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How can the dead contact us by music?

Can dead contact us through songs on the radio?
Are certain songs that I hear on the radio messages from my dead Mum? When I went to the cemetery, I heard the song on the radio. It said:"I'm not gone.. I live in you and in all the people.."Could this...

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What Do You Guys Think About This One(Poem)?

Graveyard Keeper TM

I watch over the deceased
In the cemetery, they forever sleep
Their headstones act as head boards of beds

The layers of dirt like a thick warm blanket
Guitar I play, beside their stones
The music is much the same as a lull...

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dream or nightmare... it means?

what do you know about dreams? like say you dreamt of a snake, cemetery, casket (moving or not), strangers (talking or not), mirrors, corpse, dead person (but still alive in reality), travelling at places you havent been to, chasing men wanting to kill...

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How is it so far? Its called never forgotten

Sorry its so long

Never forgotten
By:candice underwood

Kathy woke, tears running down her face. She saw a child about 8 or 9 looking she
Knew nothing about, never talked to, met, or even so much as seen.
She look...

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I can't go for a walk...

I'm 20...Living in a dysfunctional family who have dealt with my older brother doing drugs...and currently my younger bro now doing drugs...guess he didn't get the message

I don't do drugs...well hard stuff...I smoke weed once in a while but its not...

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Haha surveyyy. (dirty) lol

Ever had sex in a public place? yes

Ever laugh during sex? no

Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt.

Do you like to cuddle after sex? yes

Ever regret sex with someone? no

Ever faked an orgasm? no

Ever h...

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What a surveyy ?(nasty)??

Ever had sex in a public place? Yes

Ever laugh during sex? Yes

Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt.

Do you like to cuddle after sex? Yes

Ever regret sex with someone? Yes

Ever faked an orgasm? Kinda

Ever have unprot...

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Palin supported Buchanan. What does this say about McCain's choice?

It turns out that Sarah Palin supported Pat Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign. (Earlier today, Buchanan stated 'It's great for the base. She's a Buchananite!')
Pat Buchanan is an outspoken opponent of Israel. It's one thing to criticize Israel, bu...

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Difference between Goth, Emo, & Metal Head. Any Questions?


I find it to be rather entertaining how people outside the Gothic subculture try to constantly examine & define us as if were some newly discovered creator. I probably find it even more humorous when ignorant people pose threatening gustiers to...

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