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Make weapon

Weapon systems engineer?

What do weapon systems engineers do?

12 views · Jobs & Money

6th weapon

how do you get 6th weapon on samuria warriors?

10 views · Gaming & Games

difference between an atom bomb and a nuclear weapon?

wats the difference between an atom bomb and a nuclear weapon?

14 views · Science

fallout 3 weapon use

how do I choose weapon other than fists?

56 views · Gaming & Games

Top 10 favorite weapons

What are your top ten favorite weapons you need a explanation if you want to

18 views · General Knowledge

Weapon systems

In your opinion which is better the British SA80L85A2 or the American M16A4?

16 views · Politics & Law

How to get maximum weapon power in Final Fantasy 10?

how do you get yuna's legendary weapon to it's maximum power

38 views · Gaming & Games

Best weapon against zombies?

What is the best weapon to use against Zombies, I think its a crossbow but my mate says its a sword.

31 views · General Knowledge

Whats the best melee weapon?

Just wondering. I was thinking Bo staff or two sais

9 views · Entertainment

Right or wrong to use nuclear weapons in WWlll?

Will it be right or wrong for America or any other country to use nuclear weapons in the next world war?

44 views · Politics & Law

How many of you have a license to carry a concealed weapon?

I've been taking gun saftey courses and am curious how many of you have licenses to carry.

8 views · General Knowledge

How do I get the weapons on Samurai Warriors?

how do you get the 5th and 6th wepons 4 samurai warrors xtreme legends?

46 views · Gaming & Games

Who knows what kind of weapons were used in Shakspeare's time?

Doing an English project and need some help. It's about the type if weapons used in Shakespeare's time.

8 views · Education & School

What kinds of weapons did Babylonian people use?

i am doing a report on Babylonians and i cant find a thing about their weapons and combat some help please? =)

260 views · Education & School

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