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What cologne and/or perfume smell is your favorite?

you tell me?

29 views · Beauty & Style

What is a good perfume/ cologne for a tween girl?

This is a 12 yr old girl who loves to wear perfume... Looking for something light

158 views · Beauty & Style

How can you get perfume smells out of clothes?

How can you get perfume smells out of clothes?

27 views · General Knowledge

What perfume should I get?

What is the best perfume out right now?

22 views · Beauty & Style

Whats some nice smelling perfume?

Whats some nice smelling perfume?:)

33 views · Shopping

what cologne women like on a guy.

what cologne women like on a guy.

14 views · Beauty & Style


How to keep the scent on all day?

8 views · Beauty & Style

Who owns Victoria's Secret perfume?

26 views · Beauty & Style

Victoria Secret Perfume ?

What's your favorite Victoria Secret Perfume? What's it called?

20 views · Shopping

GUYS: Fave perfume for girls!!!

GUYS>>>whats your fave perfume on girls!!!

32 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What's your favorite perfume?

what is your favourite perfume?
post your likes...

12 views · Shopping NSFW

Whats your favorite perfume or body spray?

26 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Favorite perfumes for men and women?

Whats your favourite perfume for Men?
Whats your favourite perfume for Women?

43 views · Beauty & Style

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