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What type of pants do punk bands wear?

What type of pants do punk bands wear?

1 Answer

What is gastroenterology?

1 Answer

Are there any more libra signs other than the little scale or the little lump with the line under?

3 Answers

Ideas for slogans on a tee'shirt ?

im making my own customised t-shirt , and was wondering if anyonee could help me with any ideaas for text like quotes or slogans I can put on it ? :) xx

5 Answers

What are stores and books from in movies?

Who can name a lot of stores and books from parts in movies? Please list the movie and what part it was in...

1 Answer

How to spot knock off sunglasses?

1 Answer

Tell the difference between real and fake prada sneakers ?

how do you tell the difference between real and fake prada sneakers ?

1 Answer

Funny name for a website.

Hey, I am working on a project. I am creating a web site that will sell customized stuff like t-shirts, cups, shoes, posters, etc. I may also include online models in it. What would be a funny name for the website so that people would memorize it easily? thanks.

2 Answers

Denim vest

Anyone know where I can get a denim vest?
With or with out sleevs?
Cause that would be sweet if I get one so I can patch it up with band logos!!!
Yeah, thrash on!

1 Answer

Unprofessional appeals.

So im writing a paper, and my teacher said I gotta use 4 different ways to convince the 'reader' (my teacher) that im right. So...

Which of these appeals can be considered unprofessional?
1) pathos
4) image
5) ethics

6 Answers

What is a cool logo for barbie dolls that no one has never used?

I need a logo for barbie dolls, I cant think of one. Will someone please help me? It can't be one someone else has used. Its due monday and she told us friday its awful, I cant think of one. & its worth 150 points I dont wanna get a bad grade. =[

1 Answer

What kind of business should i start

I want to start a shop recently, but I don't know what kind of products should I sell. Any suggestions?

2 Answers

What is the term that describes someone whose opinion is more highly regarded because they have experience?

This is for an essay, and I am trying to figure out the term that describes such a person who has professional experience in a subjecct and therefore their information and opinion is better trusted.

7 Answers

Which one of these logos is the most appealing to you (photo link)?

I had to design a few initial logo's for my multimedia class and these are some I came up with. Which of these do you think you will remember best? (The logo's are meant to be designed for "my" graphic designing company).
I uploaded the picture into my photos as it wouldn't display as an attatchment. You can find it here:
I have to pick one of the three and I cannot decide. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

10 Answers

I started a clothing line...need help!!!

ok I started a clothing line with a friend.
I came up with some designs and need more
but I've tried thinking of more designs for my shirts but its to hard to think of a new drawing/designs thats not been thought of.
I need some ideas and advice. so plsss help me out!

2 Answers

What is the significance behind the republican and democrat logos?

1 Answer

Where can i get sweats??

I want to buy sweats like plain sweats to wear to school, where can I get ?

7 Answers

What is the best inkjet printer that you've used?

4 Answers

Where can i find a good logo creator?

I've been writing a story about a squad of Space Marines that are sent to Eris, the new 9th planet. Basically, I'm trying to come up with an ORIGINAL logo for the Space Marine Corps, and for the Planetary Exploration Commission, the organization that built the outpost on Eris. I've already found a text generator to make the ID barcode that wis on the sleeve of the T-shirt. Basically, i'm going to make the SMC and barcode logos into an iron-on transfer, and put them onto a dark grey T-shirt.

4 Answers

Should we make it 'easy to identify' ?

IDEA: Members of Congress should wear uniforms, like NASCAR drivers, so that we will know who their corporate sponsors are. Many of those in Congress should also wear logos representing the teachers' unions, environmentalist extremists and other special interests - Agree ?

7 Answers

What is better for clothes?

Hollister,abercrombie,or american eagle? Or what other brand do you prefer?

5 Answers

Where can i get miley cyrus' style clothes?

Where can I get miley cyrus' clothes?

8 Answers

What type of socks do you like?

This is random. I know. I just felt like asking a question, this is the first thing that came to mind. I like tube socks, because you aren't obligated to put your heel in one single place, as with other socks. Plus, with the extra length, you can pull them up if your legs get cold.

