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What is the first step in building a house?

What is the first step in building a house?

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Where do i find good contractors?

I need a good Remodelling contractor to do my kitchen. Where is a good source to find quality craftsmen?

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Can you help me amend my intro letter?

Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet.
Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (best within 1 page) you may change here and there if necessary. Thanks for all the help and time .


Dear Valued Customers,

Located within walking distance for your convenience! Reliable, trustworthy and–above all–professional! Costume made curtains, blinds, wall coverings, and carpet. You choose your materials, sewing, and delivery dates. From installation to coordination of the process with your designers and contractors, we make sure is done right!

For customers without designers or contractors, rest assured, we can suggest the proper materials, colors and styles of the curtains, blinds, wall coverings and carpets that suits your home or office. We have 17 years experience at your disposal! We are not satisfied until you are!

Come to our showroom! Show us your floor plan! We gladly do house calls for a FREE consultation and measurements!

Sincerely yours,

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How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex in Ga on 17.5 acres?

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Building a house

Where is my best resource for all I need to know about building my own house ?

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What: can a contractor make you pay for,,?

Can a contractor make you pay for services that were not ok'd by a home owner? Im getting my house remodeld and the final bill we already paid him but now he's charging us more for dumping services we already said no to. Can he do that?

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How to deal with politics

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How much will an addition cost on my house?

How much will an addition cost on my house?

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Environmental survey

Suppose you have discovered an excellent new technique for keeping dryland soils moist and fertile. How would you get your message to subsistence farmers?

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Should obama's first step in iraq be to end private contracts?

So, as some may know, the Bush administration has chosen to secure many assets in the Iraq war by relying on thuggish companies like Blackwater Worldwide, a group that has its own definition of Rules of Engagement (I.e., gun down the enemy, and the 14 civilians standing next to him). Many American soldiers have also complained that Blackwater's reckless tactics have made their own jobs even more difficult, costing them good will with local communities. Blackwater agents have been involved in everything from weapons smuggling to drinking on duty (resulting in "accidental" fire).

Meanwhile, Blackwater guards make some nice salaries-six figures-for their work. Their operations in Iraq have been limited by Congressional law and they are now subject to a variety of other "checks". But I'd like to see the new administration take things a step further and end reliance on private security contractors completely...or at least in combat zones. Or, is use of private firms and "mercenaries" the new direction in US combat operations? Maybe I'm overlooking some benefits?

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Does anyone else think that what the us army is doing in iraq is nothing short of disgusting?

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Webjobs outsourcing

How do I get web development jobs outsourced to me in Nigeria?

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Men... can a woman ever make them happy?

I am on this serious commited relationship and this man is so grumpy 24/7... How can I help him to make himself happy so I can live in peace. He wakes in a bad mood and he goes to bed in a bad mood. Every other word is the "f" word. I grew up with bikers, farmers, and contractors. If anyone know these kind of people ya'll know the there langue isnt the best. But this man...o m g... His whole family, mother, lil sister. There all like that. I myself can stand it. I think it is an ugly word and shouldnt be used in every day conversations. Am I wrong. After a while it just plain ugly. This along with his grumpyness is driving me bilistic...!!!

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How accurate are background checks

I am applied for a job at gulfstream aerospace and they made an offer and I pretty much got the job...all I have to wait on is the background check.
I was charged with identity theft(I didnt do it, and have proof) but not convicted. The case is pending still. Is that going to show up in my background check. This happened 2 months ago and 3 weeks ago I got a job with wal mart and they ran my back ground and I passed?
Do you think I will pass this one?

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What is the health and safety at work act 1974?

i need a detailed summary of what it is please?

1 Answer

Where can a non-violend felony find employment?

where can a person with a non violent felony get employment

2 Answers

Lacking mojo

I'm an artist working in a dead end job. I can't think of nothing better than to have a job where you draw all day and get paid for it. I have been trying to "jump start" a career as an artist but somehow I feel like I lack the drive to become successful. I know in order to be successful you have to work really hard at it, but I feel like I've lost my mojo and find myself never getting to finish projects that I'm working on. Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone know how to get it back?

3 Answers

What do you think about the remarks mitt romney made in london and israel?

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Can convicted felons find work in florida?

Ok! I am a convicted felon and cannot find a job. I cannot go through agency they turn me down what can I do.

