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Dui attorneys

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Is an attorney and a lawyer the same thing?

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Tax Attorney Help

What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney

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How to find if someone has a power of attorney?

How do I find out if someone has a power of attorney on/for my mother?

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Where do I file a complaint on my attorney?

I need to file a complaint on my attorney who did my divorce, does anyone know how I should go about to do this?

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What's the best attorney in Texas?

Which attorney group is the best in Texas.I meant criminal lawyers

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Trucking companies that will hire DUI offenders.

More specifically companies that will hire drivers with DUI that is 30 mo old

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Are there any jobs for a convicted DUI felon?

I am a convicted felon for a 4th offense DUI in Omaha Nebraska and can't find a job anywhere because of this ... any suggestions ?

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Will a DUI interfere with a career in the medical field?

I just got a DUI but want to be a radiologist. Will getting a DUI keep me from getting a career in this particular part of the medical field?

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how do I read a dui toxicology report

how do I read a dui toxicology report?
It says:
THC 430 ng/ml
carboxy-THC 92.5

Blood ethol--0.11g/100mL

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How many bus drivers got a DUI in any given year (preferably 2010)?

I need to know for a school project, if you don't know any ideas on where I can find out?

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How to beat a DUI in court?

What is the best way to beat a DUI in court if your moving the vehicle was circumstancial.
For example, to end an altercation I drove a druck from the garage in my complex to a parking spot and got a DUI

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How to make the first move with my attorney?

please help, he is very attractive but I don't know how to make the first move. he seems to give me "looks" . he's very smart kinda nerdy but super hot- to me at least. maybe I'm crazy but I want him bad.

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Phoenix Wright ace attorney?

hey- I've got to the last chapter and am cross examining the sandwich seller lady Angel something or the other. Anyway- any help would be most appreciated because' I'm totally stuck!

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Should Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign?

Many (even Republicans) have called for Attorney General Gonzales to resign, mainly because of the way the Justice Department handled the firings of eight federal prosecutors. He’s also been accused of supporting illegal wiretapping and the suspension ...

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To all Ace Attorney fans: Phoenix or Apollo-- who's better?

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I wanna hear your opinions, so speak up! Btw, character development/ lack thereof is not really a valid point of argument, as Apollo's only been in ONE GAME so far. As for me, I tend to lean towards Phoenix, b/c...

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Being the power of attorney?

I just found out that im my granfathers power of attorney..he dident tell me tho. I seen the papers with my own eyes. I would like to know if im able to stop his decision to sell our house being the power of attorney and all? He drinks all the time, an...

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Karl Rove to finally testify about the attorney firings?

Apparently, Karl Rove has been formally given a subpoena to testify about the executive branch's role and process involving the firings of nine US attorney's (all democrats) by the Bush administration. Seems like a bold move, really but...supposing the...

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Who is a good Mesothelioma attorney?

Mesothelioma attorney Information. As of now mesothelioma has become a great concern of everybody. Almost 1.72 million of the world people are affected with this deadly deseas. So frequenly we need information on mesotholioma attorney or mesothelioma l...

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