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What does it mean when someone ask if you like the gutters?

I said to someone that "there's one place that you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy and that is her heart". Then the person says "So you like the gutters huh "what does liking the gutters mean? I'm emabarrassed to ask.

2 Answers

Summer jobs for 14 year olds.

soo... does anyone have any advice on summer jobs for 14 year olds? I'll be 15 in 2 months. but that's not summer anymore :( please help!! I could really use some extra cash. thankss.

2 Answers

Baby death in dreams

I had a dream last night where there was a normal sized baby I don't know sitting in the rain gutters above my back door, then he got up to walk but there was no where to walk and, of course, died. Why the hell did I have a dream like this, and what did it mean? I don't know any babies, so it wasn't about one I know. Help?

1 Answer

Do you like my new poem?

I just wrote so give me some pointers!

Rain Drips
into the gutters
onto the streets
Rain is everywhere
it drips down the windowpane
and flows into the lane
flowing through the streets
flooding my mind
part of nature
part of me

TA-DA!!! What do you think?

4 Answers

What do the gargoyles on cathedrals mean?

What does the gargoyles on cathedrals mean?

6 Answers

Skater hair..

I want to have hair that has those curves that skaters have but I have no clue how to get them help?

7 Answers

I need $$$

k so I really need $ cause its summer and I want to buy a lot of new things what are some chores tat I could do around the house tat my parents would agree to pay me a lot 4 doing them...thanx =)

3 Answers

What are some creative ways to make money?

Please most creative ones you can think of? :) please dont say ones that have already been said. Thinking for a teen girl.

10 Answers

How do i convince my parents to buy me a skateboard?

I keep asking them but they say no! i showed them so tricks at the store but they still said no! How do I convince them to buy me one!!!

9 Answers

How can i make some quick cash seriously?

Does any one have any good ways to make a quick buck without a job?

4 Answers

Did axl rose ever get married?

did axl rose ever get maried ]

and if so

did his wife die

4 Answers

Where do i get a good paying job with a felony?

I want a good paying job where do I go with a felony that happened 13 years ago.

5 Answers

Does anyone have any tips on saving money with little income?

When I say low income, I mean low. We manage to make around $140 every 2 weeks.

So far, what I have done is made a "savings" jar, and a "fun" jar. Most of the money we get goes into the savings jar, and a small portion goes into the fun jar. So, if we were to get $100, $80 to $90 would go into the savings jar, and the remaining $10 to $20 would be placed in the fun jar.

The savings jar is to put money back for a car, home, etc... later on. The fun jar is to save a bit of money up for fun things to reward us for saving. So, if we wanted to go out to eat, go to the movies, go shopping, etc... (basically buying things we want, but don't necessarily need) it would come out of the fun jar... so that we won't be digging into the actual savings jar.

If you have any tips for saving money with little income, they would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance! :-)

21 Answers

How do you help the environment?

How do you help the environment?

8 Answers