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U swallow sperm protein

What happens if you swallow chewing gum?

Is it really indigestilble? What happens when you swallow it?

64 views · Food & Dining

Is it true that air kills sperm?

Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?

16119 views · Health

Swallow gum stays in for a year?

Is it true if you swallow gum does it stay in your bellyy for a year?

32 views · General Knowledge

how much sperm should come out?

how much sperm should come out off my penis after I have wanked I am 13

151 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What is protein good for and how, weight gain or loss?

I thought it was for gain only :S

26 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Does sperm taste sweet or bitter?

how does the sprem taste like is it sweet are bitter

1120 views · Health NSFW

When is the best time to eat a protein bar?

before or after you workout?

52 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

51 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Sperm and air


227 views · General Knowledge

r you suppose to swallow cum?

are you suppose to swallow cum if he cums and your mouth after givin him head?

260 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Sperm in urine in women

Is it possible to get sperm in female urine and what are those conditions?

1251 views · Health

Foods that are healthy and very high in protein?

What are some foods that are healthy and very high in protein with not a lot of calories?

17 views · Food & Dining

Does the sperm in the condom dry up

After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?

3646 views · Health NSFW

Is it harmful to swallow ejaculate during pregnancy?

Is it harmful for a female to swallow cum when she's pregnant?

211 views · Health NSFW

Protein synthesis

What is the process of protein synthesis??
Its for it just the transcription, and messenger stuff???

13 views · Science

protein from anything but meat...

I am a vegetarian, and I am wondering: What are good sources of protein?

31 views · Food & Dining

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