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Sit up hurt

Is your tail-bone supposed to hurt when you do sit ups?

20 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

When I do sit ups and crunches, why do my thighs hurt?

arent i supposed to feel it in my stomach?

142 views · Nutrition & Fitness

why does it hurt when I pee

why does it hurt when I pee after sex?

235 views · Sex NSFW

why do my boobs hurt

Why do my boobs hurt

323 views · Health NSFW

Does it hurt when you have your period?

does it hurt when you have your period what should you do when you have it??

166 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why does friendship hurt?

why does friendship hurt?

24 views · Love & Relationships

Will doing sit-ups hurt my baby if I'm pregnant?

im doing sit ups to lose weight..
& I might be pregnat will it hurt my baby in any way?

247 views · Health NSFW

abdominal muscle hurting without doing any sit ups

can any one tell me why abdominal muscles are hurting me without me doing any exercise at all. it feels like when you have just done about 50 or so sit ups.thanks in advance

259 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why does he want to hurt me?

23 views · Love & Relationships

Does acupuncture hurt?

37 views · Health

Why dose sex hurt?

41 views · Sex

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