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Is it safe to hide stuff in your underwear drawer?

What do you hide in your underwear drawer? Is it safe there?

65 views · General Knowledge

What's a safe and fast way to make money?

whats a way to make money fast and safe

54 views · Jobs & Money

Do Bob's Stores sell Ugg boots?

Do Bobs' Stores sell Ugg boots?

191 views · Shopping

Clipping around dog's eyes safely?

How do I safely clip around my dog's eyes?

76 views · Pets & Animals

What does "flight mode" mean on a cell phone?

12 views · Computers & Tech

is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?

257 views · Beauty & Style

How do you set vibrate mode on the iPod Touch?

97 views · Computers & Tech

What plastic is safe for reusable water bottles?

10 views · Environmental Issues

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