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What are the highest paying jobs

What are the highest paying jobs

2 Answers

Gentle kids dentist in ellesmere port?

Does anyone know any gentle&kind to children dentists in ellesmere port??? Pref 1nz that dont hurt and 1nz that are gentle and kind to children my age o im 13

1 Answer

What's invisalign?

2 Answers

Shouldn't have to pay dentists for fixing our teeth?

Do you think we shouldn't have to pay dentists for fixing our teeth?

9 Answers

What is novacain ?

What is it ? Cause I luv the song give me novacain by green day and I don't no what it is

3 Answers

Dental procedure advice

Are dentists able to carry out more than one procedure at a time?

1 Answer

What's the silver thing they put in the teeth (not the filling)?

7 Answers

High paying careers?

What are some high paying careers? I'm coming to the age where I should choose what to do and I want to make a lot of money (just being honest).

1 Answer

What has no conditions but one condition riddle?

Sue sugar had toothache. She went to the only dentists in town where she was greeted by dr molar and dr bicuspid, the partners. She noticed that whereas dr molar had a wonderful mouthful of teeth , his partner's teeth seemed in urgent need of attention. With which partner should she book her appointment?

3 Answers

How can i stop my tooth from hurting? tooth is been hurting ALL day..and I am deathly scared of Dentists..can anyone help or..let me know anything I can help my toothache go away??

3 Answers

What does a cavity in a back tooth look like?

What does a cavity in a back tooth look like?

1 Answer

How many fields are there for doctors

I need to know how manyfields are there for doctors and what are they

2 Answers

What are high-paid jobs to do with medicine?

6 Answers

Low back pain

My back hurt, and I went to one Chiropractor, but it didn't help. Should I take my friend's advice and go to another Chiropractor, or are they all the same?

2 Answers

What is your wisdom teeths?

and do you really have to them remove?, cause i think i got mine and im really afraid of the dentists, cause i know it hurt a lot :(. so like can i live with mine still in?

1 Answer

Have you had dental work done under sedation due to phobia?

Has anyone here had there dental work done under sedation from a phobia??

3 Answers

What do yall think of this poem?

My love doth have beautiful, big, brown eyes,
One gaze and I am lost in them forever.
The face of an angel, on earth, disguise,
With the most adorable freckles ever.

A smile that makes dentists green with spite,
Yet with a small hint of a wild side.
When we talk everything is beyond right
The world freezes while I cast it aside.

I count the seconds when we are away,
All texts, calls, and love songs I think of you
Wishing together we could always stay,
Walking as one, hand in hand, through and through.

When we are old and time is at an end.
I know you will forever be my friend.

2 Answers

What are some colleges with a good forensic science program?

I plan on majoring in firensic science in college. What colleges have a good forensic science program. If you are currently taking this major what classes do you need to take. Thanks

1 Answer

My dad keeps procrastanating...:(

How can I stop my dad from procrastanating(if I spelled it wrong sorry)but any way the doctor ordered my dad to get me a dentist apt. Over two months ago and he has the name and # of two great dentists by our apts. But he still wont make it and my tooth has a hole in it well thats what it feels like and it hurts so how can I get him to stop putting it off and just get me the apt.???

1 Answer

What is the best way to get rid of the ridges on the bottoms of my teeth?

5 Answers

Fake teeth!!!

I have lost my 4 tooth bridge and I'm now walking around with no theeth and I have no money and my insurance will replace at a cost of $3,000!!! Does anyone know where I can purchase some fake not silly looking teeth I could wear meantime???

2 Answers

How to calm my nerves before the dentist?

duz anyone noe any ways to come your nerves? im going to the dentist in a cuple hours and I noe when it cums to cavitys im not doin so well because my mom hasnt taken me to the dentist in like 9 years!! and please dont say pray because im athiest...

3 Answers

Is this brown spot on my tooth a cavity?

cavityy??? ok I've had about 7 cavities before in my lifee...I've been getting random toothaches... and I can see a little brown spot.. I wet to the dentist and they said there was nothing you think I have a cavity?

2 Answers

The dentist- a poem

What do you think of this poem that my niece wrote.
The Dentist

He sticks his fingers down my throat
desperately trying to make me choke.
He turns my face both black and blue
grinning as he does it too.
He fills my teeth with white cement
my pains and sorrows I lament.
I guess it's true for everyone
dentists aren't any fun!

5 Answers

Which career should i pursue?

I am interested in taking classes in medical transcription and dental assisting. I don't know which one yet, can anyone give me a a clue of what each one does and which one pays the most? I am about to have a baby in in 3 months and would like to start classes soon. I'm tired of depending on my boyfriend. I want to start a career for myself and my child. Any advice?

1 Answer

Does the dentist terrify anyone else??

