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Plastic surgery

Did Aerosmith Had a plastic surgery

Did Aerosmith Had a plastic surgery

175 views · Music

What's you opinion on plastic surgery?

Is it worthwhile to have cosmetic makeovers?

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Persuasive Essay on plastic surgery

for a persuasive assignment, my topic is on plastic surgery. what should be my thesis??? I am going to be con, btw

108 views · Education & School

If you could have plastic surgery, what would you get done?

Say you could have one free plastic surgery done. What would you have done and why? or would you have to pass up this offer?

21 views · Beauty & Style

Plastic Surgery digital imaging?

Ok, so I would like to know where I can get free online plastic surgery digital imaging..

48 views · Computers & Tech

How soon to travel after surgery?

How soon to travel after surgery?

45 views · Travel

paper or plastic?

paper or plastic?

23 views · General Knowledge

How to make myself beautiful with plastic surgery?

What can I do to make myself beautiful.? I'm so unhappy with my looks. can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who can do facial reconstruction and body contouring?

23 views · Beauty & Style

how do you make plastic?

30 views · Beauty & Style

What do you think about plastic surgery?

I was just wandering what people's oppinoins on plastic surger are, do you support it.. Or hate that people get it. I was also wandering if stars like Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?

1997 views · Beauty & Style

Plastic Surgery

Ok right now I am feeling a little bit insecure about my look, I don't feel unattractive, just feel that I need a little change, can anybody give me advice if plastic surgery is the right thing, or is it a safe procedure to do?

33 views · Health

Who here has had plastic surgery of any kind and were you happy with the results?

I was watching a documentary and it is shocking to see how many people actually go in for plastic surgery and these are ALREADY beautiful. So I am curious are there anyone here who has had plastic surgery? Also what were your reasons and how did the su...

16 views · Beauty & Style

Plastic surgery

Where can I find someone who will perform plastic surgery on a 14yr old I really whant to get laser lipo also how much does it cost$.

Please dont comment on my age this is my decision.

32 views · Beauty & Style

What is plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is the gift of our modern development of science. It has helped numorous men and women in fulfilling their dream to be true. Of course plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is very costly affair. Everybody can not aff...

22 views · Beauty & Style

What kind of plastic surgery do I need?

I have always been kind of self consious. I thought that I have been getting more attractive but since I still dont get any attention I think that I need a little help getting noticed. COME ON GUYS BE HONEST!

14 views · Beauty & Style

What do you think of plastic surgury and why?

What do you think on plastic surgury and why?

19 views · Beauty & Style

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