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What should my professions be on w.o.w?

I'm a blood elf Mage just about to learn some professions. What professions would be best to learn, knowing that I'm a mage?

2 Answers

Corset question

I love my corsets and have many but they're losing their shape and I've tried everything I can think of, anyone know how to smooth or reshape them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

What is my dress size?

I'm wondering what my dress size is in US and UK size?

bust 34
waist 25
hips 34

1 Answer

Where i can buy good quality men's suits?

3 Answers

What is half time in a game?

5 Answers

Poem about a lover

Can people tell me what they think of this poem please.

Cut my rists and black my eyes
But don’t go telling me your lies.

Berry me six feat deap,
But don’t exspect me to sleap.

And when you are in bed at night,
And you see an eary light,
Shake with fear
And shed a tear
Because my dear
I am hear.

4 Answers

Where can i buy a cute formal dress?

I have this formal dance coming up and I have been looking everywhere for hot dresses
and I cant seem to find any. Does anyone know of any stores in Arizona that sell cute dresses that aren't that expensive?

2 Answers

How can i make my clothes shrink, because the bottom of my tanks always get stretched?

its extra small but yet its big.. i like it to show my belly alittle how can i make my tank top a bit smaller / tighter

3 Answers

How to convince my mom...

what are some ways I could convince my mom to let me get my navel pierced now instead of when im 18?

3 Answers

Spunk ransom?

OK, what is the meaning behind Spunk Ransom? I mean, I know that Rob Pattz said that thats what he wanted his nickname to be or something like that but my fellow twilighter friends say that there's another meaning behind it. Is there? If so, please tell me.

2 Answers

When should i have my dress alterations done?

ok I bought this dress second hand for my farewell but its to big, the farewell is in may so I need to know when I should have it taken in to be altered so I have it back in plenty of time. I need it to be taken in hemmed and have straps put on an idea how long that should take or when I should take it to the place?

2 Answers

What kind of shop will repair wallets?

My wallet needs repairing, I'm not sure what sort of place to go to. Should I try a cobbler/shoe repair shop? An engraving shop? Clothing alterations?

8 Answers

Wedding dress really cheap where can i get one?

Okay so I just got a wedding dress and relized that it is to small, about two sizes to small, I need help im getting married in two weeks and three days, I need a dress really cheap where can I get one

9 Answers

Jean shopping

Ok, so.. I have this problem when trying to buy jeans for myself. It's hard for me to find a store that has pants to fit my shape. See.. I have really skinny legs, small waist and I'm short. Like 5 foot to 5 foot 2. And when I do find jeans that fit my legs (Thigh area) then they don't fit in the length. If I find some that fits in the length.. They're WAY too small in the waist.
My mom said I could just buy jeans, and fit them myself with a sowing machine.. But I don't want to be doing that the rest of my life. =\

So.. The question is..
What store has jeans that would fit a.. Short and Petite Girl with Stick legs like mine? xP

5 Answers

Can kegel exercises shorten your period?

I have 3 kids and have my tubes tide. My period last 8 days and I cramp and bleed really bad. Is there anyway I can shorten my period naturally to 3 to 4 days???

6 Answers

What does it mean to have a dream about the people closest to you dying, or a dream of yourself dying?

last night i had a dream that my boyfriend died, then my best friend. i woke up and when i went back to sleep i had a dream that i was dying.

10 Answers

How to write a subcontractor's contract?

samples on how to write a sub contractors contract.

1 Answer

Why do you think that there have been so many school shootings at schools in the us?

13 Answers

Where to have our wedding ceremony?

