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Pubs or no pubs

Well I like to shave personaly but I've been told by a lot of people its sick I guess its really up to you. What do you think bush or no bush?

12 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Age to perform in a pub

How old have you got to be to just sing in a pub ?
Im thirteen, so im not sure.
Thanks x

10 views · Music

I fancy all the men at my uncles pub, help!

my uncle has a pub, and I fancy nearly all the men( well 25 year olds), who go in, I go every thursday night to see bands but when my dad goes and other people go and I dont, or if I have to leave early because my mums 2 tired or something I get all je...

15 views · Love & Relationships

Where is there a nightclub in Chennai, India?

Where is there a pub in Chennai?

37 views · Entertainment

Is the Adsense content ID the same as publisher ID?

Because the one for content has ca-pub before the numbers whilst the publisher ID has pub only before the numbers.

25 views · Jobs & Money

The bar with no name

If you were to open your own pub or club, what would you call it?

29 views · General Knowledge

Smooth Away?

I want my legs, arms, and especially my pubs 2 b hair free.
so does it work?

815 views · Shopping

How can I stop my Dad from drinking?

recently my dad got barred from a pub for getting violent after drinking too much, now hes going to another pub and getting drunk everytime. when he comes home he always finds things to argue about and he gets quite violent. he doesnt hit me or anythin...

113 views · Parents & Family

how do guys get orgasms?

how do guys get orgasms? well what does a girl have to do? what can I do to make him horny? I'm his girlfriend, I wanna get him excited just when we go out to the movies or to a pub or soemthing ;)

111 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Another dream I just remembered...

Me and my Dad were in a pub. This guy started on him. He pushed my dad up against the wall and he was in pain. I remember running outside to find help... and my mum and sister were waiting for me on the bench. I thought he'd died and I was crying loads...

11 views · Parents & Family

Where the best place in skelmersdale is to go

I am trying to find a pub or something of the sort to hire out for an 18th in september for a surprise party does anybody no where the best place in skelmersdale is to go ? X

10 views · Entertainment

How to look 18?

I'm 17 and I'm not 18 till next summer, but I can never go to a club or pub with friends because I look 16 apparently. Any tips on how I could look older?

40 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Zombie crawls

I love going on zombie crawls/zombie pub crawls/zombie events, but their doesn't seem to be any on at the moment! I live in Oxford, UK and I can travel - anyone know of any happening in the future? thankyou!

6 views · Entertainment

Does neosporin help with razor bumps from shaving pubic hair?

I am thinking of trying Neosporin instead of Bikini Zone to deal with those damn red bumps you get from shaving the pub's. Anyone had any experience with this

778 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What would you Prefer game?

This game is a question game on what would you prefer, you can ask anything & you choose on which 2 you prefer,,,

eg,,... winter or summer?

I say summer, then ask next one...

clubs or pubs,,

clubs,, get it?

ok here goes...

Dogs or Cats?

47 views · Gaming & Games

some help please -- paranormal!!

tomorrow am going to a pub called White heart, its in Hull. Most haunted have bin there!!! lol am really interested in haunted stuff. I want something to take away frm there but I don't want to look like suspisious or owt, what shud I do??? take pictu...

8 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Drinking age in Germany?

I know the drinking age is 16...
but does that mean you can buy any alcohol from 16+..?
like you can buy liquors aswell, not just cider, lager and wines???
and can you get served in pubs and shops?
its just I'm going there when I'm 17...

24 views · Politics & Law

Should I teach my brother about puberty?

I have a 13 year old brother who know's nothing about puberty!.
the other day he asked me "why dose me penis get big"

should I teach him stuff about
masturbate , wet dreams & pub-hear ?

114 views · Sex NSFW

How can I make myself look older?

how can I make myelf look older, im the oldest in the group im in (btw im 16) and when my mates go out to like pubs and that they can get in because they look way older than what they are. but I look younger, what can I do and I dont have a fake id eit...

29 views · Beauty & Style

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