All my life I've had cavities, so the trip to the dentist was always terrifying. I mean, someone drilling into your mouth? And that sound of the drill, and the smell... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and im scared. But I know I always feel better once all my work is done.. but still. I will avoid the dentist for as long as possible, until my eating can't take my cavity anymore. Oh and BTW, my bad dental luck is not from lack of care, I brush my teeth everyday and floss, I seem to have been born with "soft teeth" what one dentist has told me. And when I do get a cavity, it grows rapidly.

Is anyone else as scared of the dentist as I am? I know those lucky few who have never had a cavity in their life or just had one or two may not be so scared, but what about those who have had a lot of cavities? I swear I feel like fainting when I lay in that chair!

6 Answers

About my cracked tooth...

I probably should of already asked this when I asked my other questions about my dental issues, but I forgot lol
On my cracked tooth *which is located in the back*, it's not completely gone at all. The middle is sort of gone... what it looks like is a tooth with a rather large hole. But the crack part looks kind of... brown. Is this my tooth's roots?! Or is this just how cracked teeth do?
Does this sound really really bad and unsavable? Or does it sound like it can be saved? And no, it doesn't hurt at all. Never has actually. Pretty much what I'm asking is do you all think my tooth will need to be pulled or not? And if so... what will happen? Will I look weird? I really don't want it removed =/
Thoughts/help would be much appercaited.

5 Answers

What can a dentist do for large front teeth?

Okay,I've had HUGE front top teeth since I was little.
The Two in the middle,they hang lower than all the others.
Is there anything a Dentist can do,To even them out?
I feel like a Rabbit =/

7 Answers

Do you brush your teeth after lunch?

24 Answers

Can you use crest whitening strips with braces?

does any one no if crest whitening strips will work w/ braces aka can you use them w/ braces?

11 Answers

What is better/ being up under or not?

Okay so, throughout my whole life I always have problems with my teeth, not fun, so many cavities and about 2 root canals, I also have staining on my front teeth. So I was wondering...
My dentist told me I might have to get my wizdom teeth pulled, they're half out/my gumb is half over them, and my lower one is really sore.
I also haave a jaw problem, it clicks from a dislocated disc. Every time I open and close my mouth I have to shift it to the left. If I'm knocked out will they have to open my mouth or will it already be opened with them sticking something in there? If that is the case I DEFF! can not be knocked out, they don't know how my jaw works, and if they try to open my mouth it's possible to brake my jaw, or it will only open about an inch without shifting it by myself.
Do all oral sergons put people out while doing this, what do people prefer? I'm so scared I have many appts ahead of me.

1 Answer

What is the point of science and social studies?

I just don't see the point! They don't help you in most jobs and it just seems like more homework to me... but I don't know. What do you think?

2 Answers

How do i stop clenching my jaw at night?

Every night I clench my jaw real tight all night long in my sleep, I can't help it. I don't grind it, just clench. By the morning the whole right side of my face is in pain. I'm using ice right now to relax the closing muscle on dentists advice and I have access to strong painkillers thank god. I even notice myself doing it at work sometimes. I'm not particularly stressed but I do drink a lot of coke. Does anyone else experience this or know how to stop doing it?

1 Answer

What do dentists fill your teeth with?

when a dentist fills your teeth what do they fill it with and does it hurt?

4 Answers

Dentistry advice-help needed pleasee!

Ok I have a phobia of dentists everytime I go I have a panic attack and leave it for a hour before I can even open my mouth. I am strongly considering sleep dentistry as an option to have all my fillings done and teeth whitened, crowns basically everything that needs to be done all in one go. Has anyone had sleep dentistry? Was it good? and can you give me a rough cost in Pounds for the UK please?

2 Answers

Top 5-10

Hey what are the most/top paying jobs in the world

4 Answers

Tighting of braces

Ok so I have been dealing with the orthodontists and dentists for a feew months now and have gone through other things that have made my teeth move so I knew what to expect...however I am pretty good with pain but this is killing me!!! Almost to the point where I want to give up and have them taken off... And I really seriously dont give up like that so...I was wondering what helps the pain the most?
And on average how much do you have to get them tightned...I know that its usually every 1-3 months but whats the truth really? And getting them tightned does the pain ever get better or does it feel this bed every single time?

2 Answers

Wisdom teeth/happy gas?

Okay, my dentists haven't said anything about my wisdom teeth yet, but I know I'll have to get them out because when I was younger, I was told I would because they're growing in at a weird angle.
I'm worried because my parents won't let me get put to sleep- they want me to have that "happy gas" stuff, and I'm afraid that I'll start talking about stuff I really don't want my parents to know... So has anyone here had happy gas before? Did you say anything to your parents that you didn't want them to know about?

Also- can you just get your mouth numbed if they're growing in crooked?
I know you can if they're growing in normally, but mine aren't...

