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dose any know good beaty songs

dose any one know any good electro beaty songs

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I want to know many beautiful hairstyles

I want some beatiful hairstyes and how to do it

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How to get any boy to like me

How to look beatiful without makeup

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How can I look beautiful for my husband?

how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart

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Am I gay or not?

I'm a 15 year old guy who fantisizes about guys. I'm still a virgin,(I'm saving myself!) and I am confused. I like guys sexually, but I really like this beatiful girl. What should I do? Am I gay or not?

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Why cant I ask out this one girl I like??

Every time I see her I freeze shes so beatiful what do I do im scared to ask her out I mean jeeze im ugly not popular I hate myself

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Is it normal to get sore breasts after giving birth?

I gave birth last night in the kitchen to a beatiful baby girll lasted from 10 something pm till 3-45am this morning but now am getting sore breasts is this normal?

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Who should I pick, the one I love with my heart, or with my body?

I'm meaningfully, and understandably attracted to a beatiful, smart girl who likes me back. Sexually, however I find myself watching other guys. What should I do? My heart is torn...

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Where to learn the basics of photography?

I really want to learn all about photography. I need a lot of help learning about lighting,capturing beatiful aspects of people. any links to help with these things, or advice form personal knowledge would really be appreciated.

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Need a song!!

What is a good song my band can sing in this comp can be anything with female or male vocals as we have both, drumb, keyboard and has to be beaty and only have 15 minutes to find it lol...hurry quickly please!!

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Why isn't there a movie about She Hulk?

why they never make a movie about she hulk with a beatiful woman like for example jessica biel, getting angry becoming green, bursting her plaid t shirts and jeans, like bill bixbi did in the hulk that would be cool.

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Who- make up ok I dont see anthing wrong whit it?

I'm going to turn 14 on cristmas day and my oerents are getting me makeup from the Ultra beaty store. Because they say is the best make up. ANyway. I'm getting a lot!! I Luv makeup and manny people say that at my age is not really good? is that true?

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What's the name of this country song?

I can't think of the name of this song. I only know some of the lyrics. They are "one two three like a bird I sing cause youve given me the most beatiful set of wings fly away flyaway fly away fly away" That's all I know and I know its a country song ...

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What color makeup should I wear?

hey guys

I have a failrly important first family doo with the in laws and I intend on wearing a beatiful teal blue dress, my problem is though that I don't know what colour make up to wear to compliment this...


I have chocolate brown...

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I'm in a difficult situation

As I mentioned in an earlier post,I am 16 and I have a cousin(female)which is 18,almost 19.The thing is,since early 2007,every time I see her,I get a penis erection(my penis goes up).Perhaps I like her.She is very beatiful because she has HUGE boobs,bu...

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My girlfriend is beautiful and she thinks she ugly

I tell her shes beautiful all the time and she really is to me but she told me that she always tries to look her best to show everyone that shes pretty so they dont think I have an ugly girlfriend, I have seen her w/o make-up and I have seen her with a...

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How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but ...

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Why does no girl want me?

It seems like I can never get a girl...Ever since Jr.High I've never really kept a girlfriend for more than a week or two.. Now I've been single for almost 2 years. I started talking to this girl from a diferent town a few weeks ago and we were flirti...

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I've been so happy! but please help me

I've been friends with this guy(lets just call him ian) ever sence the beginning of high school ians a great guy and wouldnt lie to me.. but then he moved to utah last year:(, hes just a really great friend and hes getting married in may, ima be in his...

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Good Friend Gone Bad

okay this is long, but i want your opinion...

a while ago my best friend met another girl and they became fast friends. since then that girl who shall remain nameless has been turning my best friend into a nightmare. she used to be really cool and w...

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