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Why do so many judeo christian religions have different bibles?

Right or wrong, I consider myself reasonably well versed in a number of religious topics. From the Council of Carthage where they assembled the modern bible, to the fiction of Jesus real birth day (by a pope, as was mentioned here, 270 years after the last known book of the Bible was written).

Now, while reading wikipedia, I find that many different branches of Christianity have very different books. Then there is the whole "lilith" thing, Adam's first wife (in Judaism, however, Christianity doesn't have a first wife story).

Why all the differences, if indeed the Council of Carthage was "inspired by god"? I'd love a straight answer on this one. The other major issue is, similar to the differences in bibles, the depictions of Jesus I saw in Monte Negro from 1,000 years ago were of a dark skinned man. All the "Jesus" pictures I've seen in the US are of a white guy with brown hair. So, why the discrepancy? Did racism color American Christianity? And did politics, not God, color the picking & choosing of the ultimate book?

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Christian returning to god after years of being faithless

When I was younger I had faith in god but as I grew up my faith got questioned and I now want it back but cant shake the doubts and questions

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Bible canon

what is the canon of the bible?

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God, my lord and savior! (kinda long)

ok, I have been saved once... not when I was a baby and had no choice, but when I believed I was ready and believed fully in God Jesus and the Holy Spirit(the Trinity)... well I have done some pretty bad things in my life before and I have asked for forgivness...but like im not going to church anymore because there just isnt one for me... one that God wants me to go to, but I pray every day and every night, I love God! I dont read the bible, but im not sure im going to Heaven... I lost my father recently because of some stupid things he did, he got his rights terminated... that I am not upset about, the thing that bugs me is that im not sure I can believe anything he said about God... he was a Pastor, but he's SUPERFICALLY CHARMING(acts like someone he isnt to get the things he wants), he was my only pastor that actually got me believing, what should I do?

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Signed hard cover book of twilight

I met stephenie meyer (the author of twilight the book) and she signed my hard cover book of twilight, I wonder how much itd sell on ebay?
Ha :)

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What does everyone think about the pastor that wants to burn muslim bibles on 9 11?

How do you think it will affect our soldiers overseas? My friend thinks it will cause what they call a blackout and that means we will have no contact with our loved ones overseas for days. I think it will be put to a stop before it happens. Any thoughts?

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How many copies of the bible existed at the time of ahab c 850 bce?

This is about the time of 1 Kings 16:30-33. Obviously this was before the full OT existed, but how many copies of the scrolls would have been in use? One in the Temple and.... how many elsewhere in old Israel-Judah, which other centres would have had them? Presumably only those places which had people able to read them and know their value.

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Do you think the anti-christ is already on earth?

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Religious people are scared of science?

I already know the answer (my opinion anyway), but why do you think religious people and organizations are so scared of scientific breakthrough?

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What are some good books to read (not series)?

I know I'm only 14 but I'm open to really anything. As long as it's not a comedy.

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What cookbook can you not live without?

I collect them & I always love to hear other people's faves. I truly love all the Taste of Home books and Betty always kicks butt.

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Does anyone have any "coming out" stories? to friends or family?

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Should i believe in god?

I've never been to church in my life before I dated this guy Michael.
(well... actually I went after homecoming with my friends)

but anyways... my boyfriend wanted to take me to church. and this is like.. 10 months ago. anyways. I went... and I liked it... I loved going to church.. but I didnt believe in god... everything seemed so far fetched...

I dont believe that were are children of god. but I dont know if we came from monkeys...

its all biological. I dont believe everything happens for a reason...

and like... I've read questions like "im pregant at 14... what do I do" and people will say "god put that baby on the world for a reason"

pssh. no he didnt. its biological. sperm reaches an egg... what does that have to do with god?

and if everyone was put here by god. there wouldnt be artificial insemination.


so im Athiest. and have been my whole life... but now im dating another christian dude... how can people believe that theres a heaven and hell?

where the hell are they?

there clouds.. then there space.. millions of millions of miles of space... no one knows whats beyond it... but I dont believe theres heaven. then wheres hell?

if there was a god. there wouldnt be cancer. unless he loves to see us cry when we lose someone.

should I believe in god?

somthing tells me im going to need to be tied up to a chair in a closet with a priest shoving bible stuff down my throat... I just dont understand...

please help me.. I have no idea whats going to happen with me..

should I believe?

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What do you call those books on a computer - ebooks or books?

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Searching for truth

I'm a christian, and believe in god... Learning from church god is the only true and real god...but if that's true... Why are there so many other different beliefs and gods?

