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Long Survey, Just to Pass Time

When did you last cry? Yesterday. Hey I am truthful but when it comes to my boyfriend doing something mean, then I cry.

What was the reason you last cried? I was raped 3 years ago to this day and my boyfriend knows about it and he doesn't know how ...

52 views · General Knowledge

im 14 and really want a baby

hi there my name is katie and im 14 years of age. I know that the user name says mum2be but I am on a friends account thats all. Anyway, for years I have been wanting to have a baby and I know it sounds crazy but I have everything worked out. This migh...

63 views · Parents & Family

Why is he acting all horrible all of a sudden?

I know I should just dump him technically speaking but when you love someone properly you seek out reasons for why he is acting a certain way etc.

First off, I am pregnant - nearly 24 wks gone and 26 years old, v miserable and alone, working my bum...

50 views · Love & Relationships

Touchy subjects.

My last question cause a huge argument and I recieved over 40 messages in the space of a few days.
Some very abusive which tbh, I did not deserve as I wasnt aiming it at anyone in particular.
But any way.

Some interesting topics I would like to dis...

37 views · Sex

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34 views · Health

Could I work in research psychology with a felony?

I am returning to school after a long break in between and must change paths after 3 years headed down another one. I had been an early childhood education major. At this point, I realize it will take me another 2 years minimum to complete my undergrad...

146 views · Jobs & Money

US Drinking Age (Change?)

As some of you may know there is a quite large petition going around to try and change the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this matter, I myself think it would be bad, allowing 18yr old's to buy alcohol ...

99 views · Politics & Law

Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?

Hey Everyone,

Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...

164 views · Sex

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