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Open mouth kissing

Can i kiss my coworker?

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Words to Mouth While Kissing

I like to mouth the word "peaches" Do other people mouth words? What do you say? Or is that just something weird I do?

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Open Mouth Kissing?

Well, me and my girlfriend have been going out on and off for about 3 years. This time it seems a lot more serious and I have much stronger feelings for her. So far I have only given her little "peck" kisses, you know and I want to take it a step furth...

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kiss kiss smooch smooch!!!

how do you have urfirst kiss?

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Do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?

Everyone I know opens their mouth when putting on mascara, except me. I find it easier to keep it shut. How about you?

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Where did you have your first kiss?

Where did you have your first kiss?

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What do I rinse my mouth with?

what do I rinse my mouth with??

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When should you have your first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss?

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When you chew with your mouth open, is it bad for your health??

I need reason for why people shouldnt chew with their mouth's open, other that it is vile and disgusting, and indecent, and not polite. Th

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Why does he refuse to kiss me?

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Why does he want to kiss me?

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When did you have your first kiss?


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Why does she want to kiss me?

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What are open heights?

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How do you kiss awesomly?

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What rhymes with mouth?

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Open mouth

How do you keep your mouth closed when u are asleep ?I do it a lot and get soar or dry throat!does a fan or ac make it worse?

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Does anyone else leave there tongue in your mouth while kissing?

this boy at my 17th Birthday party kept kissing me but he was just leaving his tongue flopped in my mouth and every now and then twitching it a bit? is this normal?

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