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How do you make a video book trailer?

6 Answers

Where's the best place in dublin to take boxing in?

2 Answers

How much money do i need to save a week?

If i were to save 6 grand in the next 19 months, does that mean i would need to save $80 a week?

4 Answers

What type of shoes are women airwalk slip-ons?

What type of shoes are women airwalk slip-ons? The ones without shoe strings? school have a new dress code and we cant wear sneakers. I wanted to know if those shoes fall under the catorgory of sneakers.

1 Answer

Shoe size converstion

if a women is a size 5 in shoes...what size is she in kids ?

2 Answers

Is there a special way to make a subliminal message or not?

I have always heard that songs have a subliminal message if we play it backwards, but is there a way to do that or just happen, i mean maybe just happen and the singer dont even know about it i mean this would be like im talking and somebody record me and put what i say backwards if is like that everybody say things like that backward without knowing it. Is that possible or not. What do you think?

2 Answers

Can i dry cooked fish?

I want to make fish jerky and I was just wondering if I could use cooked fish in my dehydrator, or if it must be raw. Thanks!

6 Answers

Cell phone for internet help

if i buy a blue tooth usb for my laptop and connect it to my cell phone that has a data plan, will i be able to get internet on my laptop from my cell phone?

7 Answers

Whats the difference between an iphone 4s and an iphone 5?

all the differences you can think of. Thanks.

12 Answers

80's style

how do I dress for the 80's

like what did they wear ? :)

7 Answers

Who has experience with laser or ipl hair removal?

Do you have any experience with LASER or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal? Is it any good? Which method is better?
Does it really work permanently?
Where did you get it? Does it need to be at a clinic or can you go to a beauty salon?
How expensive was it?

3 Answers

(famous) duos to dress up as?

So our college party's theme this week is duonight so everyone has to come dressed as some kind of a duo (obviously). I'm going with one of my girlfriends, but we've got noooo inspiration. The most creative costume gets a prize so we're looking for some kick ass ideas ;-)
And nothing too difficult please, we dont have the time or money to go to the shop this week!

10 Answers

What to wear to an 80's party?

im going to an 80'S party and can't decide what to wear. It has to be 80's-ish, cute, and sexy. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

9 Answers

Great gatsby

does anyone know who the "middle class characters in the great gatsby were? what discussion questions can I ask that relates to the class system in the great gatsby and the 1920's

2 Answers

Buying shoes online

Where can I buy brand name shoes like Prada, Louis Vuttion, and Gucci and are really real. Not fake. And for as cheap as they can get.

4 Answers

What shoes are these?

I want to know what type of shoes they are thel look like a mix of vans and chucks please help ill put a pic up on my defult

1 Answer

What is a us size 5 in england?

5 Answers

Why do young guys like older women??

Why do young guys(20,s )like 2 have sex with older women(30,s to late 40,s) what do they get from it ??

1 Answer

What are the best hair products to get for wavy/curly hair?

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, and I was wondering what hair products I should get. Also any hair style suggestions, hair accessories I should get, if you could leave those in your answer(s) that would much appreciated ^.^

5 Answers

Do you think it should be mandatory to learn spanish and/or sign language?

I would say yes, because there are loads of spanish speaking people coming into the us and I think it would be nice to learn their language so we can communicate with one another. I think it's a bonus to learn sign language because there are also loads of people who cannot hear or have trouble hearing and I think it would be nice to learn it and have it be a common thing so they feel accept (i don't know how to explain that one)

10 Answers

Hair problems, help!

I have always been dying my hair blonde, my natural hair is a light brown/blonde. I dyed it two days ago trying to get a natural color to avoid roots... well it's overly dark and kind of reddish to it, i HATE it!
I want to go back to the blonde I have always used however if I dye it now will it come out orange? or purple? some crazy color?! I'm nervous but I hate my current hair with a passion.

13 Answers

Are you (if you're a woman) obsessed with shoes?

