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How to make a rain stick with preschoolers?

How to make a rain stick with preschoolers?

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What should I do to get my 3 year old ready for preschool next year?

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Is a preschool teacher a good career?

would u ever be one?

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What questions can I ask the preschoolers?

Hi, im teaching a preschool and im reading them "the very spider" by: eric carle what kind of questions can I ask them during the story?

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What to do about preschool sister touching the others vagina?

My husband caught my 2 year old investigating my 4 year old's vagina. What to do?

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PreSchool teaching

I am starting teaching preschool in three days what are the basics I need to teach and some advanced and what are some games or activites that help them learn and have fun I can do to?

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What is a felt board story that I can do for a preschool class??

I need something. that kids can. take part in. I need to tell a. story and use the. felt board. and a the end. we need an. activity to do. with it.

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Any transportation craft ideas for preschoolers?

I have CWC (Career With Children) as a class at my school. the teacher asked us to look for good crafts for our theme. My theme is Transportation. My question is the following:

What are good arts and crafts ideas for preschoolers? (ages 3-5)

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Preschool question is 5 years old young to be writing the alphabet?

My older son is almost five years old and he's already writing most of the alphabet. It's amazing, he's learning his numbers and letters in preschool, and I think 5 is a young age to be already writing letters.

Do you think that's early, or normal f...

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What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know ...

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How do I get my kid to not cry when he goes to preschool?

Hi my kid is two and half years he was at home still now he goes to pre-school 9t o12. He knows he has to go and not to cry but still cries and i don't know what to do. He listens to us but still do crying he wants to enjoy there but i don't know how t...

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Would this preschool lesson plan be considered Science or Language Arts?

The preschoolers will receive white construction paper that's titled “Animals That Can Fly” (with a picture of the sky next to it) on one side, and “Animals That Cannot Fly” (with a picture of the ground) on the other. Then they're going to glue pictur...

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Is there a high demand for daycare/ preschool services?

I'm only a sophomore in highschool but I know what I want to do for a career.

I what to own and run my own daycare or small nursery/preschool.

Want I want to know is..

Is there a high demand for these types of services?
Also, when I reach col...

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what can I add to my floorplan

what do you need to add in a preschool for a student with a wheelchair? how can the get involved in all areas.

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My 4 yr old son/special ed

Is in preschool and is having problems with his speach and writing his name,his teacher is asking me to put him in special ed is this move way to early, I think he should just repeat preschool,what do you think. Help me with you wise advice .what would...

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Spreeding viruses

I work in a preschool, and the kids are constantly spreading viruses. I need to keep from getting sick because I have to go to school myself, what is some advice to keep from getting sick.

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Easter Activities for Kids

I'm giving a talk to a 'Mothers of Preschoolers' group on 'Easter Activities for Children'. I have lots of ideas (craft, visits etc) but would love to hear any of your own favourite Easter ideas. Thanks!

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How to start this relationship?

Hi me and my best friend that's a girl have known eachother from preschool. We text eachother about our problems and feelings. She said that I am the only person in this school that she trusts with her secrets. I told her I liked her and she said she l...

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Who remembers Captain Planet?

Does anyone remember Captain Planet? I used to watch the show when I was really little, like, a preschooler, and one day in year seven, I suddenly remembered the theme song, and I asked all my friends if they knew it, and they did, so they told their ...

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