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Why should i recycle?

6 views · Environmental Issues

How is furniture recycled?

How is furniture recycled?

42 views · Education & School

Who recycles their garden waste?

9 views · Environmental Issues

How long does it take for something to be recycled?

43 views · Environmental Issues

Why is it necessary to recycle?

Why is it necessary to recycle? What will happen to our earth? What does the garbage do to the economy?

48 views · Environmental Issues

recycling question

How much money can you make from recycling cans?

18 views · Environmental Issues

How much money do you get for recycling a pound of plastic?

35 views · Environmental Issues NSFW

How many people recycle?

how many of you guys recycle your cans and stuff? I was just wondering and thought it would be a good question

48 views · Environmental Issues

Do you recycle pet names?

Cause sometimes you call one person a lot of pet names and don't have anything to call someone else.
So do you?

16 views · Pets & Animals

accidently deleted all of my pictures and in the recycle bin, help?

I accidently deleted all of my pictures that I really love! & I deleted them in my recycle bin too by accident is there a way I could get them back?

31 views · Computers & Tech

why people design products that cannot be recycled

Ok I have to write a one page essay on why people design products that cannot be recycled. And I ned some help

11 views · Environmental Issues

My dad refuses to recycle paper even though we recycle cans??

Okay my father an I recycle aluminum cans but he refuses to recycle paper
The reason I want to recycle the paper is because my father delivers the austin-american statesman and he just throws out the extra papers
And its a lot of paper
What can ...

45 views · Environmental Issues

Recyclable chair project

I am in grade 7 and I haeva project. I have to make a chair using recycable objects. can you please me some ideas of what I can use please a.s.a.p!

154 views · Education & School

What bottle can recycling places will be closed on thanksgiving?

Sorry my question is will reclying places be closed on thanksgiving? Around the san gabriel valley btw.

11 views · General Knowledge

Why is recycling electronics good for the enviroment?

okaii I know that recycling is good but I'm doing a project an I need to know 3 reason why recycling electronics are good...
Ps:they recently did a new recycling program and you can recycle electronics in Canada :)

19 views · Environmental Issues

How thorough is recycling where you live?

Does the dustman pick up the recycling along with the trash, and how thoroughly must you separate items? For example, are plastics, packaging, styrofoam and aluminum in the same container or do you have to separate them too?

20 views · Environmental Issues

What sort of materials could i use thats recyclable and cheap for packaging design?

like bottles of facial wash, body cream, foundation?

9 views · Environmental Issues

Does anyone recycle?

does anyone recyle? I do. I think we should try and save this earth, befreo all the waste builds up, and we have toxic air to breathe in, and we all die. lol. kinda weird, but please recycle

38 views · Environmental Issues

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