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How can i find free forms of lease for residential property?

How can I find free forms of lease for residential property?

1 Answer

Residential treatment

so any way...blah blah blah, im depressed, blah, blah, blah, my mom is considering sending me to a residential treatment, for a little while of course for depression, and I dont know, but has anyone been there, and how was it?

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What kind of job can i get with ba in forensic psychology?

What kind of job can I get with ba in forensic psychology?

1 Answer

What dose it mean if my rent is in review ??

The question kinda asks all , if some could get back to me asap ;) thanks .. Its renting as in a house btw :l

1 Answer

Ok how can you make a seprate verizon account

my dad made a like default one and I wanna get on and get ringback but he woulnt give me password anyone know how to get a seprate account

1 Answer

What are similarities between australia's aborigines and canada's aboriginals?

5 Answers

How old do you have to be to admit yourself to a mental hospital?

I need to go to a mental facilaty but im 13 so if your under 18 dose someone else have to admit u?
and also when you go to a mental fecilaty do you have to be observed before they decide to keep you there? and do you always have to take a medication if you go to a mental facilaty?
and a doctor has to check you out to leave right?

1 Answer

Does anyone know what a eating disorder rehab is like?

next week i have to o for an evaluation to check whether i should be put into a partial hospitalization or a residential program. does anyone know how awful either one of these is?

7 Answers

Is a commercial real estate mortgage the same as a regular mortgage

I have been offered a chance in on an investment for a piece of commercial real estate, but I know nothing about mortgages for these type of properties. Is there somewhere I can get info on the differences between a regular mortgage and one for an commercial property?

1 Answer

How do we get rid of the strip clubs?

How do we get rid of the strip clubs?

3 Answers

Roadtest tomorrow.. help

my roadtest is tomorrow... any advice to help me pass. this is the second time I am taking it

2 Answers

Sale of rental property

What are my tax consequences if I sell a rental property? Where can I find additional information on this subject?

4 Answers

How much will it cost to add a window?

I just moved into a new house and my room is upstairs (it used to be an attic so its complete with the slanted ceilings but maybe 2 feet of flatness at very top). It has no windows and I love the feel of a window in my bedroom. I love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds and letting the sun warm my face, but my room is exempt from windows. On the exterior of my walls is the roof so the brick wouldnt't interfere, but on the sides of the house (where it is vertical) there is just vinyl siding so there could be a window on the wall (instead of on the obtuse roof of the house which is my room's vertical walls). Can anyone estimate the cost of a standard-size metal-frame vertical sliding-glass window or a standard-size window that swings open (like french doors would)? Couild you also estimate what the average labor cost would be seperate from the window because I have family that could possibly install it at no cost. Thank you all in advance :)

4 Answers

Cold residential trip

Hi, in mid feb I'm going to poland for a week with some people in my 6th form and from the lower school I need advice on what to pack, a list would be great! I'm going for a week and the average temp. Is -6c


2 Answers

How do i perform a reverse phone number search?

I would like to find information belonging to a phone number. I do not know the person's name, only the telephone number. I do not want to pay for this information as I believe it can be obtained at no cost; I just don't know where to look. Thanking you in advance.

4 Answers

How do i start dog walking? were do i go?

How do I start dog walking? were do I go?

3 Answers

How can i build university dorms on sims 2?

Well, I've been wondering weather I can or cant build dorms on sims2 univercity. Also I have been wondering how to if you can build dorms. Please help!!

2 Answers

What is university life like when you do not live on campus?

7 Answers

How to write a profile for an interior design company?

do any buddy out there can give some advice; on how to generate a company profile for a interior design & renovation company? Any website for reference?

3 Answers

Who knows where to find jobs with psyhchology?

I am thinking about taking associate in arts degree
Psychology.but where would I work at after I finish? I called my adviser he said he doesn't know..(what kind of adviser) anyone know where can you find jobs..clinics..hospitals? With associate in arts degree
Psychology anyone know?

2 Answers

How can i find in patient care for depression in my area?

I keep searching to find in patient care for depression in my area, and have so far only found one that is out of pocket only. I am having a hard time finding any online. Help?

5 Answers

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex in Ga on 17.5 acres?

2 Answers

Buying laminate flooring for cheap?

I relly want lamanate flooring (wooden floor ) in my room but my mam+ dad cant afford anything expensive.
so does anyone know any websites to get cheaper floor but not crappy stuff, in good condition and that.
also any shops in and arond swansea.
thanks a lot.
much appericiated!

