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Brick walkways & patios

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How to build a wooden walkway?

How to build a wooden walkway?

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How to build the curve in a wooden walkway?

How to build the curve in a wooden walkway

260 views · Home & Garden

How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?

How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?

67 views · Home & Garden

suitability of flyash bricks

can fly ash bricks be used to construct houses

13 views · Home & Garden

How do you stop mud-brick houses from deteriorating?

I live in a mud-brick house and bits of dry mud keep falling off...... save me before I get coverd in dirt!!!

28 views · Home & Garden

Small grassy area would like to convert into a patio

I have a very small grassy area outside the front of my house and wish to turn it into a patio as will mean no matienance how do I go about this myself

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Would you invest in elastic bricks, wireless chargers, or?

Would you invest in;
-elastic bricks
-wireless battery recharger
-plants that are nitrogen based?
-wood stronger than titanium?
-instant food( something this size->( ) would turn into a tripple wopper with water)
-everlasting food

38 views · Jobs & Money

Hit a brick wall with weightloss!

Hey guys
Over the past half a year by cutting down on the junk I've eaten I've managed to lose just over two stone but in the past 4-5 weeks the weight loss seems to have stopped. I think I just about get the recommended daily calorie intake for my l...

34 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Have guts ?

If a red house made from red bricks...
Blue house made from blue bricks...
Yellow house made from yellow bricks...
Green house made from what ?

22 views · General Knowledge

dumb question 4

a red house is made from red bricks
a blue house is made from blue bricks
a pink house is made from pink bricks
a black house is made from black bricks
what is a green house made of?

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Magic Marker Removal

How do you get magic marker stain off of brick mortar?

59 views · Home & Garden

How can I sink feet first in a ten feet deep pool?

in my lifeguard class i have too sink with feet first to pick up a brick but i only end up flat down.

56 views · Sports & Activities NSFW

where can i find condoms??

Are condoms available in shops like Wal-Mart or in pharmacies in a regular brick and mortar store...and in witch section can I find them??

19 views · Shopping

Enclose a garage

How hard or expensive would it be to enclose a carport. It has two walls on each side, and a frame on the other two sides. Basically, we'd just have to get a garage door installed and fill in the back, maybe with brick.

78 views · Home & Garden

Why is only half of my holly plant is dying?

Holly plant is in a hugh planter on my terrace since last May(2009). It survived all winter and now for the last three months and the side of the plant closest to the brick wall is dying.

86 views · Home & Garden

Remove mortar stains from pavers

I recently had a paver walkway installed, and after they dried and the contractor left we saw many many mortar stains. It is just a dirty stained mess. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to make this better.

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Frostwire firewall

The globe with the brick wall over it.what does that mean.I shut off my firewall and still see is it telling me that the computers that im trying to copy from have their firewall on and are blocking me??how do I ture off the firewall?I want to do...

68 views · Computers & Tech

yellow leaves

I bought 2 jasmine plants and placed them with full sun and the leaves are turning yellow. I live in south Texas where temp. is usually in the 90's. So I moved them to my patio (they are still in their pots). What does the yellow leaves mean, and sh...

43 views · Home & Garden

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