3 Answers

Why does the us maintain such a large army?

Why do you think the usa maintains such a large army?

3 Answers

Who wins if there is a war between usa and russia???

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What do you prefer privacy or security in the airport?

What do you prefer privacy or security in the airport
For example when they scan people and they can see even the underwear, I dont like it I prefer that to have more security, what do you think.

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Joe the plumber does he really exist?

I was watching the debate between obama and mc cain and most of the debate they were talking about joe the plumber this guy really exists or they made it up. Lol

7 Answers

Government fraud/or just plain waste!

I am a convicted felon! That said let me paint a picture for you. I had a job a short time back working for a company that sub-contracted their services to the railroad and I was required to submit to a background check, supossedly to allow me to work on railroad property and to enter power plant operation sites (Homeland Security based security clearence). Needless to say I was imediately fired upon the return of my rap sheet. Now mind you I had already been doing these things for over two months, plus the fact that I had at one time in my past been an employee of the Union Pacific railroad. I'm persecuted daily and in my view being discriminated against because of my past, (although in the eyes of the law, I payed for my indescretions in full), I can't find a decent job because I have a past. I recently took a temporary position with a contractor to work as his driver. Well, fine but we had to get a security clearance again, this, because he had work to do on an Air Force base, (A Stratigic Air Command base) I applied for and was given a contractors security clearance badge to enter the base on a daily basis, and it is effective for a year as well as renewable. Now if I'm too much of a risk to be allowed access to railroad property or to coal fired power plants, how in hell is it possible for me to enter a miliary base. This is a prime example of your hard earned tax dollars at work. Homeland security is not stopping terrerists, its stopping Americans from being productive members of society. Is'nt it time to stop the holier than though attitudes ? Is'nt it time to let a person leave his past behind if that is what they choose to do? Please stop forcing us into a corner, give a person a chance to prove themselves. Enough said for the present!
Robert L.

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Is this big brother?

California: Add thermostats to the list of private property the government would like to regulate as the state of California looks to require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year. The government is seeking to limit rolling blackouts and free up electric and natural gas resources by mandating that every new heating and cooling system include a "non-removable" FM receiver. The thermostat is also capable of controlling other appliances in the house, such as electric water heaters, refrigerators, pool pumps, computers and lights in response to signals from utility companies. If contractors and residents refuse to comply with the mandate, their building permits will be denied - Is it ok with you that the government wants to come into your home to control things ?

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How to write a subcontractor's contract?

samples on how to write a sub contractors contract.

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Going to war with iran?

My mom watches the news everyday and said that we are probably going to war with Iran because they want to eliminate Israel off the planet... But my persian boyfriend says this isn't true and we are probably going to war with them because the have weapons of mass distruction... Who is right?

6 Answers

Democrats want change what kinda change

The real question is will that change improve everyone or just special interest groups I'm for helping minority groups but sometimes it seems they become the special interest group when some policies benefit them exclusively giving them special rights and priviledges no one else does. When will it be enough in taxes I lose 40% of my paycheck every time I get one just to taxes 90% of the time these taxes go to someone elses wallet doesn't even benefit me the tax payer. Were going to go through a tough ecnomic future is it really going to help us to be taxed more. Im a proliteriate or low income person its hard enough making it on 60 percent of my paycheck will I have to live in the streets when I cant afford my apartment because of exesive taxes Obama plan only seems to make the situation worse not better and do you really believe the rich are solety being taxed more no I think when they want higher taxes on the rich it means anyone with a income this is going to ruin low income families sure its nce for a black president but beyond that his policies are going to bankrupt families trying to make it in life who aint rich at all. Third he said hes lowering taxes on those who are not rich show me an example of democrats doing that then ill believe it but I dougbt anyones going to be living a better tommorrow once obama in the presidents share and no I dont want john mccain either hes worse

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What penalty, if any, do you think us soldiers deserve for urinating on the taliban dead?

A YouTube video shows US soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of the Taliban ... what kind of disciplinary action should be taken?

Read about it:

17 Answers vs. the home depot

I have heard bad things about shopping at Lowes as well as the Home Depot. I went online and visited both websites and seemed to paint a better picture of their store. My choices are limited but we want to hear about how dealing with these stores is going to be like. We are expecting and I want to get the baby's room remodeled and decorated.

