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Can i make my dyed dark hair blonde?

I really want to go blonde but at the moment I have dark hair because I dyed it but it went wrong. I was wondering if it is possible to dye my hair without it going ginger or wrecking my hair.

1 Answer

S.a.t question school...

As an architect who rehabilitates older building. Roberta washington objected to a city policy that resulted in the mass ___ of clearly ___ Structures

A. Demolition, Inconsequential
B. Renovation, Derelict
C. Razing, Salvageable
D. Protection, Venerable

2 Answers

How do i remove my tattoo mistake?

Tattoo fading on hand help with is on hand between thumb and finger where no bone is.

1 Answer

What is the first step in building a house?

What is the first step in building a house?

1 Answer

Sandra bullock movies

what are some Sandra Bullock movies
I bet I have seen all hers but I don't know

6 Answers

What's a good scene name for me???

Whats a good scene name for Damien or Damo???

Just wondering because everyone else is asking for scene names...

5 Answers

Theme songs???

so what do you think are the best songs for lovers? it can be any genre. just needed it badly. thanks!

3 Answers

Line dance song?

there is a new song maybe a new song? that is county by a female singer. something about left foot, left, right right foot? Not exactly but please help any suggestions are appreciated!

4 Answers

Do you think it was the plane that made the wtc building tumble down?

21 Answers

Do you think 9/11 was a cover up to remove the trade towers, or was it a real terror attack?

I was watching Conspiracy Theories on true TV and then I have always wondered how the building came down so perfectly. When a building is hit like that is should fall over like a tree, to the side of weakness.

17 Answers

Where do i find good contractors?

I need a good Remodelling contractor to do my kitchen. Where is a good source to find quality craftsmen?

1 Answer

Tattoo removal

Has anyone here had a tattoo removed? What options do I have I have a tattoo on my lower back I want removed. I heard about this cream called tatbgone does it work?

4 Answers

What is visual voice mail?

Ever since I got this new cell phone I have noticed that on my voice mail options it has 'Visual Voice Mail'. What is that? Does anyone know?

2 Answers

Has anyone ever seen the movie, "zeitgeist"?

Has anyone ever seen the movie, "Zeitgeist"?! If not, I STRONGLY urge you to. It's very eye opening. You can see it .. It's very informative. It's about government conspiracies, mainly. But it's one of those movies that makes you really think, and question everything. I recommend it to everyone!

51 Answers

Can you help me amend my intro letter?

Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet.
Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (best within 1 page) you may change here and there if necessary. Thanks for all the help and time .


Dear Valued Customers,

Located within walking distance for your convenience! Reliable, trustworthy and–above all–professional! Costume made curtains, blinds, wall coverings, and carpet. You choose your materials, sewing, and delivery dates. From installation to coordination of the process with your designers and contractors, we make sure is done right!

For customers without designers or contractors, rest assured, we can suggest the proper materials, colors and styles of the curtains, blinds, wall coverings and carpets that suits your home or office. We have 17 years experience at your disposal! We are not satisfied until you are!

Come to our showroom! Show us your floor plan! We gladly do house calls for a FREE consultation and measurements!

Sincerely yours,

2 Answers

How can i level up in mw2 faster.??no bossting.?

iM level 20 prestige 5 all my friends are 8 9 and 10 but without boostin or cheating how can I get there quick plzz help

5 Answers

How to stop a building getting knocked down?

A friend of mine who lives in Aus says her building and the park and trees included are threatened to be knocked and cut down.
These trees are old and sacred, so is the park, and the building is original and loved by many, and holds loads of special memories.

What are the precautions to take to actually make the chance of a building getting knocked down less likely, and not have your opinion tossed aside? How do these things work?
Like, if you make a petition and get people to sign it, will they just toss it aside? How does that work?
What could they do to keep the building?

All help appreciated, thank you (:.

7 Answers

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex in Ga on 17.5 acres?

2 Answers

Need a love song please

I've been looking for the right love song, something like the type of songs blink 182, the postal servive, and anything from a christian rock band, or alternative rock music, please and thank you

7 Answers

How will i know if i'll look good blonde?

I've always wanted to go blonde like Sarah Harding from girls aloud but dunno if it will wreck my hair or if it will be ok. I have naturally normal brown hair and wanted to know whether it will look good please help!!

1 Answer

What is your opinion on this quote about change?

What is your opinion on this quote? "the immutable change of life is more agonizing than the mystery of death." ~ anonymous

3 Answers

Use lemon juice to remove or fade a tattoo?

I have heard that you can use lemon juice to remove or fade a tattoo... Does this work and if so how long will it take to work?

2 Answers

How can republicans improve their image to the american people?

What do republicans need to do to improve their image?

8 Answers

Do you enjoy breaking stuff?

this may sound weird but I really enjoy breaking stuff, do you?

8 Answers

Building a house

Where is my best resource for all I need to know about building my own house ?

2 Answers

What: can a contractor make you pay for,,?

Can a contractor make you pay for services that were not ok'd by a home owner? Im getting my house remodeld and the final bill we already paid him but now he's charging us more for dumping services we already said no to. Can he do that?

1 Answer


How to deal with politics

5 Answers

How much will an addition cost on my house?

How much will an addition cost on my house?

2 Answers

Environmental survey

Suppose you have discovered an excellent new technique for keeping dryland soils moist and fertile. How would you get your message to subsistence farmers?

4 Answers

Should obama's first step in iraq be to end private contracts?

