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Bridal headpieces & veils

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How to apply bridal makeup?

How to apply bridal makeup?

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Bridal shower, what to wear?

What do people normally wear to a bridal shower?

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How do I view bridal photos placed on youtube?

How do I view bridal photos placed on youtube?

22 views · Parents & Family

How do you clean white bridal satin shoes?

How do you clean white bridal satin shoes?

10 views · Education & School NSFW

What is the best type of bridal diaper to wear?

59 views · General Knowledge

Black Veil Brides, anyone heard of them?

anybody heard of this band? there the best!

35 views · Music

Black Veil Brides.

does anyone think that Andy (the lead singer) of Black Veil Brides is GORGEOUS!!!

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When is the next Black Veil Brides or My Chemical Romance concert?

Does anyone know when the next black veil brides or my chemical romance concerts are? Thank you :)

25 views · Music

Who likes black veil brides ?

They are right good look them upone of there songs is knives and pens

24 views · Music

What should I get my best friend for her bridal shower?

What are some good gifts to get my best friend for a bridal shower gift? I'm terrible at buying gifts and need some help.

184 views · Shopping NSFW

My Bridal Shower!

Please Help! My bridal Shower is this weekend and I have no clue what to wear...any suggestions? guys...u may not b into this but please help! thanks.

26 views · Beauty & Style

Are mineral veils necessary over your mineral makeup?

Would it be worth it for me to buy a mineral veil to finish it off after I apply my foundation? I'm going to buy Bare Minerals foundation and I was wondering if I should buy the mineral veil to go with it...

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Stylish bridal collection from unnatisilks

unnatisilks that was offering the latest and stylish wear bridal collection with a lot of variety's,design's on different fabrics.Once you also visit the unnatisilks and buy your favourite saree from the bridal collection

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How do i get my mum ok with litsening to black veil brides?

I like this band black veil brides, my mum hates them she says that it is suicide music but i dont Think so how do i get her ok with me litsening to it? I listen to it on my ipod but she deletedthe music of them and i still litsen to it but he argue ev...

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Why is there no information about black veil brides?

I listened to a song by the band black veil brides last night and when I went to look up the band for mor songs on google I couldn't find any information at all about them. And iTunes says they released a demo in 2007, 2 singles in 2008, and then a sin...

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How tall is andy sixx?

How tall is andy sixxx from black veil brides, because I really wanna know?

60 views · Entertainment NSFW

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