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bookstore what do I need to have to open one?

what would I need to have in order to open a used book store aside from a place and a lot of books

11 views · Jobs & Money

Does anyone know the history of Borders Bookstore?

I am doing power point for a class about Border Bookstore and it's franchise and I cannot find all the information I need. Can somebody help me!

6 views · Education & School

How to open bookstore for school project?

We are doing a slideshow on businesses we would like to open and we need to find info on costs of utilities, supplies, everything...can someone give me a good website to look on?

15 views · Education & School

Dating online

I have been talking on my space with this woman for 3 months but we have never met in person she said she is too busy working, she works in a bookstore and she said she likes me but for time schedule we never have time to see each other do you think I ...

19 views · Love & Relationships

14 and in dire need of a job

Do you know where a good place to work is (if you're 14-15 years old)? Like any bookstores...

40 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

Where can I find Dragon Ball mangas?

The bookstore in our area, (Borders,) is now shut I have nowhere to get my mangas, and I was in the middle of saving up for Dragon Ball. Now that I have enough money for them, I can't buy them anywhere.

10 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Costume Contest Ideas.

I need ideas on what to wear for a Borders bookstore costume contest. They are havng a Release party for the book Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, and there is a costume contest. Any ideas on what would win the judges over?

26 views · Beauty & Style

What store do you miss?

Remember circuit city and borders its hard to think that they are gone. I really miss borders bookstore, it was a lot better and confy than barnes and noble when i took a coffee and singers and famous writers went to give autographs it was cool. Barnes...

37 views · Shopping

How will I survive now that my client has opened up a business identical to mine?

I have asked this from many friends and I am suffering from severe depression because of the loss of regular business which i have been doing for the past 6-8 years.
I supplied some stuff to my client's customers. This client had recommended me to sel...

10 views · Jobs & Money

Unusual situation

Yesterday I was at borders the bookstore I was sitting when a woman asked me the time and then she want to invite me a coffee and she was with 2 girlfriends waiting for her this surprise me so I said I have to go and I didnt drink coffee with her and ...

23 views · FunAdvice Community

Do you use amazon's unlimited shipping subscription?

A while ago, they launched this thing called "amazon prime" that lets you order all your want for "free" two day shipping, you just pay a flat, annual fee. As a result, it's aweful hard to justify driving to the bookstore, or buy anything else local, t...

7 views · Shopping

Satanism questions?

Okay,I'm a wiccan and I've studied many religions but I have befriended a guy on myspace who is a laveyan [[pardon my awful spelling]] satanist and says their is a bible for satanists to read.

I know satanists are not bad people and they're not all ...

40 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Has anyone had a dream while sleeping that actually came true?

I'm just wondering because it happens a lot to me. You know you dream about meeting an old friend and the next day you meet him at a bookstore. You dream about getting lost while reading a street name and you end up right in front of the same sign the...

112 views · General Knowledge

Credit Card Worries

My dad gave me his credit card about four months ago. He told me to charge my gas to it and if I needed anything else to call him. I thought I was being very responsible with it. I have a lot of extracurricular activities, so that's part of why I ha...

23 views · Jobs & Money

Book chapter1 paragraph 1. read please!

this is how my book starts off. it doesent give away anything that happens in the story but I was wondering if you randomly picked up a book in the bookstore and fliped to the first page would you wanna read more of this? be truthfu. its verry importan...

33 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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