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Pill ejaculate inside

On the pill but can I still ejaculate inside her?

My girlfriend is about to go on the pill and I was wondering can I ejaculate inside her? If so what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

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How do i swallow pills?

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Is it completely safe for a guy to come inside a girl when she is on the pill?

(without the use of a condom)?

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Why does it hurt to urinate after my man ejaculates inside of me?

For the past two times my husband and I have had sex, and he ejaculated inside, my vagina stings very badly and it stings twice as bad when I urinate. Does anyone have an idea why?

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How do i swallow a pill?

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What's the morning after pill?

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Pills & pregnant


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Fishy smell after my boyfriend ejaculates inside of me, why?

Has anyone noticed a fishey sort of smell from your vagina after a man ejaculating inside you with no protection? This happens to me, and its most off putting. I know this is the reason for the scent as it always happens with my boyfriend. I just want ...

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Are there problems besides pregnancy with ejaculating inside me?

I have been on the pill for a year and for about the past 5 months my boyfriend of 3 years has cum in me everytime we have had sex. I have always gotten my period when I was suppose to. My question is what are some problems that I could be faced with b...

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Pregnant if partner didn't ejaculate inside?

Me and my boyfriend were in the mood and had sex without a condom but it was only a few thrusts like 3 or 4 in and out but then he put a condom and we kept going, so can I get pregnant just by doing that even if he didn't ejaculate? He ejaculated with ...

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condom or pill

which is safer a condom or the pill?

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When I ejaculate it hurts and burns?

When I ejaculate it hurts and burns?

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Are there any pills for buttock enhancement

Are there any pills for buttock enhancement

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Are acne pills bad for you?

are acne pills bad for you?

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