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Nipple hurt

Nipples hurt a lot, what is wrong?

My nipples hurt a lot!!! What can it be?

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Does a nipple piercings hurt really bad?

I really want to get my nipples pierced. I have my nose and belly down but does it hurt realll bad?

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Why does my nipples hurt

My right nipple hurts and is very senitive my left one not to bad I have been going through manapause since I was 39 I'm now 42

115 views · Health

How much does a nipple piercing hurt?

how bad does it hurt, and I dont think I want kids but just in case can you still breast feed with them?

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Does it hurt when you have your period?

does it hurt when you have your period what should you do when you have it??

166 views · Nutrition & Fitness

why does it hurt when I pee

why does it hurt when I pee after sex?

235 views · Sex NSFW

How to pierce nipples?

How to pierce nipples?

371 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

why do men have nipples?

why do men have nipples?

121 views · Health NSFW

Why does friendship hurt?

why does friendship hurt?

24 views · Love & Relationships

what are peporoni nipples?

what are peporoni nipples?

306 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

why do my boobs hurt

Why do my boobs hurt

323 views · Health NSFW

Why do nipples hurt,not pregnant and 2wks from period?

My nipples have been red,sore and aching for a week now. Im 2wks away from my period. I want to know what does this mean

671 views · Health

Why dose sex hurt?

41 views · Sex

Why are my nipples sore?

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