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Lower stomach hurt intercourse

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?

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What does it mean when your left testical hurts, and lower stomach?

It doesnt hurt all the time just once in a while I get a bad pain in my stomach underneath my belly button.

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Why is it when I walk my lower stomach hurts?

Pain in lower stomach when I walk and try to use the bathroom. When I walk I feel a lot of presure. And it also hurts when I barley press down on the lower part of my stomach below my belly boutton.

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Could I be pregnant if the lower right side of my stomach hurts?

Me and my boyfriend just had sex. I think I might be pregnant. For the first time, after we did my stomach is hurting very bad in the lower right side. Could it be because I am pregnant?

(read & give advise for my other questions too, please)

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what should I eat if my stomach hurts

what should I eat if my stomach hurts because I'm really hungry

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Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your lower back?

Does it hurt to get a tatt on your lower back?

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Why is my stomach hurting while I stand?

My stomach starts to hurt when I stand for awhile. Is something wrong with me?

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why does my stomach hurt when my fiancee is on top when we have sex?

when my fiancee and have sex my stomach hurts from the pressure, can anyone help me out?

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Is my stomach too big?

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Is my stomach bloated?

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