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What's the difference between oral sex and sex?

What is the difference between oral and sex?

240 views · Sex NSFW

What's the difference between oral herpes and genital herpes?

what is the difference between herpes and oral herpes simplex...

46 views · Sex

Can chlamydia be transmitted through oral sex?

Does anyone know if chlamydia can be transmitted through oral sex?

88 views · Sex NSFW

Would you rather receive oral sex or sex?

I don't know

159 views · Sex NSFW

getting a disease from oral?

Can you get a disease if you swallow cum?

186 views · Sex NSFW

What does oral sex feel like?

How does it feel when a guy eats you out?

87 views · Sex NSFW

Who is more at risk during oral sex?

While doing a blowjob,is the giver or the receiver having more risk?

431 views · Sex NSFW

is Oral safe without a condom?

is Oral safe with an uncircumcised Penis without a condom?

91 views · Sex NSFW

Can Hepititas C be transmitted through oral sex?

Can Hepititas C(or however you spell it) be transmitted through Oral sex?

20 views · Sex NSFW

Good cosmetic surgeon in Texas?

Anybody know a good cosmetic surgeon in texas?

11 views · Health

what should i be asking my surgeon about my hernia surgery?

anything in particular I should be asking?

13 views · Health

Does std still spread when its oral

Here s my q..does std still spread when its oral..I mean..when it s oral sex???
How safe is it??

84 views · Sex NSFW

is it harder to become a doctor or surgeon?

I know surgeons are doctors too, but who are smarter MD's or Surgeons?

46 views · Jobs & Money

Can you get pregnant from oral and kissing?

Can you get pregnant from giving oral to a guy, kissing and then the guy giving oral to the girl?

469 views · Sex NSFW

Can I get chlamydia from receiving oral sex?

If my partner had chlamydia, is it possible for me to get it if he performed oral sex on me?

224 views · Sex NSFW

Can you get cocaine in your system from oral sex?

Can you get cocaine in your system, knowing your partner does it, by having oral sex or "eating " her out?

1497 views · Sex NSFW

Why are guys not giving oral sex!?


75 views · Sex NSFW

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