3 Answers

What should i know about the people in college?

Are you in college and if you are what is a good thing to know about the people?

3 Answers

What are some jobs a 14 year old can find in bethlehem or allentown, pa?

My friend Marc is 14 years old & he has a baby on the way & is despreate for a job...

3 Answers

What should the ratio of staff to residents be?

I work at a residential care home frthe mentally ill and there are 18 residents who live there. Staff shifts vary so I usually do the friday and saturday 12 hour night shift. During the day there must be at least 2-3 members of staff, but when the night staff begin their shift, there is always only one member of staff. By law, is this legal or illegal? People keep telling me that there must be two ,members of staff during the night also but im confused...can any of you help me out?

4 Answers

What can people tell me about the jfk assination?

People doing a bit on my history. Need everything there is to know :) Thanks people

1 Answer

Becoming a foster parent ?

My Mom,she wants to become a foster parent.
Where would she go to become a foster parent?
if you could tell me places in indianapolis, id be forever greatful, and im sure she would too. :]

1 Answer

Prankk callingg:)

Hahah me and my friends prank call people all the time. But we are running out of pranks. Do you know any good ones?

2 Answers

Can i build hotels on sims 2 bonvoyage? is so, how?

can any one help??

3 Answers

Mental institution

The quote on my page gave me this thought,what does a person do to get put into a mental institution? I ask this cause last month my mom tried to put me in one.

9 Answers

What do people mean when they say "911 is an inside job?"

9 Answers

How did the white police in southh africa treat black prisoners ?

I need to know how the white police treated the black people that they put in prison during the apartheid ( not being racist ) cann anyone help me please ?

5 Answers

What can you do with a degree in psychology?

what can you do with a psychology degree besides research and counsling
What is the difference between a BA (bachler of arts) and BS (bachler of science) in psychology? What kind of jobs can you get with each one,

1 Answer

What are career opportunities with bachelor's degree in psychology?

can someone give me a list of career opportunities with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

3 Answers

What's the capitol of egypt?

The title explanes just about everything lol. But I need a lot of detail so... I need this answer for homework lol.

4 Answers

How do i know if this site my boyfriend got me a necklace from is legit? <--- that's the site. My boyfriend ordered me a necklace and its over a week and ahlaf past the delivery date. All reviews are from like 2010. Is it possible the buisness closed and forgot to take down the site? Or is it a scam? If it is how do I report it and will we get our money back?

5 Answers

What do i need to know before i move to detroit?

11 Answers

Anti virus question

Hiya Thanks to all who emailed me back on rebooting my laptop. what I done was restored back to a date that my laptop was going good and Ethmer ga\ve me some good advice on restoring my system and virus protection downloads for FREE...Can I just ask someone what is tracking cookies as when I downloaded AVG and clicked into residential shield and tabbed on the tracking cookies tab, when started a scan a pop up kept appearing saying tracking cookies detected. What does this mean! so I untabbed it from then. Also the viruses I had before will they be gone now? Sorry all new to this nternet and afraid of doing something wrong. Any help or tips be well appreciated. Thanks MANDY

2 Answers

Recycling question

How much money can you make from recycling cans?

6 Answers

Does anyone have any realtor marketing ideas?

I am a Realtor and I am looking for new ways to market. Does anyone have any cute sayings like to put on candy bars or inexpensive items such as "Want a sweet deal call..." and sticking it on a Hershey bar?

Thank you in advance.

3 Answers

What are some more things about my topic that i can use for my project ?

In health i'm doing a project, the topic is cocaine, yes i looked it up on the internet, all i got is the street names, the side effects, where it's from, what forms it's in, & how it gets in your system. I can't think of anything else to look for, or to put on there. Any suggestions ? Thankks.

2 Answers

How do i give up drinking?

I've been drinking for years now, and my simple but hard answer question is . "how I do give it up"? Thanks to whoever going to drop advices

5 Answers

What's the legal age to start smoking?

Not to actually purchase cigars but to smoke one?

59 Answers

What's going to happen to me??

So I'm bulimic and I hate it and I'm ready to stop. I've taken advice from those on this site and told a friend. At first I was upset because she told me she was going to tell somebody about it and get me help, but I've accepted I need help and am kind of glad but mostly scared... What will my mom do once she finds out?? What usually happens to people with bulimia?? Any ex-bulimics out there have an answer to my question?? I really don't want to be shipped off to some crazy institute or anything like that. Just wondering what they'll do with me... Scared.. advice anyone??

