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Breast hurt pregnant

Can i be pregnant?

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Where does it hurt when you're pregnant?

When you are pregnant wher does it hurt.

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what will my breast look like when I am pregnant

what will my breast look like when I am pregnant

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Can I have sex while I am pregnant, or will it hurt the baby! x

Can I have sex, while I am pregnant or will it hurt the baby! x

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I am not pregnant but my breasts hurt

I have this breast pain that started around my monthly, they now hurt everyday I wasnt on birthcontrol then and im not pregers what could this be? im so unconfortabl

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Why does my daughter's breast hurt when it grows?

my daugter's breast is growing but it hurt, what should I do?

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Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?

My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)

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Breasts hurting...

what does it mean when your breasts hurt?like does it mean they're growing?

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stretch marks on your breasts without being pregnant

can you have stretch marks on your breasts without being pregnant and if so what is causing it?

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Does milk in my breasts mean I'm pregnant?

I noticed milk in my breasts, could I be pregnant?

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can breast milk be producted by not being pregnant

can breat milk be producted without a woman being pregnant are not

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Is my daughter pregnant?

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breast hurt

why do my breasts hurt too much? im only 17 and im not on my period or pregnant...also when I poke them it hurts even more!

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Breast hurt and no period

Had 2 periods in 1 month and none the next

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Why do my breasts all of a sudden itch and hurt?

All of a sudden my breast hurt like hell&itch like hell is there something wrong w/me?

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Why would my breasts hurt at age 42?

My breasts are all of a sudden sore all around and I was wondering why they would be hurting?

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My boobs hurt and I'm not pregnant, why is this?

I am not pregnant. and yes, I did have my period, but I didnt have my period when they were sore?? why was this??

Thanks :)

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Can playing basketball while being pregnant hurt my baby if I am?

im not for sure if I am pregnant but there is a chance I could be and I am on a basketball team could that hurt my baby if I am pregnant?

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My Breast Hurts

am 15 and my breast hurts sometimes what does it mean?
does it mean that i have cancer or somethin else coz am wired!!

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