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Can i have a listing of shoe stors?

Can I have a listing of shoe stors?

3 Answers

Which brand of rubber shoes is better for playing tennis?

which brand of rubber shoes is better for playing tennis? Ü

2 Answers

How to find a good dancing shoes supplier?

I have a dance shoe shop , and I need some dancing shoes, I want to find a supplier in china, but I don't know how to find it ?

1 Answer

Dancing shoes

wut are the best kind of shoes 2 wear 2 a dance. I have never wore high heels, so, that's not going to happen. flats?

2 Answers

Are dancing shoes comfortable and do they help you dance better?

Are dancing shoes comfortable and do they help you dance better? Recently, my wife bought me some black leather dancing shoes for when we go salsa dancing. I feel a bit silly in them, but they seem like they might be helping a little.

1 Answer

Where do you get red teen sized pointe ballet shoes?

I want them sooo badly, but I can't find them online anywhere!!! Oh! and where do you get blue pointe ballet shoes (teen sized)?

2 Answers

How to have a good birthday when i am sad?

How to have a good birthday when I am sad

3 Answers

What is freestyle for dogs?

I know about all the other dog sports like agility, flyball, track etc..but what is freestyle and what do dogs do when they compete in it?

1 Answer

What is the best brand for ballet shoes?

4 Answers

Salsa dance shoes

Where can I buy high quality salsa dance shoes? I have looked online for salsa shoes and haven't found anything that stands out for a formal event. I was wondering if anyone knows a good site or store to buy a pair of salsa dance shoes for a formal event.

3 Answers

How to feel better about myself?

My sister has this friend who's staying at my house for over a week, and she seems to be eveything that I wish I was. So in other words, I'm really depressed about myself. I don't know what to do with myself. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I want to talk to my mom, but she has 7 other kids, a home business, and my brother's wedding to worry about. So I don't want to stress her out anymore. I've been sitting in my room the past hour crying and trying to do what I normally do to make myself feel better about myself, nothing's working. So I really need to know, how can I make myself feel better about myself??

PS... I'm not going to cut myself or commit suicide, so don't put anything like that down.

7 Answers

What type of shoes should i buy for track?

Well im on the track team, and I need some shoes, does anyone no of any kind of good running shoes, I have a pair of NB, and they really arnt that great 4 RUNNING, so anyone know of some good ones?

7 Answers

What should i wear to dance class?

what should I wear to dance class?!?
ok so we HAVE TO wear ALL BLACK
we can wear dance pants, workout pants or sweat pants, shorts but with leggings, tanktops, any t-shirt, jazz shoes, ballet shoes lyrical sandels, or tennis shoes

5 Answers

School clothes!

What's a good place to get shoes?

Skinny jeans?
Not, hot topic or wet seal or pac sun.
sorry. already looked there.


6 Answers

Love fashion?

so I love shoes and clothes... which are your fav designers for shoes, dresses, etc.


4 Answers

Who thinks i should go in black vans to prom?

I cant find my formal shoes and certainly dont wanna go out to buy some so should I subsitute it with black vans? Its a formal dance btw o.o;;

2 Answers

Is 15 too late to start ballet as a hobby?

I've been looking at videos on YouTube of ballet and everyone looks so pretty and healthy doing it. I just want to to know how long it would take to get on pointe and if it would be worth it. I don't want to do competitions or recitals or anything, I just want to learn to do the moves.

1 Answer

A dance question.?

Should dance be considerd a sport?
Like ballet, jazz, modern, brake dance, lyrical and ect.

P.S suck at spelling.

6 Answers

Would a cardigan be bad to wear to a retail interview or should i stick to a nice blazer?

7 Answers

Fashion advice

Im 38,male,,how do I update/improve my wardrobe??Jeans,t-shirts,,etc

4 Answers

What shoes should i wear with this dress?

Just recently, I bought a purple satin halter dress from BEBE and it's a tight, form fitting type of dress. But, I have no idea what shoes I should wear with it! I'm wearing it to my school formal dance. I was thinking along the lines of black patent pumps? Any ideas?