5 Answers

What is addition?

what is addition

8 Answers

Which should come first?

My husband and I are planning to built our own house and stop friend thinks this is not a smart choice and she believes that we should instead build houses to rent others.the house I have rented is not spacious enough .the land we own can only be built a residential house but not flats for husband is employed and for now he cant afford money to buy another land and build rental houses at the same you think buiding our own house now is a bad idea or should we invest our money in an income generating project? I am 26years of age whereas my husband is 32 years and our son is 3 years of age.thanks

4 Answers

Debt from drugs

Help! My husband has a drug addiction. I thought he was just using the money from his paycheck, but it turns out he has, told me today, $1800 out in payday loans!! I could have killed him! I know we can pay it off with our stimulus check next month, but I feel like I'm letting him off the hook too easy. Any advice out there?

9 Answers

Could i work in research psychology with a felony?

I am returning to school after a long break in between and must change paths after 3 years headed down another one. I had been an early childhood education major. At this point, I realize it will take me another 2 years minimum to complete my undergraduate degree. I am fine with that and am ready to begin classes next semester. I just do not know what to major in. It all sounds relatively hopeful up to this point, I know. Here is where it all goes south...

I have some significant self-imposed road blocks and barriers in my way. I am a convicted felon with one prison prior and a record of several non-violent felony and misdemeanor convictions- spanning the years 2002 to 2007.

I became addicted to prescription pain meds during my last days as a preschool teacher in 2000. I was married and we owned our own home. It was a matter of a year or so before I had stopped working, transitioned to heroin,becoming addicted alongside my husband. Before long we had sold our house and had spent the equity money from the sale. We tried to get clean. But without success, on countless occassions and entered numerous residential programs only to end up back in our addictions within a short period of time.

Addicted and without income,we were now really desperate. My first criminal charges in 2002 were for trying to cash a stolen business check, I took two counts for that- one forgery and one fraud. I only served 40 days but within months served another 60 and then 90 for petty thefts and a possession. I had never so much as been sent to the principal's office before that happened. Once I began my downward spiral, it seems I couldn't stay out of jail. Lousy criminal. I served 180 days for another petty theft before eventually serving a county year in 2006 for possession with a prior.

All during this time, I kept trying to get clean. I couldn't stay off the heroin for long, simultaneously but without my knowledge, on the east coast, my youngest sister had become addicted to heroin- as well. We lost her to an overdose in 2003. There were friends lost along the way,too. . Then, my husband- died suddenly of a heart attack in 2006-. I was in jail serving a county year and was unable to attend his funeral

Soon after his death, I was mandated to a residential program following my sentence completion. I very foolishly, and impulsively. Chose to leave it before successful completion. I now had a warrant. Within a half a year I was caught. I was being pulled over for speeding and knew I had a warrant along with a car full of other charges. I took off and ran from the police. I served 16 months for felony evading arrest in prison.

I have been clean/sober since that arrest in june of 2007 and even discharged from parole within the first 13 months. I am thriving today- in recovery. It was an addiciton specialist who started me on the opiate antagonist I have been on since last year. I credit suboxon with giving me the ability to think as I once did prior to opiate addiction. Suboxon coats the receptors in the brain and I will stay on it until the brain has had the 3 years' period of time needed to rewire and repair receptor damage. This frees me to be able to address my personal growth issues and apply myself to the 12 step program I have found to be vital in my recovery.

I have applied and been awarded financial aid and admissions into the local community college, where I will complete a year of requirements- for transfer consideration to a 4 year college. It would only be a year after that before I could finish the typical undergraduate program.

I was interested in research psychology but fear that it is not possible with my record. I am not sure. I am having touble getting an informed answer anywere. I have shared all of this in hopes of receiving some suggestions that will give me insight into the types of careers that would not exclude me on the basis of my criminal record- and with the understanding that I know I have my work cut out for me.

I do not want to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I don't like addicts. It seems to be the only suggestion I have heard repeatedly, so... I say in advance- I am interested in options other than drug and alcohol counseling.
Anyone have any thoughts? I thank you for your time and information in advance. It is appreciated.



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How do you make a sims movie with windows movie maker?

how do you make a sims movie with windows movie maker?

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