So, as some may know, the Bush administration has chosen to secure many assets in the Iraq war by relying on thuggish companies like Blackwater Worldwide, a group that has its own definition of Rules of Engagement (I.e., gun down the enemy, and the 14 civilians standing next to him). Many American soldiers have also complained that Blackwater's reckless tactics have made their own jobs even more difficult, costing them good will with local communities. Blackwater agents have been involved in everything from weapons smuggling to drinking on duty (resulting in "accidental" fire).

Meanwhile, Blackwater guards make some nice salaries-six figures-for their work. Their operations in Iraq have been limited by Congressional law and they are now subject to a variety of other "checks". But I'd like to see the new administration take things a step further and end reliance on private security contractors completely...or at least in combat zones. Or, is use of private firms and "mercenaries" the new direction in US combat operations? Maybe I'm overlooking some benefits?

9 Answers

Does anyone else think that what the us army is doing in iraq is nothing short of disgusting?

7 Answers

Who thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy?

58 Answers

When is a good time to have sexx?

I think that I may be in love with a man that is older than me... But he doesnt know it. We share a lot of interests like music. I think that he may like me back but im not sure how can I make him fall for me if he is older and married?

4 Answers

What are some romantic songs?

I am making a mix cd for my boyfriend for valatines day. Thats just one of his presents.
So far I have

1.j-holiday- bed
2.kc & jojo- all my life

Lol and thats it & I need to knwo if you have any ideas on some romantic
Songs, some like those, no bryan adams or anything.

10 Answers

What does an employer expect to hear from a person their hiring?

What does an employer expect to hear from a person their interviewing. What are some things I can do to be calm and have the boss like me?? and want me to work for them.??

3 Answers

Do any home tattoo removal systems work?

Ok so I heard about the "home" tattoo removal systems... The question is do they really work and which one(s)? Your answers would really help! :)

3 Answers

What are ways to get temp. hair dye out?

Im blonde but I didnt like my ncolour so I've got a few foils now its really blonde becauce I've been doing it for 2 years, and I just got my foils redone, then my cousin put red fudge in my nhair and it looks yuck !!! What are ways to get it out without wrecking my blonde because the blonde costs a lot of money.

2 Answers

How can i convince my parents to let me get a dog?

I am 13 and I have been asking my parents for a dog. at first it was a total no, and that almost made me want to give up! but then I asked my parents why and they said mostly because of furniture wrecking, and potty training. I said I will take care of potty training, and I know how to prevent runiture destruction. so after I told my dad that I have been using my time by researching how to properly care for a dog, his attitude changed. later that day he asked me to print up a list of hypoallergenic dogs, and that made me realize that I might be getting a dog! so when I printed up the list, I also took the liberty of highlighting easy-to-care dogs, and even got pictures of the ones I prefered. after he saw that, he looked very pleased. after I gave him that list (yesterday) we havent spoken of the subject. I dont know what else I can do from here that will convince my parents to get me a dog! can anyone help??
thanks sooo much! =]

1 Answer

Weight, fights

I think I may be a little to thin, when im in my fights nothing hurts 2 the head but a body shot feels like its wrecking my insides.
I think opponents are noticing my weakness now, could I fatten up without putting on 2 much weight 2 go out of my class? what can I eat?

3 Answers

What did you say in a interview to this?

In an interview for a job...they usually always ask you 'tell me about yourself' ..
I find that very nerve wrecking

what did you say about yourself?

I read from a website you should never ranbel should just professionally get to the point

3 Answers

Options to get rid of this tattoo?

ok its this tattoo on my stomach that I dont like anymore and I want to get rid of it, even if it was faded to where you can barely see it would b fine for me. I cant afford laser or cutting it off thru surgery. so what are my other options besides covering it with another ugly tattoo that I might regret... would it be possible to get it traced over with like a beige color ink to blend into my skin so you can barely see it? thats what im thinking to do, or permanent make up, whatever it is. how much is that?

8 Answers

I need some good screenplay/story ideas!

What are some Good Story/screen play ideas, Something Kind of Suspense paranormal or Sci-Fi. Something with a twist I love to write and I need a really good idea! I am so Stumped I need help!

3 Answers

Amy winehouse

What do you think of Amy Winehouse?

6 Answers

Does anyone here have a "wreck this journal"?

4 Answers

How do i find bangable girls, i think she is one, but how to tell?

I've been friends with this girl for 4 years and I've always liked her then 2 days ago I finally go with her and then she wont talk to me that much. my other friend says she don't wani go with me cause its wrecking are friend relationship even tho its her not me ? what shud a do:\

2 Answers

Webjobs outsourcing

How do I get web development jobs outsourced to me in Nigeria?

2 Answers

Men... can a woman ever make them happy?

I am on this serious commited relationship and this man is so grumpy 24/7... How can I help him to make himself happy so I can live in peace. He wakes in a bad mood and he goes to bed in a bad mood. Every other word is the "f" word. I grew up with bikers, farmers, and contractors. If anyone know these kind of people ya'll know the there langue isnt the best. But this man...o m g... His whole family, mother, lil sister. There all like that. I myself can stand it. I think it is an ugly word and shouldnt be used in every day conversations. Am I wrong. After a while it just plain ugly. This along with his grumpyness is driving me bilistic...!!!

2 Answers

How accurate are background checks

I am applied for a job at gulfstream aerospace and they made an offer and I pretty much got the job...all I have to wait on is the background check.
I was charged with identity theft(I didnt do it, and have proof) but not convicted. The case is pending still. Is that going to show up in my background check. This happened 2 months ago and 3 weeks ago I got a job with wal mart and they ran my back ground and I passed?
Do you think I will pass this one?

2 Answers

What is the health and safety at work act 1974?

i need a detailed summary of what it is please?

1 Answer

Where can a non-violend felony find employment?

where can a person with a non violent felony get employment

2 Answers