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Dry cracked itchy outer labium

How to help a dog's dry and cracking nose?

my friends dog has a dry and cracking nose, what could it be and what could we do for it?

74 views · Pets & Animals

Is my skin dry?

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How to fix dry and cracked nipples?

No.Im NOT Pregnant.
But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin.
What can I do to Fix it?

2111 views · Health NSFW

Dry Cracked Lips

I always have dry cracked lips, I always use vaseline and it doesnt go away what else can I do?

46 views · Health

I am itchy and very very dry after my period has been gone 5 days

I am very very itchy and dry, my period ended 5 days ago I don't know why I am so dry. It itches so bad and I am scared something is wrong

539 views · Health

Why am I always itchy down there?

why am I always itchy down there?

236 views · Health

How to crack software?

How to crack software?

46 views · Computers & Tech

What do I do if my boobs are itchy?

what do i do if my boobs are itchy

710 views · Health NSFW

Whats dry sex??

Whats dry sex???

1458 views · Sex NSFW

How do I fix dry, cracked feet?

How can I get rid of this problem I tried creams and even petroleum jelly and nothing helps

121 views · Beauty & Style

Why is my throat dry?

65 views · Health NSFW

Is my face oily or dry?

26 views NSFW

Is my skin oily or dry?

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What should we do about really bad, dry and cracked skin on hands?

My boyfriend has really, really dry and cracked skin on his hands. It's so bad to the point where he'll just have cuts opening up out of nowhere. He won't go see a doctor, and when he tried moisturizer, it helped, but only a little, but was too painful...

30 views · Health

What cracks you up?

What cracks you up so hard that...well...what cracks you up?

30 views · Entertainment NSFW

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