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Wedding dresses

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What's your opinon on this wedding dress?

14 views · Beauty & Style

How did the white wedding dress originate?

44 views · Beauty & Style

what is the best way to sell my wedding dress and items?

It is excellent condition

10 views · Shopping

Hairstyle and dress color for a wedding?

Im going to a wedding and I dont know what hairstlye I should do or what color dress I should wear!!!

23 views · Beauty & Style

Where can I buy a used wedding dress online?

Looking to buy a used wedding dress. I don't mind going online. -- Any suggestions? Thx.

26 views · Shopping

Should I buy or rent a dress for my sister's wedding?

well for my sisters wedding I want a dress.I think I schould rent but I think I schould buy.

38 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What is a good designer, that makes princess wedding dresses?

I need a professional wedding designer, that makes really poofy or princess like wedding dresses...can you help?

10 views · Beauty & Style

where is the best place to buy wedding dresses?

i live in plant city, fl and im looking for a wedding dress for an outside wedding in october

13 views · Shopping

Do you dress up for homecoming??

Do you dress up for homecoming??

39 views · Beauty & Style

How do you dress emo?

how do you dress emo?-_-

24 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What is your dream wedding?

What is your dream wedding?

92 views · Love & Relationships

How do you dress "vintage"?

38 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Where can I wear this dress to?

18 views · Beauty & Style

What dress shops are there in Burbank?

17 views · Shopping NSFW

How should i dress today?

19 views · Beauty & Style

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