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What's a cute clothing store?

what is a cute clothes store?

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What store(s) sell cute scarves?

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What store do you shop at the most?

I shop at Kohls a lot.

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Cute stores?

Whats a store that has really cute clothes?

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What are really cute stores for pre-teens?

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What are some cute stores you shop in?

I don't know what to ask, so tell me some cute stores you shop in.
I like preppy and vintage things, I'm also obsessed with abercrombie and fitch (:

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Do you prefer shopping online or from stores?

Do you shop online for everything or still prefer to shop from the store?

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Which stores do you shop at?

Just wondering when you go to the mall or just outside where do you shop?

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What's your favorite store?

What's your favorite store

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Thrift shop

What is a thrift shop?

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What are some "emo" stores?

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Where are some cute swimsuits?

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