4 Answers

Is it ok to wear skinny jeans with athletic legs?

I have athletic legs, not too skinny, but not fat.
is it okay to wear skinny leg jeans?

1 Answer

What should a guy bring to his dance recital?

My brother and I have a recital coming up, and I was wondering what boys needed. Normally, we just bring (for him):


And I just use my hairspray and stage makeup on him.

He is only 8 years old, so he doesn't need much now, but in the fituture, wat should male dancers bring??

1 Answer

Are these desktop components compatible?

I want to know if all these gaming pc components will work perfect together...

Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JB 250GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive - OEM
XFX PVT88PYDF4 GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail
COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RP-650-PCAR ATX from factor 12V V2.01 650W Power Supply - Retail
mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model 996527 - Retail
ECS NF650iSLIT-A (V1.0) LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80557E6750 - Retail
COOLER MASTER GeminII RR-CCH-ANU2-GP CPU+ Board Cooler - Retail
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler - Retail
APEVIA CF12SL-UGN 120mm Green LED Case Fan - Retail
APEVIA CF4SL-UGN 80mm 4 x Green Lights LED Case Fan - Retail
LOGISYS Computer CLK4GN 10cm Cold Cathode Light - Retail
ZEROtherm ZT100 thermal grease - Retail
RAIDMAX Smilodon Extreme ATX-612WEBP Black SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power Supply - Retail

and will these play a game like oblivion maxed out

1 Answer

What are you like?

Tell me about you ?

5 Answers

Do guys like 6packs on girls? guys please give me you opinion

Kay well I have a six pack from dance...and I just want to make sure if guys like guys please answer my ? Too. Thanks

3 Answers

Am i too overweight at 5'9 and 180 pounds?

I'm 19, 5' 9'' and 180 pound male. I just want to know if I am too overweight, slightly overweight or normal.

5 Answers

What jobs can i get with a food sanitation certificate?

I live in Illinois (in the United States) and have recently gotten the Illinois State Food Sanitation Certification. I got it for a class at my college and in hopes of getting a good job while going to school. I had/have a lead on a job but the interview has taken over a month and the whole process as recently been put on hold by the company. Since retail stores don't seem to want to hire me, what other jobs may I be able to get with the aid of the food sanitation certificate?

3 Answers

School dance

There's a dance at my school tonight what should I wear and any advice how to not be shy and talk to new people???

5 Answers

Dress or skirt shopping, any ideas?

as some of you know, I'm going to a formal school dance next week, what kind of dress or skirt should I buy? any particular color or design? casual make-up other than chapstick(lol)? wut kind of shoes and jewlery?(I know they have 2 compliment my dress/skirt, but and ything special?keep it simple?) a small bag?

any and all suggestions are welcome=D thanx!

1 Answer

What shoe brand do you prefer?

What shoe brand do you guys like better, adidas or nikes?

9 Answers

What do you think about...pole dance?

What is your opinion about pole dancing? The non-vulgar without stripping, only the artistic part?
If you are a pole dancer, is it reaaallly reaaallly hard?
Thx :)

4 Answers

What are some dance theme ideas?

What are some cool theme ideas for our Middle School Dance??? The date is April 11, but I wanted some ideas because our student council starts planning way in advanced, and we have spring break right before. Any cool suggestions???

16 Answers

I need guys opinions

what are you guys looking for? causei honestlly dont think im anything amazing, thats for sure. but im honest and trustworthy. I love to go out and have fun, im outgoing. down to earth. im not a slut. I have a good future ahead of me, im an all A's girl, I do 2 cheer squads, 2 volleyball teams, I dance and instruct, play softball and im picking up soccer again, so im athletic. I dont play with guys minds. im usually always a nice person. I dont like drama. and I like to just chill with a guy. and one guy at a time for me, for sure.

is that not good enough?

4 Answers

Is it weird that i don't want to dance or date the guy i've had a crush on for a very long time?

