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Chinese person edit picture

Where can I edit my pictures.?

Where can I edit my pictures.?

67 views · Computers & Tech

Is the person in this picture pretty?

is this person pretty or ugly? just wondering

26 views · Beauty & Style

Free Picture editing

What are some freee editing thinggs

10 views · Computers & Tech

What software can edit pictures?

what software on the net can edit pictures to make your teeth whiter

18 views · Computers & Tech

Selfish if most of your pictures on here are pictures of yourself?

Is it selfish if most of your pictures on here are pictures of yourself??

44 views · General Knowledge

Is god a person?


How do I use a personal picture on my Myspace contact table?

How do you import a personal picture image to a myspace contact table?

18 views · Computers & Tech

What website will let me edit a picture with effects?

I want to edit picture image to a very nice effect,can some1 help me??

40 views · Computers & Tech

Can you edit the thumbnail of a picture for your profile picture?

A picture I uploaded is longer that it is wide, and when it crops it to the little square, it does it in the middle, and I was wondering if it was possible to change it?

14 views · FunAdvice Community

Edit pictures to make part of them black & white

How can I make most of the picture black and white and only one thing or a couple of things in the pic color?


47 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

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