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How to survive a breakup

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Can you ever run out of sperm?

227 views · Health NSFW

When will a boy start to cum through puberty?

I know I shouldnt really care but I want to know real bad when will I start making seman or cum im 13 now so could you guys help me

87 views · Love & Relationships NSFW


hi im 14 and have hair at the base of my penis but when I get a boner and fell like I need to masterbate I do it but when I do I am trying and wacthing things like redtube but I cant get any seman out it just wont come

69 views · Sex NSFW

Is there a food that will increase semen production?

im tired of the same old masturbation. Is there a way to make the sensation stronger and longer? And is there a way to produce extra seman besides using SemiNex. like food or something.

260 views · Sex

Is it possible to get pregnant without having sex?

I recently had oral sex with this guy. I performed oral sex on him first. ( it was my first time and can I say didnt like it) well he came and I didnt swallow so it was everywhere. Then put his boxers back on and I still had on my underwear I got up an...

210 views · Sex

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