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What is the best odor eliminator for pets?

25 views · Pets & Animals

What is best to control cat litter odor?

48 views · Pets & Animals

Why do girls say they have fishy odors ? O:

Vaginal .. O:

63 views · Health

Odor after sex

My friend had sex and she said that after a shower she still had a vaginal odor what does that mean and what should she do???

130 views · Sex NSFW

How can someone have bad odor after showering?

Why is it that even if someone had a shower they still have a bad odour?

51 views · Health

how do you get rid of THAT type of odor?

how do you get rid of vaginal odor and start smelling fresher and sweeter

120 views · Health

Getting cat urine odor out of the carpet?

does anyone know the best solution to get cat urine odor out the carpet?

51 views · Pets & Animals

Why does my urine have odor with out a urinary tract infection?

My urine stinks and my droctor says I dont have a urinary tract infection. why does my urine stink?

129 views · Health

Disharge with Odor

Why am I having an brownish discharge with an odor and with little spots of blood. Could I be pregnant and if so could I be having a miscarriage?

442 views · Health

Why does my urine have a strong odor?

for the past 3 days, my pee has a very strong scent.. whats wrong?

95 views · Health

odor in my vagina

I have an amonia like odor in my vagina area sometimes. have wettness on my underwear that smells. especially when my body temp goes up

207 views · Health

Vaginal odor

Im 13;
And my vagina gives
A weird odor.
Its not very pleasent;
And im a bigg masturbater
I have no idea what to do;
So please help me out
Thank you

63 views · Sex NSFW

Bad vaginal odor and discharge

I have very bad vaginal odor and not sure why exactly and I wash and clean very good and douvhe regulary I just cant figure out what the problem is?

152 views · Health

Why does my pee have a foul odor and it is cloudy?

My urine has a foul odor to it and is cloudy, especially in the mornings. It doesn't burn or hurt to pee though. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong?

166 views · Health

Why are feminine pads good and how do you prevent odor?

It's as simple as that; are pads very noticable through clothing? Why are they good? Bad? How to prevent odor that may occur. How often YOU personally change them. Positives. Etc.

114 views · Health

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