My boyfriend maintains that ALL women LOVE shoes, with no exceptions. My logic tells me that this can't be true. So now I'm doing a FUN advice survey to see if you guys also love shoes.

39 Answers

How long do burn scars last?

Like, if you have a 1st degree burn, will you loose pigment if you're pale?
Ughhh I can't word this but how bad does the burn have to be to leave you scarred and if so, what color would the scar be?

7 Answers

How do i get rid of a cough after going to the doctors and the meds do not work?

I've been to my doctor 2 times got rid of the flu but still have my cough .. thr medicine isn't working or something so I need to find something to help me at home... Anyone know how 2 help me?

4 Answers

How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the sa

How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the same time?

4 Answers

What should i wear to basketball tryouts?

Okay, so its my first time trying out for a basketball team. I don't know what to wear. Would it be ok to wear like some shorts and converse?

4 Answers

Why don't guys care about their weight?

How come guys do not care if someone makes fun of their weight and is not obsessed about weight like women are?

13 Answers

Is it better to drive barefoot, or with shoes on?

14 Answers

Where can i find cky adio shoes?

is there a real store not 1 on the internet where I can find Cky Adio shoes???

4 Answers

Does anyone know where to find women basketball shoes in malaysia?

It's very hard 2 find... Especially when I'm only sized 5. Can anyone help? and please... no links to buy from the internet... Thxx...

1 Answer

What are some fashion trends you are glad went out of style?

I was watching a show from like the 80's and the hair styles from back then i'm very glad aren't "in" anymore haha.

40 Answers

Where do women with very small feet find heels?

I need a 4.5 in womens shoes, and ive been looking everywhere but literally no one sells shoes that small. Do you know of any place in Massachusetts that would sell that size?

8 Answers

What's with this weird stereotype that african americans drink grape soda and eat fried chicken?

9 Answers

What is on your christmas list if you celebrate it?

what is on your Christmas list if you celebrate it?

4 Answers

Your fave designer/s??

Mine are alexander wang and coco chanel

5 Answers

Why do men look down on women as beneath them?

I hate how women are advertised as frail flowers. It was if women are born to be weak. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I know that you’re thinking I’m overreacting or just freaking out & all men aren’t like that. Well may be not all men are like that but too many are. I hate how we women believe that powerless. I hate how women are turning on each other, when we should be helping each other out! I hate that we think weakness is our nature & that we can’t do anything without men. Get a damn backbone ladies! I hate how a lot of men think of a women as an object on bed, & not as a person. And also, why is it when a men cheats on a women, the response is just “ Oh, It’s Okay, It’s natural.”, while when a women cheats on a man, she’s treated like a piece of trash that doesn’t deserve a single space in the world. I’m not saying that cheating should be accepted with women, I’m just trying to show a point. But the thing that I hate the most is that, no matter how men treated them, they still loved them so much that they are willing to be with them or the rest of their lives. I know that a lot of you are not agreeing with my point. But, hey suck it up! Because, I’m still not done with my rant. :D Women are so misjudged & wrongfully accused: If she gives her number she’s too fast she’s probably a s***, If she doesn’t give her phone number she’s a stuck up b****. If she’s doesn’t want to have sex she’s faking, if she’s doesn’t want to go out after the 1dt date she’s a gold digger, if she enjoys hanging around the house on most nights she’s a goodie- two- shoes & if she’s busy she’s a liar. If she tries to speak, she’s talking too much. When she tries to express her feelings, she’s blowing it out of proportion. If she’s doesn’t want to talk about it she’s holding out. When she says she needs some space, she’s seeing another man.; pick your poison. Men think they know women, but they don’t have any idea what’s it like to be one. Face their never be able to fully grasp the state of being. They’ll never know what it’s like to be hit on and followed everyday by nasty & gruesome looking perverts, stalked by the geeky internet-boy next door, declined a promotion or lose a job b/c our boss wanted to flirt & be sexual but we declined and got fired. They will never have a bleeding genitalia, never wonder if the person were dating is planning to kidnap us or rape us, and dodging sexual pr predators. They will never know what it’s like to be stared at & treated as if were sex symbols when all we really want is some one to notice us for who we are. The reason why I’m saying all of this is because I’m tried coming to school and seeing all these guys ganging up on one little girl, calling girls whores, sluts, and every other word in the book. I’m ROTC and their a lot of guys in the class and their ALL ways sitting their bashing girls. When in the school their known for being players, having sex with everyone, and cheating! I was in Wal-Mart and my dad and I were behind this couple. The woman was doing EVERYTHING!! She took out all the goods of the cart (and their was a lot), she was trying to hurry and write the check, putting the bags back in the cart, and trying not to hold up the line. While her fat boyfriend or whatever sat there playing on his damn phone. I wanted to help her so bad but my dad stopped me. He said we shouldn’t try to start unnecessary drama, and I could tell by the way he was looking he wanted to help her too.

