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Is the real estate market going to crash & is there a housing bubb

The economy is going sideways, but the real estate market has been growing like crazy - are we headed to a real estate "bubble" and if so, will it pop soon?


1 Answer

What is a real estate tycoon?

What is a real estate tycoon?

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Can i get a job involved in real estate with a felony?

Is it possible to become a home inspector or anything to have to do with real estate with a Felony in Ca?

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How does a credit card work in real estate?

hi, i want to know how can credit card work in real estate field? i have applied for a credit card and want to use in real estate. Becouse i am working in real estate.

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Real estate license with felony and on probation?

Can a person receive a real estate license in new jersey or new york city convicted of a felony and currently on probation

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Why don't people use real estate lawyers?

When people buy or sell real estate they usually have a real estate agent, but why don't people hire real estate attorneys?

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Become a real estate agent?

Do uou have to be 18 to become a realestate agent ?My mom said you DO! But a realestate Broker Said you DON'T.

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Why do we have general rules of conduct in real estate?

Why do we have general rules of conduct in real estate? Like what is it??

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Is it legal for a lawyer who is not a licensed real estate agent to earn a real estate commission?

2 Answers

What do you have to do in order to become a real estate agent?

Like how many years of college?And about real estate?

5 Answers

Which states have the best real estate market historically?

Does anyone know if there is a census or something that shows which stated has the best real estate market? I would also like to know if any information on home sales has been recorded for historical data. Any leads for me?

1 Answer

Can a convicted felon get a real estate license?

I have a friend who is trying to become a real estate agent but he is a convicted felon. Can he receive his license with felonies on his record? He would be in the state of washington or oregon.

1 Answer

General rules of conduct

What is the purpose of General Rules of Conduct in the Real Estate industry?

1 Answer

Is real estate going down?

I wanted to know what do you think about real estate market, whether it will go down or stay balanced?

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How to sell in a down real estate market?

How to sell in a down real estate market?

1 Answer

Who knows about how real estate agents earn income?

It was my understanding that their commission was paid by the person selling the place. If you are buying, is there also a fee you have to pay?

2 Answers

Are any states booming in real estate?

Are there any states that have shown a rise in real estate lately? How would I get to information that would send me real estate popularity information?

4 Answers

Has the real estate market bottomed out?

I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line with real estate rental rates, but perhaps I'm a loner on this one...what do you think?

3 Answers

What do people think of real estate agents?

I am in Real Estate proffession I would like to know What people think of Real Estate Agents

10 Answers

Which is the best accuarate web page for real estate?

Evereytime I check the houses for sale online it showes that they are recently posted, but when I request the realty about them it come out the they are sold and that they want to offer a different list. Is there web site that you know that is accurate of what the houses that are for sale.

1 Answer

How to establish myself as a real estate broker?

how can I establish myself as an real estate agent or broker? how can I contact companies loking for the lease warehouses? (I can provide warehouses I.e. godowns )

3 Answers

Real estate slow down where you live?

I asked if we were headed towards a real estate bubble a few months ago:

Seems that in the last six weeks or so houses have started to get cheaper here, I saw one listed that was ~20K cheaper than a similar house that sold four doors down from me.

What about where you live, have the list prices started to come down a notch? It's still far, far too expensive in my book, but at least the real estate prices have started to come down a notch.

The other thing I was wondering - how long (if it starts slipping) do you think till we hit bottom?

3 Answers

Is a commercial real estate mortgage the same as a regular mortgage

I have been offered a chance in on an investment for a piece of commercial real estate, but I know nothing about mortgages for these type of properties. Is there somewhere I can get info on the differences between a regular mortgage and one for an commercial property?

1 Answer

Will real estate prices in san francisco go down?

I heard a rumor that real estate prices are going to go down soon in San Francisco. I want to buy a house, but I don't want to get it in a seller's market. San Francisco seems like a good place to keep the value of my investment, but if the prices are going to go down then maybe I should wait.