9 Answers

What is a good printer to buy???

I need to buy a good printer, I have a brother MFC 685CW but it always breaks down whenever I need to make a last minute print for school and it has so much trouble printing paper. My price range is about $300. But can be streached depending on the quality of the printer (ex:laser). This printer NEEDS to be able to scan papers and convert them to a text document or image or just copy the paper. It would be nice for it to be a laser scanning computer but doesn't have to. Is there any printers that fit this criteria that you might reccomend???

4 Answers

How would i write a thesis about the rhetorical strategies al gore uses in the movie "inconvenient truth"?

I know he uses alot of hyperboles and pathos, logos, and ethos, then he uses metaphors and euphemisms and sarcasm but im not sure how i would write a thesis based off that

5 Answers

What do you wear to an interview?

I have a job interview tomorrow and I have went through my closet and I have nothing to wear? what do you wear to an interview

11 Answers

Can someone live off being an artist?

8 Answers

How to make a soda pop can costume?

Being soda pop cans at school with a group of friends. we were thinking of just getting T-shirts and putting the logos onto them, and maybe wearing some of our color with it aswell. its just at school so it doesnt have to be all out. but is there a way to make like a big soda can tab on a headband or something? thatd be cute?

4 Answers

Why does my computer keep giving me a warning about a virus , but then when i run a scan with windows defender it says there are no viruses?

4 Answers

Does clothes change the person?

Ok the make over has my guy friends(the only friends I have)drueling over me
I think I might change back to being a dude-ish girl it is so much better then dudes trying to ask me out and it is kinda weird having guys that are practically your bros looking at my a$$

7 Answers

How do i add pictures to my custom arena in wwe 12?

OK. I found some logos from old WCW shows, such as Fall Brawl, and WCW Nitro, and I wanted to use them on my created arena. How do I do that? So far, I downloaded the pictures, copied them to my USB flash drive, and copied them to my PS3. What do I do from there?

2 Answers

Been thinking and cant figure out!

Hey im in the midst of attempting to figure out just what it is I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life - career wise - .. How is it that you figured out what it is that you wanted to do? Can you give me any insight to ways of discovering what I would love doing for the rest of my life

2 Answers

What do you recall being popular when you were younger?

Since im a 90's kid, Imma say. Light Up Sneakers. ♥ & Full House.

13 Answers

Whats a good job for me?

im an artist, but im only fifteen and don't want to be an artist for a job. I also do animation. im an art and graphics student. I design logos for companies. I was thinking illustrating? interior design? what do you think I should be? I want to consider all options. :)

5 Answers

Who is the bride of christ

What does scripture say about the Bride of Christ. Who or what is she? Elaborate

10 Answers

How do i look my age?

I am going to be a sophomore in high school. I am short for my age. I am only 5'0. People think I am much younger. When I go out to restaurants, they ask me if I want a children's menu. How do I appear to be my age?

11 Answers

Bankers, real estate agents & wall street who's to blame?

Every month I get a market update from a real estate agent. :)
Inventory up 65% this year, Number of closed sales down 34%, number of new listings up 9%. Average price down 8%

Wow. It's not enough yet, but it's something. And loans seem to be getting harder. But the real question is for all the people who got ripped off...are the executives who profited at the loss of the middle class going to get thrown in jail? Their money taken, their houses confiscated, just like those who are going through forclosure?

Is it just me, or is this whole thing a scandal on par with the tech boom / bust of the late 90's? I think it's even worse, personally.

2 Answers

Red contacts?

Im going to try to go to the optometrist(eye doctor)
And get red contacts
This is awesome? Y/n?

10 Answers

Views on preps and like brands of clothes like aeropostale and ?

what are your views on preps and like brands of clothes like aeropostale and hollister! Please do not be afraid, tell me everything you think about them! I personally am I prep, so I think they are great and I also think brands are great too! so tell me what you think about them!

5 Answers

Picture vs. mirror

Am I right on this one: lets say I take a picture of a stuffed animal. Won't that picture be opposite as if looking into a mirror?