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Do you plan to get in line for your bailout or handout ?

LOS ANGELES — In an announcement that launched a thousand unprintable puns, adult-entertainment moguls Larry Flynt and Joe Francis said Wednesday that they are asking Washington for a $5 billion federal bailout, claiming that the porn business is suffering from the soft economy - Do you plan to get in line for your bailout or handout ?

5 Answers

Should colonel gaddafi eventually step down?

Should Colonel Gaddafi step down, last night on the news there were reports he was supplying his army with viagra, you only have to look at the reports of r**e coming out of Libya to guess what he's using it for, the guy should step down and let Libya follow democracy, the guy should face responsibility to the ICC, some of his own former ministers have claimed he personally ordered the Lockerbie Bombing, the man is a war criminal

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What do you think of body scanners as added security in airports?

With the recent botched terrorist attack by the Nigerian guy (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) grabbing headlines there have been calls for airports to step up security and install quicker and most importantly more effective security technology.

One of the gadgets being considered at many airports is the full body scanner (not sure what the real name is), which is a machine that well, scans the whole body, including your insides and your privates. It's worth noting that Farouk himself managed to evade security by concealing his explosives under his underwear. However, privacy activists claim this is a step too far and encroaches upon the personal privacy of passengers.

Opinions anyone? How do you think we should strike the balance between privacy and protecting passengers (with regards to the use of full body scanners)

11 Answers

Did anyone else hear about the marines urinating on these three terrorists?

Omg! That's such a BAD WAY TO REPRESENT AMERICA! THE HELL? Ok I'm not on either side. But this is so stupid of them to do that. Period.

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What do you do when your boss is a jerk?

I've got a client of mine that never has anything nice to say about me, my work, my life - anything. Every time I hear from him, it's about something I've done wrong. I like the work itself (or rather the place that I work for), but I don't like him or the way I'm treated. I've confronted him about this before, but nothing has changed and I don't see any change happening in the future.

The income I make from this client in particular is minute in comparison to most of my others. In short, it's nice to have the money, but I don't need it and can make it up elsewhere. Would quitting make me look like a coward? Would it just be better to get the headache over with? Have you ever experienced this? It's pretty much the first time for me, and needless to say I'm frustrated.

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John kennedy

What is the real reason that John F Kennedy was assassinated?

6 Answers

Do you think it was the plane that made the wtc building tumble down?

21 Answers

Where were you on 9/11/01?

Where were you and what were you doing on 9/11? I bet this has been asked, but I haven't seen it since I became a member.
I was in my 8th grade health class. Our social studies teacher walked in, turned on the TV, and the two planes had already hit. I had no idea what any of it meant, I was definitely way too young to understand it all.

16 Answers

Why did republicans use fake video to convict acorn?

They wasted four months of tax payer money in court, they used false video footage...can we sue these idiots and get our money back? The government is bankrupt...and assclowns are pillaging from us to make a mockery of our judicial processes.

OR...should we just have another tea party and bury our heads in the sand?

11 Answers

Who, exactly, is running for president and what do they stand for?

13 Answers

Who invented the microwave oven?

who invented the microwave over, what year,where was it invented,history of the invention,and use in society.

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Is it hard to pierce your septum?

Im going to pirce mine.
No matter what you say.

So give me instruction or answer my question.

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Why anything that happen in israel its so important for the united states? i mean its not like we see another country worried about them like ca

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Why do some democrats think socialism is good

I would think the name democrat inplies their beliefs are for democracy but its weird I've seen democrats say socialism is good but why is it?

14 Answers

Do you think 9/11 was a cover up to remove the trade towers, or was it a real terror attack?

I was watching Conspiracy Theories on true TV and then I have always wondered how the building came down so perfectly. When a building is hit like that is should fall over like a tree, to the side of weakness.

17 Answers

Gas $4+ a gallon...what to think...

So what do you guys think will happen since the price of gasoline keeps on rising?

I actually think we are currently in a depression and it is only going to get worse until somebody realizes it and makes a plan to where we can get out of it instead of pushing other countries to lower their prices for us(India).

10 Answers

How do i know i want a baby?

Hi Fun Advice, wow I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know who's on here now or if my old friends are still active but regardless, I need some help!

