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Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

Okay I had my period on the 10 and on the 21 I was fooling around with my boyfriend he fingerd me with sperm on his finger what are the chances of getting pregnant was I ovulating?

16 Answers

How does a woman become pregnant?

do you get pregnant if the p*nis isn't inserted on the v*gina but it produced some sort of liqiud outside it..? but the v*gina didn't? and how actually does a woman become pregnant?? pls answer//

4 Answers

Do females have sperm?

Do girls have sperm? Is there two types of sperm man/woman sperm? How come we can't become pregnant with our own (if we have any that is)?

When females become 'wet', is that sperm?

6 Answers

How many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?

my 27 yr. old sister and her husband are trying to start a family and she asked me "how many days after sex can a woman get pregnant?"

4 Answers

How much semen does it take for a women to get pregnant?

11 Answers

Is it true that air kills sperm?

Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?

8 Answers

Sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant

if you have sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant/

3 Answers

When is the best time to get pregnant with a boy?

my bf wants a baby, although we've talked about it already
we decided we wont till we're married, but we don't
want a girl, just yet. we both think that a boy would be better for
our first baby. so when would be the best time to have a boy? or
is it just a 50/50 chance?

6 Answers

What can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?

9 Answers

Which fruits should a pregnant lady take?

which fruits should a pregnant lady can take. is jerry is good for her.

3 Answers

Can i get pregnant using a dildo and my boyfriend's sperm?

hey I was wondering if it was possible for me to become pregnant by using my boyyfriends sperm and a dildo instead of ingaging in actual sex.I would like to become but have issues with actual sex.

5 Answers

A virgin woman being pregnant

Why can no other woman have a baby and be a virgin like mary did in the bible?

4 Answers

Can sperm travel through clothes?

I really want to no if sperms can travel through clothes and if a girl can fall pregnant

5 Answers

Can a girl gt pregnant if you put sperm on her backhole?

hey cn I girl gt pregnant if you put sperm on her back hole??

2 Answers

What other "accidentally" ways can you get pregnant without having intercourse?

10 Answers

Can you really get pregnant this way?

ok so me and my mom were talking and she was saying how you can get pregnant , even if you mess around with a guy and he cums on your underwear then when you put the underwear back on then you can easly still get prgnate becuase his "little friends"can find there way and I could get prgnate??

was my mom jkust trying to freak me out??


11 Answers

How is swallowing cum good for you?

Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way???

A Girl Who Is Curious.

34 Answers

When a female have a sex change?

if a female have a sex change to a male would she be able to get another female pregnant

2 Answers

How long after sex can i check if im pregnant ?

I had sex three days before my period but I still got my period so can I still get pregnant?

4 Answers

Does it have sperm that can get you pregnant

Ok when your giving a hand job and wet stuff comes outbid thatnlike ore cum? Like does it
Have sperm that can get you pregnant?

7 Answers

Could i be pregnant without ever having intercourse?

My Boyfriend and I have done a 69. I just had my period is was a little early it lasted for 6 days. does that mean im not pregnant? Im just worrying myself to death... Could I be?? My pussy doesn't feel pregnant.

3 Answers

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates on your vagina?

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates on your vagina and some of his semen drips onto or possibly into your vagina?

2 Answers

Can this happen

Can you get prego my precum
I say no but my friends said that you can
So I need to know can you or not

6 Answers

16 weeks and 3 days pregnant

I am 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant, but I dont remember when my last menstural period was, and im concerned when I conceived this baby?

2 Answers

Sex and ovulation

Can you get pregnant when your not ovulating? And would I be ovulating 2 days after my period finishes, friday night could go one of 2 ways for me, I'd would use protection and get him to pull out but I wanna be safe so would I be ovulating, I might not have sex on friday yet

2 Answers

Can i get pregnant before i ovulate?

Can I get pregnant before I ovulation?

4 Answers

How to get pregnant from a girl?

Ok me and mi girlfriend want to have a baby but how do we do it I won't sleep with a guy

5 Answers

Get pregnant without actually having intercourse

I was with my girlfriend yesterday, and as usually we were hooking up, and one thing lead to another and I pulled off her pants to finger her. and a little after, she pull down mine for a hand job. so both of our pants were off and I was on top of her and at one point my penis was near and touching her vagina. is there any way she could become pregnant because of this?

4 Answers

Can a girl get another girl pregnant?

ok lets see me and my girlfriend had sex about three weeks ago, and umm I've been having syptems like im pregnant im gaining weight, and I missed my period, then got it and only bleed for 3 hours, and I just wanted to know can a girl get another girl pregnant?

18 Answers

Does this mean i'm not pregnant?

