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How can i make candles?

how can I make candles?

1 Answer

What are good charities to raise money for?

what are some good and known charities i can raise money for?

8 Answers

Who is you're celebirty role model?

12 Answers

Is the number of children's charities in your country rising, falling, or staying the same?

Or to put it another way: Are more children needing help each year of fewer?

5 Answers

Donating to a charity on behalf of someone?

One of my teachers is into charities and all so I was thinking of donating to a charity on behalf of him, as an end of year gift since he won't be teaching me next year.
Can anyone give me ideas of a charity I could choose that is in England?

1 Answer

7 million ads for charity, how can we do more?

Not sure if you're aware, however, FunAdvice launched our non profit program back in March. Since then, we've delivered seven million total advertisements for the two charities that signed up, Eco-libris & Global Giving. 3 million for one, 4 million for the other. I'm very excited about this, as in six months, I believe we've achieved a solid milestone.

To me, the environment doesn't have a political party - red & blue, we all breath the same air. And, poverty also knows no political affiliation. Growing up in the lowest economic bracket in the US teaches you a thing or two about this great country, and the opportunities & challenges that exist.

If there are any charities that coincide with our mission statement (on our about page) or you feel could benefit from our program, please let me know, and thank you.

1 Answer

Do rich people do good things for the world?

I am trying to strengthen my belief about rich people doing good things in the world to help erase my resistance towards making money.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any good books, movies, articles, etc. that talk about rich, wealthy people that have done really good things for the world with their money.

Maybe you are one of them...or you know someone that is that person...I would love to hear from you.


7 Answers

What are the names of some charities that work with homeless teens or provide hunger relief?

4 Answers

Christmas caroling-

Do you have to ask someone in town for permission for a group to go caroling on Christmas Eve?

Some friends and I were hoping to go, and collect donations for our local charities.

Do we have to get permission from anyone?

1 Answer

Are social networking sites boost to the unproductive information?

1 Answer

I need help

how can I support a child in africa without giving out any persenol information

3 Answers

Where do i find my very own little house witch?

I think I need a little mystery chick.. to grace my life with magical treats and things that go bump in the night. Who loves nature and knows herself.The house in the photo..isn't mine... my house is a small shack... sorry.. but I do have lots of woods.

1 Answer

How can i get a new beginning at 52?

I am 52 gone thru much, but still very attractive and extremely honest. How can a women meet someone without having to go to bars?

5 Answers

Forward messages

Okay, where do people get those crazy forwarding messages, usually with funny, weird, or disturbing pictures and sounds. How do they get them?? ANd where?

2 Answers

How to donate to charity?

So i am starting my job today and out of one paycheck a month i want to donate to one or two charities. like the animal sheltor one and the hungry kids one... how do i go about that?

2 Answers

How can i be a charity volunteer in sydney?

I want to help people and animals less fortunate than myself. I was wondering what charities I could be a volunteer for in sydney.

3 Answers

Are there any charities or organizations that deal with not just babies but something related to miscarriages or something like that?

Sorry, not sure how to word this.

3 Answers

Help son need clothes

I am trying to find people who will donate some baby boy clothes to help me out im the only one working an money is tight an my son is growing so fast I need size 6-9 months clothes help

8 Answers

If you had a million dollars to spend...

if you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

10 Answers

Do you think obama will accept the offer from donald trump or not?

I hope he takes the challenge and release his records the mone will be use for charities, if he do that and he is american he should do it. At least for the charities. His only response in the Joy Leno show was joking about that, but he didnt say anything about taking the challenge and Jay Leno didnt ask him the question he should have asked like will you take the challenge or not. He avoided the subject making jokes. He has nothing to hide he should do it. What do you think?

5 Answers

How can a charity help people without creating dependence?

8 Answers

Funding for a homeless teen shelter

I know a few homeless teens that need help. They have nobody to rely on, addidcted parents, being gay and kicked out ect... Should I start a shelter? If yes, how should I get funding? Has anyone you done this?

4 Answers

How does a charity run successfully if it's non-profit?

2 Answers

What would you do with

Unilmited amounts of money? Would you use it to help people with cancer or something, or a house and stuff for just you?

2 Answers

Where is a good place to find bed sheets?

I'm moving off to college in a few months. I'm sharing an apartment with friends. I can't find any bed sheets I like in stores around here. (I live in the middle of nowhere.)

I want something colorful with cool designs, but not too girly. I don't want anything childish either. I know, I'm picky. But I feel like the sheets are the most important part of the room.

So I was wondering if anyone knows any websites where I can find anything like this. I've looked at many, but none seem to have what I want.


5 Answers

Where can i donate my unwanted clothes?

9 Answers

I need christmas package labels on affordable prices so where should i go for?

As Christmas is near I am searching for unique Christmas package labels. Can somebody help me to find out?

3 Answers

What are your views?

What are your views on the Appleby Horse Fair? Am I the only one who thinks its cruel? x

4 Answers

Whats up with my mom!

I was going shopping and she comes out from no where sayingg I have too many clothes and sneakers and electronics and stufff and howi shud be thankful like wth I am thankful!!!

She said since I have 72 jordans I shud gives 20 away!!!

And now shes mad at meee!!

What can I do???
What shud I doo ??

5 Answers

Sworn to poverty?

Im not all that religious but I do take interest sometimes and learn what I can. I have heard several times on the radio and so on that priests are sworn to poverty and...something else. Could someone explain this to me?