Okay, my husband and I got married almost a year and a half ago, civil, and none of my family came (his couldnt, as they are all in mexico), but we would really like to have a wedding ceremony (well, he doesn't really care one way or the other, its more that I want one). The problem is that I don't even know where to begin with the planning, as I do not know where, when or how many people will be attending, as I plan on only asking my immediate family, my dad, my brothers and sisters, and a few other people, but I do not know about his family.
I mean, I know it will be in Mexico, just because it will be sooo much cheaper (the dress will probably be around $200, including alterations, and the flowers will probably be $0 .30/each, instead of the $1.50/each that the cheapest ones are here)
Any advice is welcome.
Also, it will not be until next year or late this year, as we are going to wait until our second baby is born to go there.

5 Answers

When will people realize that there is no magic pill against obesity?

I have heard in the news that the FDA approved a new pill against obesity saying that the possibilitie of getting a tumor is minimum or too low. Sorry but I don't bite that. In school we are always told to be our best, not just being something mediocre, so people deserve more respect. So with that logic a student would say it's not the best grade, but it's a little bit good. I wouldn't buy something that gets me a tumor. I hope people realize there is no magic pill, they are only selling an impossible dream to being slim. The best thing is to do diet and excersise naturally. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

7 Answers

Is it true that god doesn't like dogs?

my mother has told me god doesnt like dogs. what is the story behind that?

23 Answers

Is marijuana a drug?

Do you consider it good or bad? What is your opinion on marijuana?

21 Answers

How to stretch my piercing?

I want to stretch my earlobes, or, the piercing I already have ( which is the lobe ) and I wanted to know how to do it.
What do I use? Where to I buy earrings for that? And how much does it hurt?
I also need to hide it from my mom, which wont be hard because of my hair.

5 Answers

Did jesus write the bible?

Did jesus write the bible...
Very random...I've been wonderin all day lmao


21 Answers

Do you think al qaeda is planning a new attack on u.s.a?

18 Answers


I in no way want to "convert", but I am tired of people saying I don't know anything about Wicca. Indeed I don't. I don't know if wicca is a man that plays with magic. Please tell all of us that are wondering about your beliefs, so you don't have to tell us we don't know anything about them.

15 Answers

What do you think about the bible?

what do you think about the bible?

I personally think it constantly contradics itself and that its a bunch of hypocracy.

32 Answers

How do you help the environment?

How do you help the environment?

8 Answers

What is god?

what is god

29 Answers

Do you think you can be born gay?

i have NEVER understood this, i have been having a debate about this with some of my friends, i do not believe that anyone could possibly be born gay to me, its the way wyou have been bought up, the subtle messeges some people come across during life and others dont, the scientists of you will probably say yes, you can be born gay if you have a hormone imbalance but to be, i cant see that happening and if thats correct then that means that gay people are ill and have not got sufficient hormons to function like a normal human being?? this has been a major topic of conversation for weeks now and i just wanted some ther peoples opinion thankss :)

93 Answers

Can creationists be "real" scientists?

Some evolutionists have stated that those who believe in creation cannot be real scientists. Any use of science to support the biblical view of creation they call “pseudoscience.” But what is the truth?

Are there scientists who believe in creation and do real science? I believe there are. Some of the greatest men and women of science, past and present, are real scientists, and believe the Bible’s account of origins. True operational science has nothing to do with evolution. Science works perfectly well without any connection to evolution.

Is a belief in molecules-to-man evolution necessary to understand how planets orbit the sun, how telescopes operate, or how plants and animals function? Has any biological or medical research benefited from a belief in evolution? Not at all.

Dr. David Melton Ph.D. cell biologist and creationist said, “The fact is that though widely believed, evolution contributes nothing to our understanding of empirical science and thus plays no essential role in biomedical research or education.”

Computers, cell phones, DVD players all operate based on the laws of physics, which God created not evolution. It is because God created a logical, orderly universe and gave us the ability to reason and to be creative that technology is possible.

Technology has shown us that sophisticated machines require intelligent designers—not random chance. Science and technology are perfectly consistent with the Bible, but not with evolution.

81 Answers

What is the difference between islam and christanity?

what is the difference between islam and christanity?

89 Answers