15 Answers

Final fantasy x-2

what do you have to do to get the ending with tidus in it?

6 Answers

How to start a small buisness?

How to start a small buisness?

1 Answer

What are gears of war tips and cheats?

Can anyone post some nice tips and tricks and also cheats for gears of war?

1 Answer

What is iac recovery systems ltd. ?

Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd.
17165 Platte St., Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: (303) 756-3400
Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com

but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed due and now in debt by $293.11. I am assuming it's one of billions of scams, but I would like to make sure and what not. I've googled every aspect and can not find anything about this company.

And the above fax number is to a mexican diner.

17 Answers

Bible "jesus & god"

I am no longer confused in my belief, but the belief of some out there, How on earth do you get so confused with the silly beliefs like "Jesus is God" the "three in one deal" I have been reading the Bible and every time it talks about Jesus and God it is clear it does NOT mean Jesus is God.

Hebrews 12:24
And to Jesus, the Mediator of a new covenant, and to the Sprinkled Blood, which Speaks better than the blood of Abel.

1 Timothy 2:5-6
5 For there is One God, and One Mediator also between God and Men, the Man Christ Jesus,
6 Who gave himself as a ransom for all, the testimony Given at the proper time.

Galatians 3:20
Now a mediator is not for one party only; whereas God is only One.

Malachi 2:10
Do we not All have One Father? Has not Once God created us? Why do we deal treacherously each against his brother so as to profane the conenant of our fathers?

James 1:1
James, A Bond-Servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Okay so I have given a few verses from the Bible, and My question is, if the Trinity is so clear then why doesn't it say in the Bible "Jesus is God"? Really I don't believe there is a verse with it. To me it makes much more sense as Jesus a Man who saved us of our sins who God gave Jesus the authority to do so. and God our maker and Father who loves us.

I don't know does what I say make sense to any of you?

35 Answers

Was god living in the dark?

so if god said let there be light and there was light was he living in the dark? looks like it 2 me

12 Answers

Why do you believe what you believe.

☺☻I am just carious, I am a christian and I believe that There is One God and he wants us to follow him and learn from His Word the Bible so that we will have a better understanding of him...I don't believe Jesus is God and believe that Jesus was a Very High up person that we need to respect and learn from also but God is our main focus. You can also call me a Antidisestablishmentarian Basically meaning Members of the free church.

So, you could try and give the best answer you can that would be great...Try and think about it before answering to quickly.☺☻

135 Answers

Why should i believe in the bible and god?

Why should I believe in the bible and god? If the bible was written by man, how is it the word of god? Why should I believe in the bible when people can just make a new book and call it the word of god like the book of mormon? Most people just tell me to have faith but I d can't. I have never seen, heard, nor felt the presence of god. Does this mean god hates me? Does this mean I go to hell because I don't know how to have blind faith? I for one have zero trust in peoples words because people lie, someone telling me god exists isn't enough for me. Is it too much to ask god for some kind of sign that he is there?

23 Answers

Is abercrombie and fitch overrated?

ok, im just bored rite now, but I want to no waht other peple think of af?? I personally dont get the point in it, I mean spending tons of money just 2 have a special logo on your shirt that society says is cool. sometimes it seems like there are just a bunch of af or hollister clones roaming around with no personal style. im not out 2 insult anyone, just curios!

31 Answers

Athiest bus campaign?

Recently an athiest lady got fed-up when she saw an add on a bus that read "Those Who Dont Believe In The Lord Will Burn In Hell." She decided to start her own campaign and now has ads on buses that say:

"There is probley no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life!"

Apparently the Christian Voice was in an uproar because they believe that there is plenty of proof of God and that it's false advertisement - their complaints have not been taken seriously though for obvious reason.

What do you think of this? If your a Christian - would the ad's bother you or would you just ignore them? If your an athiest - do you think that's it's just fair to have billboards that agree with your beliefs as well?

Personally: I'm glad they are up. I think it's proving a point of freedom of speach and religion - and that Christians are not the only one's who should be allowed to voice their opinions in public and on public transpotation lol.

30 Answers