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Extended Appliance Warranty

Is an extended appliance warranty generally worth the cost?

46 views · Home & Garden

How do I clean stainless steel appliances & remove water marks?

How do I clean stainless steel appliances, I have water marks that I can't get out.

768 views · Home & Garden

What kitchen appliance is called "Blaine"?

In Pretty in Pink (1986) when Andy and Duckie are discussing "Blaine" and Ducky says: "Blaine? Blaine?! His name is Blaine?!! thats not a name, thats a kitchen appliance!!!"
What kitchen appliance is called Blaine???

59 views · General Knowledge

How do you read the energy usage of an appliance?

How do you tell if it uses a lot of energy or little? More specifically, do food dehydrators use a lot of energy? As they have to be on for long periods of time. Relative to other kitchen appliances do they use a lot or little?

14 views · Home & Garden

Do US appliances work in other countries?

do US appliances work in other countries?
like would a toaster work in
*the UK or around eurpoe
*in asia???
j/w if you lived there before please tell me if they work.

57 views · Home & Garden

How can I restore my discoloured white appliances?

Over time, several years in fact, the coating on my fridge/freezer, has, in places discoloured. It is not an overall discolouration, which would be OK. Is there a way to bring the white back to white?

46 views · Home & Garden

where is Samsung Microwave Oven Service Center in Hyderabad?

Bring your faulty appliance to our best home appliance service centre or have one of our people come over to your home. We are review providing Home Appliance Repairing Service to our customers. This Home Appliance Repairing Service is performed under ...

7 views · Home & Garden

Global Warming.

What is your opinion about it? What do you think we should do in order to save our planet. We are recycyling, being efficient with appliances, saving energy. But what else can we do??? Any thoughts?

39 views · Environmental Issues

Moving from Germany to Canada

Can you take appliances I.e T.V., washing machine, kettle etc. from Germany to Canada and will they work with an adapter?

17 views · General Knowledge

What should I do with my fridge?

My fridge stopped cooling. Its a GE Side by side and the places you can take it to in this area won't fix it. They said they don't work with GE appliances! Anyone have any ideas how to fix it or what?

16 views · Home & Garden

I want to cum

I 16 and I finger myself and I still can't make myself cum. I even used advice from a site saying to use houshold appliances like the handle of a brush or fruit like a banana but it still didn't make me cum.

26 views · Love & Relationships

What are some good tips to prevent split ends or tips to make your hair grow faster/healthier?

I mean, tips besides the usual "stay away from heat appliances" and the "get your hair trimmed every once and a while". b/c i want to grow my hair out and it doesn't look like it is.../:

15 views · Beauty & Style

Taxes because I am in school we can claim anything like computers?

Its just me and my husband...we never get very much money back each year. I am curious to find out if what I have herd is true. A lady I was talking to told me that we can claim our food, clothes and gas if we save the receipts and that we will get mon...

42 views · Jobs & Money

Double electric oven advice

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site for all of the helpful information. I was hoping to hear current thoughts on double electric oven. I am looking to purchase in the $2500-$3000 range, so that prices me out of some of the brands that appea...

14 views · Home & Garden

Is this Big Brother?

California: Add thermostats to the list of private property the government would like to regulate as the state of California looks to require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year. The government is see...

22 views · Politics & Law

Verbal Agreement between roommates?

My roommates & I had a verbal agreement for me to not help pay the utility bills They wait almost 2 years without a word, till.. I shared a place with 3 guys. I later landed a job in another state. Before leaving I told the roommates that I wouldn't be...

38 views · Home & Garden

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