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What are some specific examples of the government getting involved with business around the 19th century?

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What is the best bible translation?

What is the best bible translation?

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My question is about bibles

Do youll now when the frist Bible started?

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Do you think jesus is satan the morning star

Why did jesus call himself satan?

Satan is called the morning star!

Isaiah 14:12 - how you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, who laid the nations low! ...jesus is called the morning star

Rev.22:16- I jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of david, and the bright and morning star.

Jesus is calling himself satan!

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Gothic books?

Titles of books that are dark, and mysterious?

1 Answer

Who wrote the bible?

and where did the stories come from?

7 Answers

History and the bible

Why do people see Alexander the Great as a legitimate historical figure, yet the figures mentioned in the bible somehow are viewed as Fairy Tales?

19 Answers

What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?

What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?

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What are some stereotypes for catholics regarding food, music, education, etc?

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Where is purgatory or limbo in the bible at all?

I have not once encountered any scripture or any detail regarding purgatory or limbo in the bible, which catholics talk about a lot.

Who here is catholic, and believes in Purgatory???
And if you do, can you please point out to me in which book, chapter, and specific verses in the bible which speaks of purgatory?

...because I find no evidence in the bible of one...and I question why you guys (catholics) even believe in it...

14 Answers

Is the bible real or fantasy?

Is the Bible a book filled with facts or is it a book full of fiction? What are your views on the Bible?

8 Answers

Who decided which of the original books should go in each verson of the bible?

Why is there not simply one definitive version and why were the Apochrypha left out?

5 Answers

Are you a very religious person?

27 Answers

Prayers the priest says when he marrys a couple?

OKay, Can anyone tell me the prayers the priest says when he marrys a couple?
The prayers? Help!

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Why do you think separation of church and state is inviolable?

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Can i change my religion to nothing?

my parents baptised me as a catholic but I dont believe it anything god,jesus,mary..anyone so can I change to stop being a religion how??

Chemo Tink xx

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Christians forcing their religion on atheist really?

I dont think I've known of any christian doing that is it that offering christianity to someone through like a pamphlet or talk is force I dont think so. Unless you made it really clear you dont want to talk about it then that would be pushing it but not force. Force is through physical harm if they reject it I doubt any christian has pulled a gun and said join or die. Now lets talk about forced beliefs communism kills religious groups or tells them they have to denouce their god to live now thats forced and guess what thats atheist who do that. If you are feeling like you are being forced by christions to join please tell me a example but I doubt anyones being forced more like bullied or dealing with a inexperienced christion who doesnt know when to back off seriously I think you need to tell the person how you feel. If its the first time you've met theirs no way they going to know your opinion so please understand that if someone offering you a pamphlet just tell um no if they keeping pushing say your not going to convert anyone that way that might help in getting the message across

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Is that true that god was banned from schools?

Why somebody would do something like that, but on the other hand, we have a pc game called diablo with his picture and nobody has banned that game why is that favoritism? What do you think? tell me please thank you.

18 Answers

What are the dead sea scrolls and what do they say?

8 Answers

What's a good bible to buy?

What is a good Bible to buy?

11 Answers

Where to start in the bible?

Where is a good place for beginners to start reading that bible?

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What makes catholicism and christianity different?

Is it beliefs, rituals, basically why are they two seperate branches of christianity?

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Atheists and god

I understand that there are hundreds of religion. And I also understand that some people believe in no religion, called atheistism. But people taking being a atheist the wrong way. Im a christian and I get really mad when atheist try convincing chiristians and others that god isnt real. Being a atheist means you have no religion but it doesnt mean you reject god. People keep saying god isnt real and he doesnt exist but how would you know. Its called faith and thats why people believe in god. We believe that their is someone who created us and made this world. If there is no god then tell me who made the earth,us, the words we speak, because im pretty sure one day the earth just became a big green meadow. I think all atheist need to re think this if they still refuse fine but dont tell christians and catholics that what we believe in is bull sh*t. I find that disrepectful and rude. I think they are afraid to believe in something by faith just later to find out he isnt really but how do we know until our last days? Anyway how does it hurt to believe in something if your not sure whats gonna happen? just take the chance. not that hard. But me im taking a chance and believeing in god because he's kepty me alive and I believe in him that he will be waiting for me in paradise.

Any opnions welcome. No name calling please.

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Would you consider taoism a religion?

Relatively simple question, for those who have read at least the Tao Te Ching, would you consider that a religion - or no? And if you do (or don't) and have read at least one of the books, then why do you believe the way you do?

