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What are good charities to raise money for?

what are some good and known charities i can raise money for?

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How can I be a charity volunteer in sydney?

I want to help people and animals less fortunate than myself. I was wondering what charities I could be a volunteer for in sydney.

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Charity Shop Work

Has anyone worked /volunteered in a charity shop in the Uk? How did you find it? did it give you useful experience ? I am thinking of volunteering in one for a couple of months

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Is the number of children's charities in your country rising, falling, or staying the same?

Or to put it another way: Are more children needing help each year of fewer?

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Where can I donate to a charity in houston texas?

Okay I want to donate toys to a charity in Houston Texas but I do not know where to find one...Because I'm collecting donated toys for children, in a charity...
Can someone please help me...

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How to donate to charity?

So i am starting my job today and out of one paycheck a month i want to donate to one or two charities. like the animal sheltor one and the hungry kids one... how do i go about that?

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What is the most effective charity group/event/organization/system that you know of?

When I talk about effective I mean actual difference made in people's lives.

If you don't know of something official then rather answer with something you believe would be very effective.

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Donating to a charity on behalf of someone?

One of my teachers is into charities and all so I was thinking of donating to a charity on behalf of him, as an end of year gift since he won't be teaching me next year.
Can anyone give me ideas of a charity I could choose that is in England?

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How do you start your own charity/ fundraiser/ organization?

later in the future i wanna make my own foundation if possible and if i have the money for do i do this and do i need to be filthy rich to do it???? i wanna make one for either the starving and poor in africa or the abused animals...maybe both...

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Is it bad to steal but then give to charity?

when ever I go to a store and I see something like little and I like it but its kinda of expensive.. I just put it in my purse.. but to make up for it I donate to people who really need it like cancer and things like that. Is that so wrong???

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What is an acceptable amount to donate for charity?

My sister is doing the Terry Fox run in honour of our 6year old nephew who just passed away from cancer (I can't because of ripped Achilles Tendants and I am in a cast), and I would really like to donate... I am just wondering how much is like the mini...

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