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Rollup garage door repair

Hi I am asking this for my Dad.

he wants to know how to repair a rollup garage door? If it stopped rolling down.


1 Answer

What category does this fall in for my resume?

like i know how to fix stuff around the house like bathrooms, sinks, painting, putting up dry walls, kitchens,

5 Answers

What are the names of hominids that hunted, were a handyman, and other ones?

Im comparing the book "Life of Pi" to different hominids to in evolution to show how he evoloved as a character to survive. I do not know the names though. Any help? I need the name of the one that was a handyman, became a hunter, and one more after that, that has sumthn to do with intelligence. thanks.

1 Answer

How do i get old oil stains off driveway?

how do I get old oil stains off driveway?

1 Answer

What is a good job for a male 16 year old?

I need a job that pay well and get $$$ fast so I can go to camp and so I can start saving $$$ to buy my 1st car and $$$ for gas and camps and church misson trips

3 Answers

Fastest way to get rid of flies?

there are flies all over the kitchen and im not talking about just 10 or 15 but like 50+ flying all over the place.
whats the easiest way to get rid of them rather then just whacking the guts out of each and everyone one of them?

4 Answers

Just a survey

1. Favorite
2. Favorite song...dont trust me
3. Favorite show...I love money 2
4. Favorite
5. Have you ever been in love?...yes
6. Are you single?
7. Do you support gay marriage?...yes but im not gay
8. Favorite Animal...siberian tiger
9. Favorite a8
10. Where was the craziest place you kissed someone? a tree

8 Answers

What are some gift ideas for my boyfriend?

I have tried evrything but he will not tell me what he wants for christmas. All he keeps tellin me is that he wants a hug, kiss, and to spend the whole day with me. Also that I dont need to spend money on him. I hope you can help me pick a gift for him. Just give me a few ideas for what I can get him.
We have been together for a month now but by christmas we will be going out for two months.

11 Answers

Know any real funny jokes?

know any real funny jokes??

7 Answers

How would you describe the people that live next door?

70 Answers

Is america heading into another depression?

18 Answers

Where can felons find jobs?

where can felons find jobs?

130 Answers