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Breast feeding

Yes I need to breast feed an when to stop breast feeling a baby ab what the proper age to sen a kid to skol

4 Answers

Is a preschool teacher a good career?

would u ever be one?

6 Answers

Should the us start teaching foreign language sooner?

Over here in Germany, many school systems start getting serious about teaching children English when they're in 5th grade. Before that, they are learning basic English vocabulary. Later on, depending on which "track" you're on (German schools work very differently), you can choose another language proficiency, or continue with English.

It's been proven time and time again that the best time for teaching students language is when they're between 4-12 years of age, and the mind is capable of rapidly absorbing new words and sorting out sounds on a daily basis. Seeing little German kids coming up to me and speaking English, it makes me wonder why US schools wait so long before regularly teaching foreign language. Some are already teaching foreign language in grade school, but these are mostly private schools.

Do you agree that public elementary schools in America should start making foreign language a serious part of the cirriculum?

6 Answers

Is this right

My dad has been out of work, and my 25 year old brother has been taking advantage. He is living with his girlfriend, whose husband is in jail. and my brother is always asking dad to come over and babysit her husbands kids, so dad can't get a job!! my brother said he would get daycare a mounth ago and hasn't even looked around, because my dad free!!
so basically my dad is babysitting his sons, gfs' husbands kids!!!

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