I am now 20, and my partner is turning 23 very soon. He wants a baby so badly, but I'm just not sure I'm ready yet.
We recently moved from New Zealand to Australia and I don't feel settled yet. I like it here, and it's a permanent move (it cost 2k to fly our dog over!!) but I don't yet feel comfortable here. We have started our own business in Property Management / Property Services as contractors and it is going well. It will definitely provide a stable and generous income to support a baby, and I wouldn't have to work while pregnant or in the first few years of baby's life.
We are currently looking for a place more suitable for our lifestyle- we have a large dog and it's difficult finding a rental that will allow him but hopefully we get into somewhere better, soon. We are saving to buy/build our first home and will hopefully have a good deposit before baby would be born (assuming we will conceive easily and soon).

My partner has grown up around young children and already has nephews and many small cousins. He would be a great father, he loves kids. I love kids also, and definitely want to have children soon, but my kind of 'soon' is 2-3 years whereas his kind of soon is to try tonight. He is so worried that he's running out of time. He wants to be able to play sports and run around with his kids and even though of course you can do that at 40, he wants to do it at 30 which I completely understand.

I'm worried that having children now will limit everything I do, I don't care for 'partying', never have never will, but I have such a wanderlust and need to travel. I've always wanted to travel nomadically but I know having a child would cut this fantasy out of my life all together. I know I would still be able to travel later on, on planned vacations with my partner and children but I dream of living in nature, hiking, camping, hitchiking, meeting crazy strange people along the way and being carefree.

My problem here though, is that I know that won't even happen in my life in my current situation. We have our dog too, and he's more than just a dog to us, hell we sold everything we own in order to fly him across the pacific ocean with us. So it's not like I would be able to travel like that anyway. I guess I have always known I've missed out on this want of mine but only now am I coming to terms with it....

As far as careers go, I've always wanted to be a police woman or a firefighter. This is where I actually would prefer to have kids now, because I can raise my (preferably 1-2-3) children, then still have time to get into the kind of physical career I want. Whereas if I amble around and start training for that career now, I'll be faced with the decision of giving up my career life completely to have kids at 24ish, or not having kids at all, which isn't an option for me. So career wise I would like to have kids now.

I'm actually figuring a lot out while typing this haha, so I guess my problem is:

My partner wants kids now at 23.
I am 20.
We both love kids and could raise one right now comfortably.
It suits our careers to do it now.
Both our families would be supportive, no dramas there.
The child would be able to grow up with our dog which we want. (Titan, dog, is 1)
We earn enough to still be able to keep saving for a house, with a child.

The only thing for me is that I feel it would cut my travel life off completely. Which is kind of not true, because we could still travel with a young child. Or we could go on a holiday for a short period like a week and family could look after the child with no problems.

I don't really know exactly what I'm asking here, I'd just like some different opinions on my situation.

By the way I've already completed 2 college degrees, and my partner has a bachelors degree, although neither of us use our degrees in our work!! So we are both educated, just in case somebody brings that up in discussion which I'm sure it will haha.

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Programs assisting felons in finding a job

I have recently been released from prison after serving 3 years for a drug conviction. I am on parole for 6 more years. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of any agencies or anything in or around the Hornell, NY area that assists convicted felons in finding work. I have been applying everywhere I can since I was released and no one has even set up a date for an interview with me. It seems like I cant even get a job at Burger King or McDonalds even though they both have NOW HIRING signs up. If anyone knows of anything I can do, please let me know. And if you are one of those people who thinks that us convicted felons don't deserve a shot because we blew our shot when we committed our crimes, remember this, you too are one mistake away from being in our boat too. If you have ever gotten behind the wheel of your car after a long night at the bar, even when you were a teenager, you were lucky you weren't caught or if you ever got in a fight as a teenager and the other person's parents didnt press charges, you too wouldn't deserve a shot either since you just blew yours because of an error in your judgement. So before you judge us, take a long look at all the things you have done and you just may find that you could very easily be in the same boat as us.

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What will happen if us forces pull out of iraq?

Will the country split and deteriorate into sectarian violence? Or will a shaky central government stay in power, but be manipulated by Iran or other neighbors? Or...will the Iraqis prove the naysayers wrong and keep their country together, turning it into a democracy and regional power?

15 Answers

What do you say about the opinion that america's economy is being controlled by israel?

11 Answers