7 Answers

Why don't they make a contest for the 100 most generous people in the world instead of the 100 most powerful people in the world?

I have heard in the news talking about the forbes list of the 100 most powerful people in the world, instead of that there should be a contest to see the list of the 100 most generous people in the world, and hear about famous and rich people doing and giving something back to the community and their country. That would be a very good news to hear. I dont care who are the most powerful people in the world, we have to look for the most generous people in the world. I just sounded like a politician lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

4 Answers

Best place to donate cellphone?

So my Dad gave me his old Nokia 2128i to get rid of, he suggested selling it on eBay. (it has the box, instruction booklet in shrinkwrap still, car charger, wall charger AND headphones). BUT I looked on eBay and it's running ~ $20.

SO I'd rather donate it to a good cause. Preferably one where shipping is low or free, and the phone is given to a good cause, not sold or something.

Any ideas?

4 Answers

Child abuse shirts

I want to get a shirt that makes people aware of child abuse. Does anybody know where I can get one? I want to try and make a difference, even if it's just in a little way.

5 Answers

Won the lottery, what iz the first thing you would do?

If you won the lottery, what iz the first thing you would do? =)

11 Answers

Essay help due 2morrow!!! help!!! ideas!!!

My essay is on how can I change the world... Or the state... Its 500 words and I have no idea on what to do!
And I need to win thqat scholar ship!!!!!!

3 Answers

What kind of christmas present should i get for my friend who's gay?

11 Answers

What would you dream about if you won a fortune?

what would you dream about if suddenly you won an inherited fortune??

4 Answers

How can i get experience, if i can't get a job right now?

I want to work at a front desk/office filing paper work, entering data on the computers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, etc...
It doesn't matter where at, maybe a hospital, or clinic...anywhere that has a front desk/office.

I can't get a job right now, there are none around here at this time. So, how can I get legit experience for later on when I want to start working?

5 Answers

How could i find out more about my grandfather being a free mason?


I've just recently found out that my grandfather (who died long before I was born) was a Free Mason. Not just a Free Mason, but a Shriner (not sure if thats spelt right).
A Shriner is suppose to be above a Free Mason, at least I think.
So anyways, I want to find out more about him and the Free Masons, and I know the Free Masons are very secretive. So is there any way to find out what I want to know?

2 Answers

Miley a good role model??

Do you think Miley is a good role model and I dont mean 2 cause a big riot, but Im just asking!! I think she sucks big time!!

5 Answers

Africa donations. please help!

I want to start my own organization for helping people in Africa. Does anyone know an address I could send my donations to?

9 Answers

What worldwide charity would you donate to, and why?

20 Answers

What charity organizations do you support or donate money to?

Obviously we can't all afford to help them all, but which ones tug your heart strings too hard to say no. I've always helped disabled american veterans (DAV), and have recently been helping Smile Train, an organization that provides free corrective surgery for children around the world born with cleft palate and other facial disfigurements that prevent them from smiling and even hinder their ability to eat, not to mention other kids making fun of them.

15 Answers

What qualifications do you need to get oprah scholarship?

I'm just curious about it, if it has ethnic or geographic restrictions.

2 Answers

What's your 'buried life'?

So I'm watching the buried life..and I'm wondering from you guys..."whatdoyouwanttodobeforeyoudoe?"

6 Answers

Crying for palastinians

Why is it that when palastinians send 7 bomb to isreal, and kill 8 of them only, they send them back a million bombs, they shoot them, and start killing all over again.
When I watch the news and see burned babies, dead innesent children, children watching their parents die right infront of them, and old people/grandparents dieing or watching their family die one by one, I just cry cry cry and cry, and it just hits me where ever I go.. I'm depressed, eating so much to make me feel better, and not studying at all, what should I do? I feel guilty, I'm safe, I have a house, water, food, electricity, and everything good, while they cant even find a place to sit and rest for 5 minutes :(

2 Answers

Would you pay $88 million for a penthouse apartment?

Apparently someone would ... and did. I understand that's it's a penthouse, but ... $88 million? I just can't justify it.

Watch the video:

16 Answers

I love my dog but i need to help her so she can see

My dog is a sharpei & 80% of sharpei's have problem with their eyes and if you don't get them fixed they could go blind ( their eyelashes turn into their eyes) the problem is is cost $450 an eye. & they don't do both eyes at once you have to wait 6months. I love my dog to death & don't want her to go blind. I was wondering if I could find a place where they would let me make payments. I live in barberton, ohio so I could go to akron, norton, wadsworth, & canton. If you guys find a place where they will let me make payments that would help me out a lot. Thanxx

8 Answers

Are they paid way too much?

What do you guys think?

Are people like athletes, actors / actresses (or celebrities in general), artists paid way too much for what they do?

Personally I think they do. I mean a lot of people go to college or university and work their butts off for like 80g's a year while these people don't work nearly as hard and make millions and millions and millions!

8 Answers

Anyone know what to do for a hobby ideas?

Okay well, I just turned 16 and my mom thinks I should getta hobby, but I can't find anything I like. The football coach doesn't allow girls, soccer and track require extra time I don't have. Seriously I might be good at basketball but it bores me, and unfortunately hackey sack isn't considered hobby yet, so I don't know what to do. And I'm just not interested in any thing, does anyone know what to do?

8 Answers