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Sperm make teeth whiter

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Do snakebites ruin your teeth?

Okay so, does the metal on the snakebites scratch your teeth?

484 views · Beauty & Style

how much sperm should come out?

how much sperm should come out off my penis after I have wanked I am 13

125 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Brighten teeth fast?

What are some easy ways to whiten teeth fast??

92 views · Beauty & Style

Can you make sure your children's teeth will be perfect?

How can you make sure your children's teeth will be perfect when they grow up?

11 views · Kids

Is it true that air kills sperm?

Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?

16053 views · Health

Can you overbrush your teeth?

is it possible to brush your teeth too much, to where its bad?

32 views · Health

Sperm ejaculation

My lover's sperm is clear and it foams lol what is that.

750 views · Health NSFW

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