I had unprotected sex last month but he didnt cum inside of me, and I got my period this month so does that mean that im not prego.

5 Answers

Monster energy drink

Does the monster energey actually have bull sperm in it!?!?! And if soo is it true that it can get you pregnant!?!?!

11 Answers

Can you help me tell the difference?

how can you tell the difference between a mans semen and what ever comes out of a women?? is the color different?? or what??

how can you tell if it came from you or the guy? is the guys clear and watery or is the girls? and I've heard that the guys is white and clear but if its white exactly how white? how often is it that girls get pregnant from pre cum and how is that different then normal cum? srry a lot of ?s but I gotta lot

4 Answers

What are the chances of getting pregnant with precum?

What are the chances of getting pregnant with precum? Also what if he already cummed the night before, took a shower just to relax without using soap and then had sex but pulled out...would there be sperm in his precum still even is it's 7-8 hours later?

4 Answers

Can you become pregnant without intercourse?

I really hope you could help me with some advice.
Me and my girlfriend are really concerned about and issue.

Can a women get pregnant without losing her virginity, I mean without having the full intercourse.
I have not had any kind physical sexual relationship with my girlfriend, she has not lost her virginity or anything like that, but I had ejaculate near her body.
And by mistake some sperm from my hand had touched near her clitoris area.

My question is can she become pregnant without losing her virginity, having full intercourse.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment.


18 Answers

How long is the sperm supposed to stay inside?

Every time me and my boyfriend have s3x and when at last he cums in me in a minute his cums thats in me comes out very quickly my question is:
when a guy cums in you with out pertection ,how long is the sp3rm is suppose to stay inside of you?

(sorry I have no other ways to say it :)

3 Answers

Does male and woman semen taste similar?

Does a mans cum and a womans cum taste similar.

1 Answer

When men have the operation for a sex change, do they have periods? i read somewhere a man now a woman got pregnant

10 Answers

How can i boost my fertility?

Anybody know ways to help boost fertility? For both men and females.

3 Answers

Can you get pregnant from pre-sprem?

Can you get pregnant from pre-sprem?

5 Answers


Can yue get pregnant from pre-cum?

3 Answers

Would i feel pregnancy symptoms now?

what if I had sex last week tuesday or thursday can I feel any sypmtoms now. or can precum get me pregnant.

5 Answers

Woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of

If a woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of her getting pregnant?

8 Answers

Can i be having pregnancy symptoms after a few days?

Ok what happened is that I was "intimate" with my boyfriend, and he nearly did but didnt get inside me. I was in the middle of my period at the time and even though he didnt have an orgasm when he was nearly inside me, I've heard that you can still get pregnant even if they dont and even if they arent inside you. apparently you can get pregnant if they came within 72 hours.

If it is possible that im pregnant would it be possible to get symptoms like really sore breasts and a really bloated stomach with stomach cramps occaisionally. I've also been eating a lot etc. However it was only a few days ago...would it be possible that these are signs or anything??

5 Answers

Can you get pregnant from dry sex?

Can you get pregnant from dry sex with cloths on ma friend want s to know because now see is scared to do it now because she don't know w if she could get prego or not

4 Answers

Swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy?

I want to know if my wife swallow my cum then what will be happen to her.
is this good ,harmfull or nothing.
some one told me that by swallowing this , her chances of pregnancy will be double, is this true?

7 Answers

Pre-cum or something else?

ok so my boyfriend is always leaking clear fluid when he's hard, I dont even have to touch it and its just there. with my other boyfriends I knew it was just pre-cum because it would happen within 2 mins of them cumming but this is just weird. is it precum even when it just happens and could I get pregnant from it?

2 Answers

Where do babies come from?

Where do babies come from??

5 Answers

How could a girl be prego with twins from 2 diff dads?

So my friends and I were talking about if a girl was pregnant with twins. Is it possible that they could be from 2 different dads??? Or would they just be from one dad? Hmmm...

5 Answers

I need insight on a womans cycle/period

I just want to educate myself a bit on this.

Okay so if a woman has a normal cycle of 28 days. How long after her period are her eggs released and available to be fertilized by sperm. How long do the eggs live how many or released to be able to become fertilized. Do they all come to be fertilized at the same time in the month?

Just give me some insight on this some reason I have become a little curious about the whole thing. I feel as if I should educate myself more about this since I am sexually active now. I like to be educated and know what I'm dealing with so I don't get any surprises.

4 Answers

Does female cum look different?

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and after he pulled out there was whitish looking stuff on my vagina. He said he pulled out before he started ejaculating, and said that stuff came out after we finished when I started shaking, so it was mine. Does female cum look any different than a male's?

14 Answers