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Are any states booming in real estate?

Are there any states that have shown a rise in real estate lately? How would I get to information that would send me real estate popularity information?

4 Answers

What state would you recommend moving to in the usa from england?

My friend is moving to America (He is 19) and doesn't have an account but asked to use mine, so I let him, he doesn't know what state to move to, but really wants to, he has been on holiday to America many times, but doesn't know where to move to. Any ideas?

9 Answers

Classic fire question

Of you were inside of your house and it caught or fire, and you had time, wut 3 things wud you save?

8 Answers

Can we convince obama to give more state's more control?

One of the "Republican" ideals I hold near & dear to my heart is the issue of states rights. Growing up, the first President I ever knew about was Reagan, and I was in love with the concept of "state rights" as opposed to Federal government. In Oregon, we're a long way from DC. Same as in California.

However, with Bush taking away more state rights & expanding the federal government, I was a bit disillusioned, as that's more a "Democrat" thing to do, which upset me, as it's one of the things I value most about the Republican party. When Obama takes over, since he *is* asking for feedback, do you think we can collectively get him to give state's more rights, and reduce the size & scope of the federal government?

Thing is, I've lived in Oregon, California, and New York, and driven through or visited another dozen states. They're all different, and each has it's own culture. Or do you think the "Democrat" way of restricting state rights (and Bush's goal, too) is the right way to go? Personally, I think we have a state government for a reason, and that's to determine what's right for the people that live in that area. I am all for a limited federal government, how about you?

9 Answers