1 Answer

Convicted felons status on real estate licenses?

Can a convicted felon get a real estate license in Washington state?

1 Answer

Should i invest in stocks or buy a house?

Should I invest in stocks or buy a house? What's a better return for the money?

3 Answers

Housing info

Looking for a house in the greater attleboro region if anyone knows of websites/realtors that are availaible I would greatly appreciate it

1 Answer

Real estate market going sideways?

I asked before if it was a slowdown, but now I'm thinking the real estate market is going sideways from what I'm seeing - houses in my neighborhood haven't gotten any more expensive for a while, and on next to my son's day car just went back on the market (after having a "sold" sign on it).

Things have to have changed, folks...if I'd have put my money in real estate, I'd be pulling out now before the building collapses. Or maybe it is just going sideways, as others have suggested recently.

Any other opinions on this?

1 Answer

History degree

I'd like to go to university and get a degree in history and I'm just wondering, what are some jobs associated with history that wold be fun.

1 Answer

What are different types of professions that start with "a", "r", and "s"? ?

1 Answer

Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?

Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?

4 Answers

How can someone be a real estate appraiser?

How can someone be a Real Estate Appraiser?

1 Answer

How can i find out if my house is for sale?

3 Answers

Can a person with a felony work in real estate?

can a person with a felonies on his backgroung have a career in real estate?

3 Answers

How can i sell my house without a real-estate agent?

How can I sell my house without a real-estate agent? What are some of the things I can do to be successful in this endeavor?

2 Answers

What type of education do you need to become a closing agent?

What type of education do you need to become a closing agent?

1 Answer

Tax foreclosure sales

I have seen on tv many commercials about tax foreclosure sales and they say that you can buy a big house of 150.000 for only 300 hundred dollars is that true or is only a scam to sell this to the people.

1 Answer

Which flat iron should i buy?

Can somebody please tell me the best kind of flat iron to get that is not expensive. I'm going out tonight to get one. Thank You!!!

2 Answers

Saint joseph

What is saint Joseph the patron saint of? and it needs to be 100% accurate

3 Answers

What's good to sell on ebay?

What is the best thing to sell to make money on eBay?

3 Answers

What is the purpose of a dome house?

I saw the picture of the Dome house in the real estate category. Is this a good house to buy or something? Do dome houses cost less than right angles?

1 Answer

What is the job description of a mortgage broker?

1 Answer

Want to track down an old friend

well I really want to track down an old friend called micheal he is a real estate director in london has a friend whos nickname is silverfox.I cant remember his second name dont know his address or company name how can I find him PLEASE PLEASE HELP ???

1 Answer

Why do you think that mcdonald's company is so successful?

why do you think that mcdonald's company is so successful?
I need the answer for my project me please

6 Answers

Is a real estate license possible for a felon?

can a person with a felony DUI conviction get a realestate licence in Arizona

2 Answers

Is it true someone can make $130,000 from a job their first year?

my friend told me his dad got a new job and is already making $130,000 per yr, Is that possible?If so what career?

4 Answers

How different people have sex,

How they have sex, think of more? Post it:)

Accountants are good with figures.

Actors do it on cue.

Advertisers use the "new, improved" method.

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6 Answers

Is a good place to find an agent?

The first thing that I read while surfing through the search engines about good realtors was this site called "". It seemed like a good place to find a real estate agent to buy a home in California, but there are so many agents that are here advertising anyways. Is it better to use a site like this or should I find somewhere else to get a good real estate agent referral?

4 Answers

Do you have to pay capital gain from pre-foreclosures?

If you start a real estate business buying and selling pre-foreclosures, will you have to pay capital gains tax even though the houses are your inventory? Or will you just pay income tax?

3 Answers

Which imac should i get?

Need help,
I need help choosing between 20" for 1199, the 24" for 1799, and the 24" for 2249

Is the 20" a good screen size
And will the 2.8 intel core 2 duo extreme processor really last longer ad be faster than the 2.4

1 Answer