I've read the Tao Te Ching at least 5 times, it's a short book, but I've gotten something new out of it every time I've read it. From memory, it's considered one of the oldest philisophical books in the world...however, I'm curious if people consider it a 'religion' per se, or not, and why?

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Does the bible really say that homosexuality is wrong?

Does the bible really say that homosexuality is wrong?

Do you think it is?

I'm not a homosexual, but I do believe that they were born that way. I don't think they are mental, or that they are evil or anything like that. I don't think they CHOSE to be that. I feel that it's there right, and that NO ONE can tell THEM how to live THERE life. I think it's just plain stupid for someone to have hatred towards someone just because of that.

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Arts and books

What do you think about Salman Rushidie's books???

1 Answer

Why is it that the johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?

51 Answers

Is there a difference between your soul and your spirit?

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Seperation of church and state in the constitution?

Do you think the constitution supports the serperation of church and state? Why or why not? Intelligent debate please.

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Is 2011 the end of the world?

I've been listening to familyradio for more than one year. Familyradio is a Christian radio station sponsored by listeners. I am most interested in its open forum program hosted by its general manager Harold Camping, who has caused a great commotion among believers by teaching that Christ will return on May 21, 2011, on which true believers will be raptured and lifted to heaven to reign with Christ, while the unsaved will be eternally destroyed by ensuing disasters in the next 153 days. I am very distressed by his teaching that only a very tiny portion equivalent to about 3% of the population who are living and ever lived on the earth will be saved, while the rest will be destroyed, so I wonder where is God's justice, where is mankind’s hope and where is the meaning of life, if wicked evildoers who inflicted great harms on the innocent and virtuous people who hold fast to the conviction that good will finally triumph over evil and do good deeds nevertheless arrive at the same destiny in the end. Harold Camping claimed that before May 21, 2011, probably everyone who lives on the earth then will hear the news that Christ will return on May 21, 2011 and very few people will take it seriously and call for God’s mercy and most of the people will laugh it off. Harold Camping is very knowledgeable in the Bible and I am amazed at his knowledge in Bible. He inferred all this solely from more than 50 years of intensive study of the Bible and has written several books thereof, which can be downloaded from their website I am very concerned about the salvation of myself and my family. But since only very few will be saved, I am very likely one of the unsaved, so in despair I try to think that may be Buddhism is true, because it offers every mortal a chance of improvement. After all where is the mercy of God, Christian or Islamic, if He condemns people who never intentionally cause harm to others in their whole life to hell without any chance of repentance or otherwise completely destroyed their souls and bodies as taught by Harold Camping. But who I am, I am but a mortal. If God is all-mighty and no mortal can stay his hand, let me be rebuked for my ignorance and this post be a warning to those who see it.

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What does the mass deaths of the birds in the news lately have to do with the bible?

At dinner last night the restuarant had the news on and i asked my fiance what he thought the deal was with the birds. All he said to me was its in the bible....and he left it at that. I didnt want to pry anymore since we generally dont discuss religion due to our religous differences but im curious as to what hes speaking off.

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Why religion?

Of all the things, why is religion such a touchy subject? We're not even supposed to talk it in public because people find it so offensive. But why? I mean, it's only differences in how we think the world was created, and what higher power (if any) exists. But as far as we know, maybe in some parallel universe people find the topic of differences in which way to cook eggs so offensive that they can't even talk about it. It could be almost anything. Why are people so offended by religion?

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How should this be handled ?

Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible tracts by police officers because they were in a Muslim neighborhood in England - I wonder if it's just a matter of time before this comes to America, if so: - The next time someone knocks on my door or tries to hand me a tract and they're not of the same religion as myself and my neighbors - Should I call the Police ?

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What are your opinions on the banning of books by schools, government or even private citizens?

Is it ever OK to remove books from schools or libraries and limit everyones access to them?
Here is a list of some of the banned books in the US, I think some will really surprise you: (Remember, this is not just in schools, these are from public, county/city government funded libraries as well)
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Harry Potter (Series) by J.K. Rowling
Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
The Giver by Lois Lowry
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
What's Happening to my Body? by Lynda Madaras
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
Lord of the Flies by William Golding

a lot of these books I myself read in highschool because it was required to do so. Now just 6 years later, they are banned from schools and government funded libraries. Personally I find it ridiculous to ban ANY book.

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If i'm not religious...?

I'm confused. I am not a religious person in any way. I don't believe in god. I don't care that other people do, but it's just my own personal belief. So anyway, does that mean that technically I should treat days like Christmas and Easter as just a normal day like any other? Cause they are all about God/Jesus and I don't believe in either I have to...cancel Christmas?

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