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What's better - a condominium or a home?

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Could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse?

I want to purchase a townhouse which costs $550,000. I own my condo outright which I could probably sell for $200k. my monthly income is 5500net and I have about 350k in savings. could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse

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When friends want to come over my house I get embarrased?

Okay I live in a townhouse but I go to a school where the kids pretty much dont live in a townhouse they live in a mansion so everytime one of them wants to come over I feel really poor because there house sells for a million dollars and mine only like...

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Do you think real estate agents really earn their commissions?

I'm sure there are exceptions and there are some wonderful agents out there, BUT, you list your townhouse for $250,000 and it sells in 1 week, and you pay the agent $11,000 out of what's left. Did the agent really work hard for that money if it was lis...

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