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Who to call for a "roof gutter?"

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What does it mean when someone ask if you like the gutters?

I said to someone that "there's one place that you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy and that is her heart". Then the person says "So you like the gutters huh "what does liking the gutters mean? I'm emabarrassed to ask.

8 views · General Knowledge

Why isn't my cat afraid?

My cat loves the road and isn't afraid of cars. .
I'm afraid one day I'm going to come home from work and find her in the gutter looking disfigured. .
Help me!
How do I get her to be afraid of the road before she gets in trouble?!

76 views · Pets & Animals

Baby Death In Dreams

I had a dream last night where there was a normal sized baby I don't know sitting in the rain gutters above my back door, then he got up to walk but there was no where to walk and, of course, died. Why the hell did I have a dream like this, and what di...

11 views · General Knowledge

Do you like my new poem?

I just wrote so give me some pointers!

Rain Drips
into the gutters
onto the streets
Rain is everywhere
it drips down the windowpane
and flows into the lane
flowing through the streets
flooding my mind
part of nature
part of me

TA-DA!!! What d...

13 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Hunting for that perfect position...

Get your mind outta the gutter...heh. How did you deal with figuring out want you really wanted to do in life? I'm going back to school for Computer Science because I excel at it, before that I was a public relation major. Thoughts Questions and Commen...

7 views · Education & School

Where can I buy any of these mp3s?

I'd gladly pay a buck for any of these Canned Heat mp3s:
Back Out on the Road
Canned Heat
Change My Ways
Do Not Enter
Down in the Gutter, But Free
It Hurts Me Too
Low Down
My Mistake
Poor Moon
Refried Boogie

32 views · Music

Why is there so much Personal Prejudice?

This is the 22nd century. Get over it. Barrack Obama is our president. He isn't Muslim and he isn't going to cause a holocaust. I wasn't rooting for him, I prefered John McCain. But by the looks of it, there are way to many people in this world with th...

18 views · Politics & Law

After the first try will I not be able to stop?

Ever since I was a kid I was taught in school that drugs like pot, would alter my mind with one try, I'd get hook'd and my life would end up in the gutter, I'm a kinda popular guy at my school, and I've been offered pot and other substances, I say no b...

12 views · Health

Tongue Studs and the stereotypes

WARNING: There's a wee bit of crude language.

Around where I live (as with well, anywhere) all of the teenagers like myself have their mind in the gutter about 70% of the time. Or more. Anyway, I recently got my tongue pierced (a month ago, maybe), ...

10 views · Love & Relationships

I hate my neighbors, what sould I do?

I own a classic car that I am restoring on my drive.
but yesterday while I was at work my neighbor came round at shouted at my mum like she was a peice of feces that has been spat on.
and nobody talks to my mum like that and gets away with it.

I have ...

78 views · General Knowledge

Plague of Elmo

Silly name for a song,I know but it's the soundtrack to a movie I wrote well called The Plague of Elmo

Going psychotic just thinking of what to do to kill my time
Not an idea yet to sit still in my mind
Banned from going certain places after preying ...

13 views · Art, Writing & Literature

When will I ever get over the stuff which ruined my past?

I was never a pretty kid and experienced rejection and some bullying at school. My parents were deeply discouraging of me having any boyfriends anyway so it wouldn't have helped if I had had any male attention. I developed physically later than most of...

23 views · Sex

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