice is tender, my waist is slender and I'm often invited to play. Yet wherever I go I must take my bow or else I have nothing to say.

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How far along in your pregnancy do you start to show?

How far along are you when your tummy starts to show...
I have a tummy of my own now and it seems to be getting bigger...
feeling twitches too... is it a baby tummy?? I used to be so slim and slender
now I eat a lot and get dizzy at times..

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Do you think I have a nice body?

I have an inverted triangle-shaped body. I'm a 32-B. I'm toned and in shape with a flat stomach. I have no hips or curve in my waist. I have a small but, but it's toned. I have slender, muscular legs. They're double jointed.

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fire belly toads

my toads mate a lot, one of my toads that I named swimmy never makes the mating noise and is pretty slender and is not as wartier as my other toads. I think swimmy is a female but for one reason I am doubtfull, when the other toads make the noise and g...

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Why would guys like chubby girls?

Hi everyone, im just wondering if guys ever took interest in chubby girls. I'm a chubby girl myself and I don't feel that much confident about my body. I'm not super fat but im not slender like most of the girls, so Im thinking about a diet so that I c...

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Would you like a girl 125 pounds who was only 5 feet tall?

Measurments, just for an idea of how the weight is distributed.
Bust :36
Waist: 27
Hips: 35

none of my friends even have thighs that touch, and they all look so nice with their hip bones and slender limbs and such
when I look in the mirror I fee...

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How to lose fat on thighs and butt?

I'm 14 and I weigh about 113 pounds. I have a "pear" shaped body so my hips, butt and thighs are really big and I hate it! I wear a size 5 in pants. I run, swim and do aerobic exercises almost every day and I eat right. What else can I do that will mak...

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Stomach exercises

I was recently spotted by a model scout and I think I need to slim down a bit, especially around my stomach, but I dont want to work out an enlarge the muscles around my stomach, as I need to be slender rather than toned.
I need to know if there are a...

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Im curious about getting a corset to wear often to improve my shape.
Are corsets noticeable through clothes, like can you see it when you have just one layer of a tight shirt on? And do corset's actually reshape your bone structure? Also, I know it ci...

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Do I have to install a program to get sound on Windows XP? (read more)

Well mainly some of you know I have Ubuntu Mint and Windows XP is just another boot-up, well I have no sound whatsoever. Yes I did check my settings can't seem to detect any sound or speakers hooked up.
I do have sound as of now on Ubuntu, it'...

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Flat round stomach

Well see im pretty skinny & toned
& over all im happy with my body
, but then theres one thing

My stomach its real slender on the sides.
Well my stomach has that little circle shape you get when you have abs
But then it just all fat

See how the chick...

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What do these stomach symtoms mean?

I have extreme stomach distention after I eat (making me appear about 5 months prgnant) although I am very slender and weigh only 110 pounds. I also experience nausea after I eat, and when I wake up. In addition, I am having loose, often green bowl mov...

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