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Sheriff's department

what does the purchasing department doathms?

what does the purchasing department doathms?

10 views · Entertainment

How to contact aol fraud department?

How to contact aol fraud department?

475 views · Jobs & Money

What is department head hair?

I saw it in the end of glee with lynda walker in department head hair. What is it?

66 views · Love & Relationships

can this be my departed husband

twice my radio came on by its self thjen my gps that had been turned off for weeks came on by its self can this be my departed husband

42 views · Love & Relationships

Do you think Elton John is going to depart?

Do you think he might, you know, depart because he has an illness. A serious one. I hope not! :(

9 views · Entertainment

Does anybody here work in advertisement/marketing department in your work place?

I'd like to gain some knowledge of what it consists of because i'd like to do this in the future.

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How to contact AOL Terms of Service Department?

Does anyone have a phone number or email address to contact the AOL Terms of Service Department. This would be greatly appreciated.

112 views · Computers & Tech

What do you think of the department of homeland security telling everyone to spy on thy neighbor?

I think people need to get a life, and get out of mine.

38 views · Politics & Law

What is the best job in the health department, in your opinion?

I wanna be a pediatrician btw..does anyone know how much they make on average per year?

22 views · Jobs & Money

What would you do if you see a mother treating her 4 year old harshly in a department store?

What will you do if in a department store you see a mother is talking rudely and hard enough to her 4 year old boy because the boy insists on having an ice cream? In what stage you will decide to interfere?

32 views · General Knowledge

The departed

Hi saw a great movie called the departed, but dont quite get the ending. Did his girlfriend go to the cops? Is that why marky mark kills the character at the end?
Please let me know your opinion :-)

8 views · Entertainment

Why doesn't the environmental department close those factories putting smoke in the air every day?

I mean they are liars about the environment they put a fine if somebody put the garbage by mistake in the wrong basket, but they don't do anything to those factories putiing smoke in the air every day. What do you think?

39 views · Environmental Issues

Would the fire department take a lost dog since there is no shelter around here?

my parents don't want another dog but they want a safe home for these lost dogs and there is no place for them to stay, and I'm really heartbroken, I don't want to leave them in the streets, their are coyotes around.

16 views · Pets & Animals

What do you know about Macys Cosmetics department?

I got a job working for macys in the cosmetics department as an extra, i will be working in pretty much every booth. They hired me but I know nothing about their cosmetics so I have no idea how to go about selling the cosmetics or suggesting things for...

10 views · Jobs & Money

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