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Is having lots of pets stressful?

having lots of pets is that any stress on you

60 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

How can I make lots of money?

How can I make lots of money?

43 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

Is paying for parking at a swimming pool a lot for a birthday party?

Would you go to an 1 hour away birthday party but still have to pay $10 for parking and $5 for swimming pool area? ($5 for each person)

11 views · Entertainment

What are some pros of bars not having parking lots?

I've already thought of the obvious reduction of DUI and car crashes, and the fact that taxis will receive more business. Any more ideas?

23 views · Politics & Law

linkin park

who here likes linkin park???

9 views · Music

How much to tip contractor?

How much to tip contractor?

35 views · Entertainment

How to get contractor lisence?

How to get contractor lisence?

52 views · Jobs & Money

When was rosa parks born?

When was rosa parks born?

40 views · General Knowledge

Can I drive in a empty parking lot at the age of 14?

Im 14 years old and I really wanna learn how to drive and im really mature for my age. I will be 15 next year and I wanted to get my permit but I still wanna have a experience of driving before I do
So I wanted to know is letting a 14 year old drive in...

729 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Why do get wet a lot down there?

146 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

When did Rosa Parks die?

19 views · General Knowledge

Is 423 calories a lot?

70 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Do you digest a lot when your pregnant?

21 views · Health NSFW

Will you lose a lot of weight if you drink a lot of water?

is it true that if you drink a lot of water you will drop weight?

30 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Best song by linkin park

Which is the best song by linkin park and why?

20 views · Music

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