13 Answers

Who thinks back dimples/venus dimples are attractive on men?

Just discovered I had a thing such as back dimples....didnt know you could get them on your back. Googled it, and came up with girls! XD so I'm confused!

18 Answers


I heard somewhere that after a funeral women become more sexually active. This seems really odd. Is it true? :s

2 Answers

What is the name of this movie?

What is that movie called with that one very well known actor I dont know his name the one were hes out on a date with this women and he can read her mind and whaterver shes thinking about him he tries to do it I think it was made in the early 1990's?

2 Answers

What is the latest fashion trend where you live and what is your opinion on it(mostly for women to answer )??

For a while in South Africa the newest " trend" was emo and punk... which in my opinion was more of an epedemic than anything else. I see that the Boho style has come back into the spotligt here and I love it.
What the fashion trend about where you are from and enlighten me on your opinion on it =)

9 Answers

Why are women so obsessed with jewelry?

Why are women so obsessed with jewelery when it also poses a threat on their security? It is a physical hazard, speaking in Insurance jargon.

3 Answers

What store(s) sell cute scarves?

6 Answers

Double standards

Hi, I'm doing an essay in college about the double standards for men and women. I can think of a few but I need a lot more. please help.

Men are looked down upon by other men if he cries. However, women aren't.

Men are perverts if they talk about sex, women aren't.

women are wh0res if they have a lot of sexual partners, Men aren't.

Women are looked down upon if they don't wear ''stylish clothes''. Men aren't.

can anybody help me?

3 Answers

Adhd and trying to be in a relationship

I have ADHD but trying to date for me is hard because I grow heartless at times when I am not around the person I am dating but it seems that they don't like me or don't understand the problems I have.

12 Answers

One shoulderd green dress?

Clothing kind ofc ;)

I'm trying to kind a one shoulderd green dress, if you find one please post the link! I'm desperate!


4 Answers

How do i get rid of stinky cleats??

My Football Cleats are stinkin pretty bad...(I was on the line and I smelled them) was horrible.And how do I get rid of the stink??

2 Answers

What do i wear..

Could any one give me the link to look at dresses ..that for 70's but still sort of cute and modern looking?
Im having a graduation thing in acouple of in eighth grade..and I want to look extremely if you cud help me in anyway
From the clothes to the shoes to make putting a lot of thought into this so anything wud be greately appreciated! Loll thanks guys

1 Answer

How does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs

the shirt colors are black white and yellow

5 Answers

Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose?

Hi im a 18 y/0 female and have a fashion question. Mom said that women wear pantyhose without underwear? Is that true and or safe? Also I want to wear strappy shoes with pantyhose is that ok?

20 Answers

What is and why would i use it?

My wife was saying she likes better than Yahoo Shopping or even Amazon, just based on the look & feel. I know a few people over at Riya, the company that launched

However, I'm not buying it. Having worked in the past for nearly two years on a comparison shopping site, it'll take (in my opinion) much more than a slick, slow loading GUI to get people on board the bandwagon. What do you think?

1 Answer