1 Answer

Is cleaning your teeth by the dentist optional?

5 Answers

Is there anyway they can fix my front teeth?

I've sucked my thumb ever since I was really little.
I still do on occasion.
((Yah Yah I know,im 15,I shouldnt,but whatever stfu))
So anywaysss
My Front teeth are a bit bigger than the rest because I kind of pull when I suck my thumb I guess
and im wondering if theres anyway they cna fix it?
and make them the same length as the others?

3 Answers

Dental health

I would REALLY appreciate a professional opinion on this issue.

I am missing my second premolar on the top right, and my first and second molars on the bottom right.

My dentist has suggested doing two bridges, foregoing the root canal and crowning of the supporting teeth. Is this possible? Will there be any ramifications in so doing?

My other concern is - in the event I have to do the root canal before obtaining the bridges, why then would I perform root canal on four perfectly healthy teeth in order to accommodate the bridge??

Please advise me accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

3 Answers

I feel like a little kid

a few months ago, I noticed I was getting a cavity, so I wanted to get it filled... and I've gotten dozens of cavities filled, so my mum made the appointment and I went. I havent gotten I cavity filled in years, all they did then was stick a light in my mouth, and the cavity was gone... well at least it didnt hurt anymore.


I went, he took an x ray, and I had 2 cavities. the next thing I know, hes filling up a syringe to numb my mouth...

and I started getting scared

and he went to stick it in my mouth... and im terrified of needles. and I started tearing up and shaking... and the nurse told me to hold her hand and close my eyes, but it didnt help, and he had the thingy in my mouth to hold it open and I started screaming because I hate needles and it tured into a full out crying, and I was crying my eyes out.

and he stopped. and said "Your 14 years old! you need to grow up! go ahead and let your teeth rot out then, im not doing anything!"

and I walked out...

and my mum told me I needed to grow up. its just a needle. it only hurts for a second.

But I'm not like a little kid hiding behind there mum when they get a booster shot.

I think I have a phobia. I cant stand needles... and now my teeth really hurt... and my mum wont take me to a speacialist to have em knock me out and drill my teeth... she refuses. and says im going to have to grow up and take the damn needle... I really cant tho.. im terrified...

am I stupid for being afraid of needles?
like a little kid is?

I mean... I still havent gotten my booster shot to be allowed in high school... I cant handle needles...

am I dumb?

8 Answers

What kind of mouthwash is better?

with alcohol or without alcohol? i dont see the difference but what do you think what kind of mouthwash is better.

7 Answers

Tooth taken out

Im having my tooth out tomorrow and im scared it will hurt :'( my tooth is infected and when I went to the dentist before they didnt give me enough of the numbing fing they put in and it really hurt when she drilled into my tooth :o any advise . . . ..

3 Answers

Can you get legal weed for a tooth ache?

6 Answers

Do i just need a filling or a root canal?

Do I Need A Root Canal?
Calling on Dentists, Endodontists or RDAs. I was told at my last dental visit that I needed a cavity filled and a crown, and unlikely, it may need a root canal. My dentist showed me on the xray how close the decay was to the pulp but after close examination on the xray she determined, probably not. I need to know, what are the odds with a cavity so close to the pulp, that I will or will not need a root canal. I am going in 2 wks and trying to come up with the money just in case I need a root canal. The sensations I experience now are just sensitive to really cold stuff like icecream but it doesn't linger....goes away pretty fast. Other than that, nothing else really. Sometimes I feel a little discomfort there but I think it's the gum because I am constantly flossing that tooth. My dentist also did the tap test when I was there and there was no pain. Does it sound like I need a root canal?

1 Answer

When i grow up i wanna be...=p

famous, I wanna be a star, wanna be in movies... ha not, im kidding.

but I wanna be a veterinarian. and my friend wants to be a dentest.
we want to go to the same college, be roomates bc were such good friends but theres a problem. I've been looking for schools but I cnt find any with those 2 in it. it should be too hard but im new at looking for stuff like this..[I mean in in 9th grade, but I wanna know before im older and dont knwo what or where to do/be.

if you know any clleges close to NY or in NY, let me know.
it cant be far far from there. and it needs dentestry and veterinarian together.

thank youssxoxox

3 Answers

What are uv gel nails?

5 Answers

Why isn't toothpaste fda approved?

12 Answers

How screwed am i(future,or current dentists out there)please help?

so ill be 15 soon I have a real f.ed life my dad is a drug user but makes me live wit him...I've been to the dentist twice my whole life I move a lot and so I always lost tooth brushes and lots of soda and fast food ...I have 27 teeth over half have cavities and the rest are getting there I now brush four times a day but it dosnt seem to help am I just totally screwed for life? please help

5 Answers