Here me out guys. I DO want to dance with him at the year end dance. And I DO want to date him. But to me, he could do a lot better. I'm not saying this for people to be like "no you're good for him! Don't fool yourself.. Blah blah blah". I'm just saying this.
To me, he's really popular and good looking and really funny.. And also really athletic. Which I'm hardly anything like. I'm just average and pretty out of shape xD. And people keep telling him to ask me out and dance with me at the year end dance (which my friend is making him). I dont want to though! He doesn't like me that way, so I'm my mind that's just not fair. Plus people telling him this just makes everything awkward! Ugh.
So is this weird? Do you think I actually like him? I mean I'm pretty sure I do but I dunno what you'd think. What should I do about everyone telling him this?

3 Answers

What would be a good outfit too dance merengue?

2 Answers

What should i wear?-homecoming

My homecoming dance is tomorrow night, and I can't choose what to wear, the theme is jungle, have any ideas?

5 Answers

What are some great dance/dubstep songs?

(basically whatever has a good bass)

4 Answers

How can i teach my class the word 'buffoon'?

For my comm skills class we do vocab words every now and than and we have to come up with a creative way to teach the class the meaning of the word.

my word is:
Buffon - a clown NOUN

how can I teach them the word?
it can be a song...a dance...a skit [short play] anything.

1 Answer

Dance battles

Songs to have a dance battle to

1 Answer

What should i wear to jazz dance class?

I am just starting jazz dance this year, and I am not sure what to wear to my first class. We don't have a strict dress code at the studio, and I have ordered jazz shoes. Other than that, I have no idea how to dress for class!!! Please help!

3 Answers

Please help me ! high tops needed!

Okay Guys, long story short, my friend and I have a dance duet and we dance in countries 'everywhere' but our colour theme for a comp is black and red, btw we're hip hop. we are having long jeans with cuffs round the ankles and a black and red checkered shirt with tops underneath. we want black and red high tops/dunk shoes in size four for a low price, tried ebay and they only have one pair of every kind we want in that size. so basically, im turning to you guys for some affordable suggestions? thanks so much, ANY answers are greatly appreciated, p.s they dont have to be nike, just black and red :D

5 Answers

Who sang the safety dance?

Who sang the safety dance?

1 Answer

Where is a good place to sell jewelry?

where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry

gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81
gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72

3 Answers

Stomach problem

Okay, so I weigh about 123 5'4-5'5. and I have pretty big hips. but now it seems there getting bigger and turning into fat.

how can I fix this!? :( what should I avoid, and or start doing. ?

1 Answer

Do you think that figure skating is a real sport?

Do you think that figure skating is a real sport? And what about ballet??? If so how difficult do you think they are?

7 Answers

How would you identify my body type?

Average. Athletic. Muscular. Extra Large. Large. Lean muscle. Medium. Petite. Slim.

8 Answers

What is a nice and happy song to listen to?

c: I'm always listening to sad & depressing music. I'm actually In a good mood & I never am! :D

12 Answers

What can we do in a 5-minute movie for claѕs?

Our aѕsignment is to make a five minute movie in our claѕs, and It can be about anything school appropriate. My group consists of 4 people, (but the one girl won't be involved except for any filming that happens at school which will be very little.) The other two and I were hoping to make a mystery or horror video. Any ideas?

One random idea we had was this:
We were all playing Just Dance on Halloween night, and we all got "sucked into" the video game. So technically we all become part of the video game, but we don't know what would happen there.
Any ideas are very helpful :3

2 Answers

How can i sort out my ankle problem?

Well my usual daily comfortable shoe has to have a heel on it, and I started belly dance class about 4 months ago and we have to have flat feet but it hurts my ankles so much I think because im used to wearing heeled shoes, I've started trying to wear flats recently again but my ankles still hurt from it, is there anyway I can get rid of the pain? Or make my feet feel comfortable when flat on the floor, im so used to heeled shoes that I have to stand on my tip toes when I walk without shoes on because its so uncomfortable otherwise

1 Answer